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    Antec P180 for under $80.00

    Contacted Antec yesterday, had an answer within an hour asking me for my address so they can send me the new style door. Awesome customer service! The double hinged door is the only major difference, besides the VGA duct being dropped, correct?
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    Antec P180 for under $80.00

    I think all the black ones are the revised version. I will just e-mail Antec support and ask how I can get a double hinged door from them. Even if I have to pay extra for it. I also want to make sure I say this: This case looks and feels like 100% pure quality. It is solid (may be on the...
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    Antec P180 for under $80.00

    Mine came in today and it does have the VGA ducting and the front door is not double hinged. Major bummer! The way I have my desk setup I really wanted that double hinged door, otherwise I won;t be ablt to keep the door out of harm's way. Any idea if Antec will repalce the old style door...
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    5% Discount Coupon for (X1950PRO for well under $200)

    SURV010 is your discount coupon for 5% off. Here is a link to their 2 X1950PRO cards for under $200. I don't think that 512mb card truly is 512mb (see part number listing 256). Anyways, with the 5% these ASUS cards come to $170.34 for the "supposed 512mb" and $183.64 for the 256mb version.
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    Antec P180 for under $80.00

    Still shows stock for me and yes, sorry, there is a $3.99 shipping and handling fee. Quite reasonable for a PC case if you ask me. Sales tax may also apply. Still at an average street price of well over $100, this is stil a great deal.
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    Antec P180 for under $80.00

    Given the fact that this is January 2007 and they were redone mid 2006, I'm almost certain that these are new ones. In addition they were out of stock for the past almost 2 months, which means they are a fresh shipment.
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    Antec P180 for under $80.00

    Linky? I can't find any reference on Might also be that this is the new revision, since they hadn't had it in stock for over a month.
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    Antec P180 for under $80.00

    Antec P180 case, top reviews, one of the best rated cases (click link for over 700 newegg reviews):
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    FS: 2GB (2x1GB) Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Ram - New - $185 shipped

    I got 2 sticks of Corsair DDR2 memory, brandnew, never used, with heat spreader: Corsair DDR2 XMS2 Twin2X Matched Memory Pair CM2X1024-6400 XMS6405v4.1 0626338-2 XMS2-6400 1024Mb 800MHz timing 1.9v Voltage 100389735 and 100389736 Lifetime Warranty $185 green ones...
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    get 20 bucks to your paypal for trying an ebay service

    Can anybody PM me with a referral link and we'll split the referral fee? OP hasn't replied to my PM from over a week ago.
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    Seagate 400Gig PATA $109 oops, that's only 320gb... :p
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    19" inch widescreen monitors Free shipping on 19" widescreen: $189.99 Acer no DVI 8ms $214.99 Viewsonic 8ms $259.99 FujiPlus 5ms And here is a 4ms one from AG Neovo for $200 plus $10.26 freight.
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    Cheap Oil Changes!

    Self $15 in material 20 minutes at $50.00/hour = $16.67 Total: $31.67 At the shop they check and top off all other fluids, vaccuum my car while I sit in the a/c waiting room and watch TV, read a magazine or answer my e-mail. I think that's worth the 20 bucks they charge! Oh and btw...
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    Warm: $40 MP3 player

    Even better, imho:
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    Newegg rebates = pain

    Get a load of this: I ordered a 19" LCD monitor from the egg on November 3rd of 2006. Came with an $80.00 rebate. I filled out the form and sent it off within 2 weeks. Well, I honestly totally forgot about the rebate until yesterday I receive a handwritten $80.00 check from them! 7 months...
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    Warm: Staples chair event

    You got a link?
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    Warm: Staples chair event

    Is it only me or do leather chairs cause major butt sweat? I sit at a desk for 6+ hours a day and every time I tried a leather chair my pants are "glued" ty my ass and upper thighs when I get up! This chair as well as this one look both really nice, but like I said, I dread the butt sweat...
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    New Script for Dell Outlet

    Does anybody know of scripts that do this kind of thing for other sites, ie search them for deals?
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    WD Caviar SE 320GB SATA 8MB Cache $99.99

    I can only find the PATA version online and it sells for 180 clams. Care to provide a link?
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    MagLite 3W LED drop-in

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    My HTPC build (March 2006)

    Ever considered MediaPortal? I've tried it on my regular PC and I think I will use it whenever I get the dough for an HTPC.
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    Lots of xbox 360s in stock

    Hmm, it works for me just fine!
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    Now at Walmart - Memorex alkaline battery 50-pk AA $9.77

    Las time I've checked I didn't see anybody hold a gun to Walmart employees heads forcing them to work there... If those fuckers are too damn stupid to get a better paying job elsewhere, that's just too damn bad. I don't feel sorry for anybody complaining they are being worked for too little...
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    Lots of xbox 360s in stock

    Awesome, I will have to make that page a daily stop of mine! Thanks for the post! Wow, the teen bundle at amazon sold out while I was checking it. :eek:
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    ==>NEWEGG.COM Deals of the Week

    Checked on, they all seem to be 6.7" (170mm) deep.
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    Hot or not RAM deal?

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    People who live in the UK what is TNT?

    TNT is a global carrier; however, this sounds pretty fishy. How and why would a carrier inspect electronic goods and ensure they are not defective? Can you imagine UPS or FedEx doing that? Sounds really odd.
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    Free PC World for 1year

    Many thanks, my last free subscription just ran out a few months ago! :D
  29. P 360s in stock!!

    Truer words have never been spoken...
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    Perfect Xmas gift for your fav geek: Cig Lighter Adapter and Cup holder for 5.25 tray

    On sale here for only $5.59! Should make your favorite geek smile from ear to ear. To make him feel real special, include a can of Jolt Cola! :D :D :D
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    FAR Snapstream BeyondTV 4.0 HTPC (PVR) software (+ ship/tax)

    Why are you selling the card?
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    2gb ddr400 2-3-2-5 $185 shipped

    I guess they sold out?
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    Which price for Walmart HP Notebook $378 or $398?

    Ordered mine online with them and recieved it today. That thing is such a sweet deal! I'm just glad I didn't have to stand in line for it!
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    fastest/best torrent program

    I really like azureus. Simple to use and nice setup wizard.
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    Any kind of video files will not play right

    Doesn't matter what codec pack I have installed/uninstalled, what player I use (BSPlayer, Mplayer, Win Media Player, etc), most videos will just look like absolute crap, see above pic. Any pointers?
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    Not my PC: Half-Life 2 saved games won't work

    Never mind, the asshole is using a pirated version...
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    Big Typhoon - $42 ewiz

    Your point is???
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    [H]OT: Newegg XBox 360 - $399.99

    Newegg product page: "Microsoft XBOX 360 Deluxe Game Console - Retail Package Contents Console with Premium Chrome Finish,Hard Drive, Wireless Controller, Xbox Live Headset, Componet HD AV Cable, Ethernet Cable" VERY tempting, especially since I have the money right now.... but I...
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    Flaming? 32" Sharp CRT TV $132.80

    I know $250.00 is a steal, but it is old technology. Wait another year or two and get a good HDTV for close to that. Unless you need a new TV right now, I would say wait for new technology to come down in price, once it is produced for the masses.
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    Maxtor 300GB PATA 109.99

    Good reviews for the company, too! This deal is soo tempting! No rebates, free shipping...