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    Problems posting to BIOS tripple channeling

    Hi all - my buddy is in need of your help. Connected everything up tripple channeling and system does not post to bios. We then checked each memm stick in slot DIMM 1 and all three mem sticks for either G.Skills or Corsair posted to BIOS fine. DIMM3 did not post with any sticks. DIMM 5 all memm...
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    Megatron or Venomous X with these's YL

    I went for the sexy look and got the Prolimatech Mega Shadow with the YL's 120mm's . Being that they are going into my new Antec 1200 case, is there a particular setup i should do, perhaps take advantage of the the huge fan on top to pull that air out? Or keep the air moving right to left to the...
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    Megatron or Venomous X with these's YL

    I dont know, i'm not totally convince with some of the reviews I've been reading.. Anyone here care to comment please that has personal experience, with similar setup... thanks
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    Megatron or Venomous X with these's YL

    I'm looking to either getting the Megatron or Venomous X for my new i7 920 rig I'm building oc'ng to 4.Mhz. Could someone confirm I'm ok with using these Yate Loon's for a push/pull. Want to keep a blue theme going here.. Got the P6X58d and g.skills blue ripjaws, also thinking to maybe adding...
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    5970 on its way, what to expect?

    Could I get recomemdations from 5970 owners where to buy from and what brand? also was thinking should i buy a 5970 or 5870x2's? Is it really worth the $200.00 diference in price.. IRS refund FTW! :D
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    500w enough?

    Actually i have that corsair already. looks like i'm going to have to dish out the extra for another psu, maybe get the 750 version of it. What about the case, still up to standards, or do I need to let go of it as well.
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    500w enough?

    I'm trying to save some cash while building a new system. In one of my old system i'm breaking down i have a FSP Group AX500 which i would like to confirm if it would be ok to go into my current system (soon be my son's) Phenom II 940BE 3.2 w/ 4870 1gb(stock) w/ 8gb SKILL mem in a CM 900 case...
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    Get 5870s or wait??

    You're missing the point.. He said "saving pennies", by the time he saves up for all of that, it will be worth pennies... :D
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    need a v-card - can I ?

    So i caught myself building a new pc around the i7 920 at the expense of helping my friend build his... I have most parts in and now i'm thinking about what v-card to get.. Knowing very well how inflated the market is at this time... I currently have a Saphire 4870 1GB in my Phenom II 940BE...
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    ~$600-700 budget, worth upgrading now?

    Wouldnt a build around a Phenom II X2 550BE be cheaper and maybe better? just a thought.
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    Worth upgrading MX510 to MX518?

    i've had the MX518 for three years now.. I recently upgraded to G500, same price or cheaper in some places, but better mouse.
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    AMD first to market with USB3/SATA6?

    Asus P6X58D rocks!!
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    Building off Asus P6X58D

    I'm setting up almost an identical setup except for the fact i'm using G.SKILL instead.. Please continue to post updates to your solution.
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    what are brands worth? (XFX vs Asus)

    i would probably give XFX another try, last time i tried them it was a DOA and bad CS experience.. If i was to pick a brand it would be ASUS at this point.
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    upgrade from 4870x2?

    i would stay with it.. it's a new year and lots of new and exciting things to come, not to mention money drives our decisions we make..
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    Will these video cards work with mobo?

    friend has the same setup .. 17" monitor and has no problems.
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    Get 5870s or wait??

    i would wait. hard to pay the extra 100+ bones for little difference between 5850 and 5870
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    HD4890... How long before change?

    +1 on the .02 cents comment. However having said that, you want to keep in perspective your equipment, meaning take in consideration building a respectable new rig is no chump change so the fact that you're possibly still handicap by fps, resolution settings or game setting is quite depressing...
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    Need a new case, suggestions?

    I thought his budget was 125 max, isnt the 800D 270+ ?
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    Need a new case, suggestions?

    AZZA Solano 1000 Black Not a bad case here, I think..
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    New Gaming PC

    Purpose: Gaming Budget: This is it.. 1500.00 OS: Win XP Pro I'm thinking long term with upgrade capability SSD, etc.... would like your verdit my friend and i will be getting the same thing. Will be OC'ng to the 4.0mhz if possible. COOLER MASTER HAF 932 Blue RC-932-KKN3-GP Black...
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    ATI or nVidia?

    I currently have a 4870 running my sammy T260, what I play the most is COD4 MW2 at 1900x1200 with full setting and for the most part it runs it pretty smooth. I would say if you dont need anything to run dx11 i would get a 4890 to get you buy. I'm currently in the process of building a new pc as...
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    G.SKILLS compatible with my mobo?

    Thanks my friend is getting the same mobo and was thinking of gettng the two g.skill sticks instead of three and newegg had them for P55 mobo? I order mine as tripple-channel.. needed to confirm if i had screwed up or if it's any different.
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    G.SKILLS compatible with my mobo?

    Hi all wanted to know if these G.SKILL ripjaws mem sticks are compatible with the Asus P6X58D .I think these are for a P55? :confused: thanks
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    new build help #1001

    i've never setup my system for raid 0, If i understand correctly for gaming purposes it doesnt improve the frames it enhances the load times.. I've also been seeing a SSD setup with a TR HDD. I need to read up more on SSD's and if it matters to me or not. Great price on the Seasonic M12D i...
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    new build help #1001

    BUMP: could use some help please: In reference to a budget: It's more of the lines of what really make sense in order to achieving maximized OC'ng pontential and anything that gaming can be thrown at it with out going crazy. So looking build around the 920 as it's my first purchase...
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    new build help #1001

    Thanks for looking in advance, i know how many of these types of posts you all see daily.. I'm about to pull the trigger on a new build and for the first time ever i'm converting over to Intel. I currently have a amd phenom 940BE w/ 4870 1gb. So this is what I'm thinking to get at this time...
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    P55 or X58

    hi all.. I'm seeing the x58 to be a favorite, is there a low end budget x58 1366 that will OC as good as some of the top end x58's without all the bells and whistles?