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    Wii U with accessories and games

    condition: like new make / manufacturer: Nintendo model name / number: Wii U Selling like new Wii U Black Premium with accessories and games. Includes: * System * 2 Wii U Remotes * 2 Wii U Nunchucks * Mario Kart Wii U * Super Mario Wii U * Nintendoland * Wii Fit * Wii Fit Board * Dues Ex...
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    Macbook Pro Retina 15" i7 2.3 w/ 16GB Ram

    So I've fallen on rough times and need to sell my beloved Macbook Pro Retina. It is the 2.3GHz Retina model with the 16 GB Ram upgrade. Specs: 2.3GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7, Turbo Boost up to 3.3GHz 16GB 1600MHz DDR3L SDRAM 256GB Flash Storage Intel HD Graphics 4000 NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M...
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    Budget Build to Play Star Wars MMO ?

    thanks a lot man!
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    Budget Build to Play Star Wars MMO ?

    wow ! I just looked at my last posted specs! thats sad!
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    Budget Build to Play Star Wars MMO ?

    Honestly I'm not around him or the monitor to know what the exact resolution is. I'm in Boston, he's in CT. I know its a Samsung 1080 HD TV w/ DVI input. He should be all set with mouse, keyboard and speakers. His household already has a Win 7 disc.
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    Budget Build to Play Star Wars MMO ?

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Playing the new Star Wars MMO and hopefully some future games 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? Budget ideally is $600, can bump a bit. S&H flexible... 3) Which country do you live in...
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    Budget Build to Play Star Wars MMO ?

    Hello Been a while since I was on here. I used to know how to build a budget PC in 5 min, but this was when 512 mb on a graphics card ram and 4 gb DDR Ram was alot. PCI Express had just came out. Things have changed quite a bit since I took my eyes off hardware.. Anyway, my cousin...
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    Starcraft & Scaling

    change flat panel scaling isnt an option using the samsung analog it appears
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    Starcraft & Scaling

    Hi. I recently downgraded back to xp on a lenovo thinkpad. It has a quadro 140m vid card. I also use it on a Samsung SyncMaster 21" 2233BW monitor. I am having a problem playing starcraft. The game will be displayed in its native resolution 640x480 in the top left corner of the screen...
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    Hands-on With Optimus Maximus

    $1,200!? its cool... not that cool....
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    Window Media Player - No Sound .avi File

    nvm... Is there any such thing as a free avi to wmv convertor??
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    Window Media Player - No Sound .avi File

    I have downloaded every codec imaginable to get sound to work for this .avi file in WMP, it works fine in DivX. Any ideas? I need it to work in WMP to import it for a Powerpoint slide show.
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    To buy 360 or not?

    i cant believe they add HDMI but not wifi.....
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    Explain to me why Halo is so popular

    Cover of Time magazine : "Halo 3: The Thinking Gamer's Shoot'em Up" wow, I thought it was the stoned dormers future game of choice
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    Mac style Touchpad scroll on Vista

    When i had my macbook pro i got used to the two finger touchpad scroll function, is there anyway to emulate that on the PC meaning was that software feature or hardware?
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    80gb PS3 + Motorstorm = $599, 60gb PS3 = $499

    I care about the HD movies, with the price tag so high on the PS3 I view it as a Bluray player with a bonus gaming machine. Untill a unit pushing game comes out im sure thats how lots of consumers view it.
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    Is it foolish to not wait for the second gen Iphone?

    seeing as its a first gen device and im broke, I think ill wait for the next revision. Things that really bother me about the iPhone is the lack of 3G support (tried EDGE internet at the AT&T store), and the fact that the headphone jack is recessed (dont understand that at all, need to buy...
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    [H]ard Gaming Awards: Graphics

    not really a fair comparison seeing as some of those games are over a year old...
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    iPhone impressions

    I don't understand why they recessed the headphone jack and left out 3G... If those errors were corrected I would buy one.
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    PS3 Price Cuts?

    I've heard alot lately about PS3 price cuts this year. Does anybody know when or if they will actually happen? Looking to get that Bluray player as it seems it is the format of choice.
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    IRC Client for OS X

    I used to use mIRC on windows and am having trouble finding a decent IRC client for mac. None work quite as well with Anyone know of a good IRC client?
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    Special "Mac Ram" section at Newegg?

    Just wondering why Newegg has a special "Mac Ram" section, is this because Mac's are picky with RAM and those listed are proven to work? Seems like a rip off. Ram found in the normal selection is cheaper and has a better variety. New to Mac looking to add 2gb to Macbook Pro.
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    Unusually Slow browser performance...

    nvm it seems disabling IPv6 helps considerably
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    Unusually Slow browser performance...

    Macbook Pro C2D entry level
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    Unusually Slow browser performance...

    Ive been using Mac OSX for a while now and have noticed the browser performace hasnt been that great, using Camino or Safari. Anything I can do to speed it up? (On wireless network, with WEP)
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    FT: Medieval Total War 2 for Civ 4: Warlords

    I recently lost my Civ 4 Warlords expansion disk and am willing to trade a hardly used Medieval Total War 2 Full game for it. PM
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    I have this sick feeling in my gut talking about this BUT...

    i just switched over. so far so good got a MBP, with bootcamp you can have the best of both worlds. (XP & OSX) To be honest if vista was more XP like or better yet they just made XP more secure and solid I would still be on a PC.
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    Does an expensive mouse affect ur gaming at all?

    i dont think it necessarily means more kills but gaming on my mx510 is much better than the generic mouse
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    PC Gaming Decline, whats to blame?

    very few games worth while are released, games that are supposed to be "the next killer app" often are let downs... (DOOM 3, Oblivion imo) its rare we get gems like HL2, Civ 4 or RoN.... i have to agree with last poster on the "FPS factor", too many of them - and too many of them are cookie...
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    A real sequel to Rise of Nations? Any news?

    I was a big fan of Rise of Nations (would probably put it as one of my favorites of all time) like alot of the fans of the series I was pretty disapointed with Rise of Legends, anyways anyone have any information on a real sequel??
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    Opinions on buying mbook pro now.

    i just bought a refurb C2D macbook pro for 1599. so far well worth the purchase, even better when i get bootcamp up.
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    Getting a MAC address out of your macbook

    how do you access the console? (brand new to mac used to a windows world)
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    Getting a MAC address out of your macbook

    I use MAC filtering on my router and cant find the MAC address in OSX anyone know how to find it? Im assuming somewhere in Network.
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    WTB: Mac Civilization 4

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    WTB: Mac Civilization 4

    Looking to buy the Mac version of Civ 4. PM with price!
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    Gaming on Mac: Native or Bootcamp?

    im looking to play Civ 4, as a great time killing game i would like it to run natively but dont want to buy a game for full price that I already own, especially when its still $50 for macs. No one happens to have a Civ 4 Mac Ver they want to sell?