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    Human Centipede: The Game

    as soon as i saw the thread title i just said "oh dear" to myself.
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    Lord of the Rings Online opinions

    I'd like to know too.
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    Is it REALLY this unbalanced?

    I am in love with the riot shield.
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    It's really sad how collectors/limited editions aren't really special anymore.

    don't forget the Gears of War II life size chainsaw gun!
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    Just Finished Assassin's Creed II **SPOILERS **

    I think revolutionary Paris would be a cool setting but maybe too close to Italy. What about a Gangs of New York style NYC?
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    Suggestions For Business Laptop

    dell latitude e4300
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    Anyone still use GameFly?

    Had the sevice for 7 months. I enjoyed it. The only reason i stopped was because i was a poor college student and didn't have the time to play video games. I would recommend it. Has saved me a bunch of cash and it is not that difficult to get a AAA title on release if you time it right. Just...
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    FS: inFamous, GTA:IV (360), Bioshock (360)

    I'll take bioshock if it falls through!
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    Worth trying to fix a RROD Xbox?

    My launch arcade died a couple months ago and I was thinking about getting the new Modern Warfare 2 xbox, but after this thread i think i will try the penny/towel combo trick this weekend. I'll let you guys know the results.
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    WTB Xbox 360 Power supply

    If the above doesn't work out I have one too.
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    FS: DVD Box Sets, Xbox, PC, PS2 games

    Is there still anyone playing BF1942 multiplayer? That is easily my favorite PC game ever. If so, I might be interested.
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    How are Toshiba laptops these days?

    I got an r15 tablet my freshman year of college (I just graduated in May) and it survived in decent shape. The battery died and the power thing is so finicky a slight bump and the computer stops receiving power. I have no real complaints though. I spilled on it twice and dropped at least once.
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    I love my Blackberry Storm!

    +1 on the storm. I was running .90 and it was a total pig. Required 3 restarts a day. Finally upgraded to .103 a few days ago and hasn't locked up once. I love everything about this phone now. It took a week or two to get used to the typing but not i can't type without it. <3
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    Blackberry Storm

    Latest rumor is that there is a GSM version with wifi coming out on the rogers network.
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    Article: Why Xbox Live gaming should be free for all

    pi·o·neer /&#716;pa&#618;&#601;&#712;n&#618;&#601;r/ [pahy-uh-neer] –noun 1. a person who is among those who first enter or settle a region, thus opening it for occupation and development by others. 2. one who is first or among the earliest in any field of inquiry, enterprise, or progress...
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    PS3 Slimline...?

    I'm waiting for the slimline to come out before I get a ps3. By then there will be a nice cheap library of games to get. I don't mind waiting becase 360 will hold me over.
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    April 2008 NPD Figures... (Wii crushes all)

    Its only 5 days of sales for gta iv.
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    Something I really wish R* had kept.

    I miss it as well. Why didn't you guys like it?
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    Joined the RROD club...watching a DVD?

    same ^. I am scarred to turn it on sometimes.
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    ID Software: PC gamers moving to console

    Irony at its best!
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    Why does Microsoft charge for online but not Sony?

    i love achievements for the sheer fact that it adds to the playability of sp games.
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    oh noes...

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    oh noes...

    Last night i spilled some coffee on my laptop keyboard (idiot, i know.) Now, when i go to type, I'll press one of the effected keys, for example p, and then the computer will just keep entering p's on its own. For example my name is palindrome, so when i try to login, i type p and it just goes...
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    Nintendo loses $975m worldwide due to piracy

    I hate the argument that people were "not going to buy it anyway." Its such a cop out. You got to pay to play. :rolleyes: I wasn't going to buy those Nikes, i just wanted to wear them for a while and then return them.
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    Investing in Games/ moral question

    now that i think of it, it is not morally correct. You have to buy 2 copies if you want to play and invest.
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    Investing in Games/ moral question

    I don't see how it's different then people who sell games once they have played them. The developer is still getting money for him to play the game. I thought people were entitled to backups? * not advocate of pirates. In fact i hate them
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    CoD4 for PS3 or 360?

    360 for me because the achievements and live.
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    I got my 3rd 360 yesterday... a rant :(

    Thats cool that you get some free things. At least Microsoft is trying to make things right. I got mine about 3 months after launch and shes going strong (knock on wood). I got the best buy extended warranty though so I am not worried.
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    Why buy a 360?

    Look if you need convincing on whether to get a 360 or not then your not getting it for the right reasons.
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    Zelda: Ocarina of Time coming to Wii VC

    Can anyone comment on how Ocarina of time plays on the wii classic controller? I really just got the biggest craving ever to play Ocarina of time, but i sold my n64 eons ago. Is there an n64 wii classic controller or something?
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    Ocarina of Time on Monday

    Can anyone comment on how Ocarina of time plays on the wii classic controller? I really just got the biggest craving ever to play Ocarina of time, but i sold my n64 eons ago. Is there an n64 wii classic controller or something?
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    The Official Microsoft Press Conference Thread

    I'm going to need to get a second job for all the games comming out.
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    Sony won't slash PS3 prices

    Sony won't slash PS3 prices Palindrome won't buy PS3
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    What stores carry tablet pcs?

    I got my Toshiba r15 (? i think) at best buy 2 years ago.
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    Gosh Darn Achievements!

    I love achievements! Its gives more way more objectives, and brings me alot more replay value!
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    NPD March Figures (Surprised it's not posted already)

    That looks like it doesn't account for cords, wireless controllers and headsets.
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    FS: Xbox 360 20GB Hard drive (cheap + extras)

    Thats a great deal! gl with the sale!
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    Are you playing any "old school" games?

    stronghold crusade.