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    PC - Random Reboots / Freezes

    I just did that before running memtest. Cleaned up all the dust too and added an extra fan on the heatsink. Memtest finished with no errors.
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    PC - Random Reboots / Freezes

    Symptoms: Randomly reboots sometimes, or sometimes just freezes up. Freezes up as in the screen is stuck as is and the mouse/keyboard doesnt work. I have to hit the reset button. I assumed this was the power supply, that was the first thing I swapped out. Did not help. Next was a fresh...
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    Is my SSD about to die? "System could not find C:/"

    So I come home and get on my computer and notice that I cant find C:/ drive anymore. The programs that are already open start crashing if I did anything with them giving various errors about how "C:/filename could not be found" etc. This was totally random and its the first time that it has...
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    ASUS P8Z68-V Pro Z68 Chipset Motherboard Review @ [H]

    I wanna pick this up, but I dont wanna pay 200+.... Is it realistic to expect this to drop in price once more retailers start selling it?
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    ASUS P8Z68-V Pro sold out. ASRock Z68?

    It would help you if posted a link.
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    ASUS P8Z68-V Pro Z68 Chipset Motherboard Review @ [H]

    I run a 3 monitor setup now with a 5850 (dvi/dvi/displayport). So if I get this z68 board, I can attach the displayport monitor to the dvi port on the mobo and have it work fine? Will it work fine in an eyefinity setup for gaming?
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    1-Up for Patriot Memory

    Awesome stuff. I'd take you up if I had Patriot RAM.
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    Gskill Sniper 1600 vs Ripjaws X 1333 ? (2x4gb)

    I opted to go this path. Thnx.
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    Gskill Sniper 1600 vs Ripjaws X 1333 ? (2x4gb)

    Newegg has both of these on sale for about the same price. I am buying up for my upcoming SB upgrade, so which would be the better buy? I was planning to buy up 2 sets for 16gb total.
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    Is this a good Windows Experience Index?

    Mine with the system below | | V
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    Q6600 Upgrade

    I need to be able to use the quicksync (video encoding), support discrete graphics and be able to overclock the processor, and as far as I know, only z68 can do those.
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    Q6600 Upgrade

    I'm in a similar situation and my plan now is to wait till next month till the z68 chipsets hit and then upgrade. Probably going to splurge on a 2600k though.
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    Windows Experience scores with/without discrete card

    Before putting a discrete card in, my RAM score was a 5.4. I put in a cheapo Geforce 210 card and my RAM score jumped to a 7.5. Desktop graphics score went from 4.4 to 4.5. Can anyone tell me why adding a discrete graphics card boosted the RAM score in the benchmark? The ram in...
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    What's taking up my RAM?

    Ok, I found the culprit. It seems that some of the files that I downloaded (from firefox, from newsbin etc) are loaded into memory. I see a bunch of video files (1gb+) in memory that should not be residing there. How can I find out which process is "locking" this file/space? How can I free...
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    What's taking up my RAM?

    No errors, but everything starts to feel sluggish with 90%+ of ram being "in use". I'll try the program in 10 days or so when I get to the same place. I had to give up and reboot soon after making the initial post.
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    What's taking up my RAM?

    So this happens on my win7x64 pc after being up for 10+ days. I open up task manager, go to processes and everything there adds up to less than 500mb, but the total memory being used is 7+gb (i have 8gb of ram). How can I find out what is using up this ram and maybe clear it, so that I dont...
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    Austin, TX: Q6600 (G0) + P5Q Pro + 8GB OCZ Platinum DDR2 1000

    Ram - (2gbx4=8gb) (two of the sticks are ddr2 1000. other two are 1066, so im running them at 1000) Proc - (g0 revision. running at 3ghz on air) (comes with a...
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    Internet stops working after ~15 days of uptime

    I looked into it a while ago and it was about some networking cache being full. What happens is that nothing will load. Browsers will just show a white screen. Refreshing would sometimes load the page, sometimes without css. Sometimes without images. Sometimes, not at all. Any ideas?
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    Windows 7 - Close / Maximize Buttons

    It's a really weird thing. The close and the maximize buttons are "invisible". They still work if I click where they are, but they're just not displaying correctly. Any ideas? Window in focus Window not in focus
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    Remote access question I need to work on my dads computer out of town.

    I personally prefer VNC (realVNC version). Once you set it up, it is easy to connect through a VNC client or through any browser using a java applet.
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    Slow speeds in network

    I have two PCs connected using a Trendnet Gigabit Switch (TEG-S5G). DHCP is handled by a router, but that should not impact the file transfer between the computers. Primary computer has a onboard gigabit NIC and computer2 has a PCI gigabit nic, however, I cant seem to get file transfers over...
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    Upgrade Advice Bad Company 2 Eyefinity Playable FPS

    I have a Q6600 + 5850 and have no problems with one monitor, but when I bump it up to 3 monitors (at 1920x1080 each), I begin to notice drop in FPS. I just got a SSD, so hopefully this helps a little bit.
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    E3300 FSB/DRAM Question

    So I saw that the rated FSB of this processor was 800mhz, so I got RAM that was 800mhz to match the FSB. However, when I run CPUZ, it says that the FSB:DRAM ratio is 1:2. The CPU tab says that the "Rated FSB" is 800mhz, but the bus speed is 200mhz. I assumed that rated FSB = Bus speed X...
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    X-Fi I/O Upgrade Kit Problems

    I've hooked up both cables (digital and analog) to my card, but only the headphone jack works. I've pushed the cables in all the way and ran a clean install of creative drivers on my system, but neither has helped. The buttons are supposed to light up, but they do not. The volume knob does...
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    AC II cracked

    Maybe more people would buy the game if they wouldnt wait 5 months to release the PC version. Same with GTA series.
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    Win 7: How to prevent Outlook emails from showing up in start menu search

    I use the computer 99% of the time, so a separate account is unnecessary. However, I use the laptop to VNC in a lot, and I'd rather not have viagra ads popping up when I'm showing something to somebody ;)
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    Where do you buy your computer parts?

    Search through and create alerts for when these parts are posted. Sure you wont find them at once, but it'll save you $ if you're not in a hurry.
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    What here could do with upgrading?

    Get a 5850, though it could run you 250+.
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    Time to upgrade or not?

    Just got the card and it surprisingly can handle BC2 at the max settings at 1920x1200. Very impressed!
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    Win 7: How to prevent Outlook emails from showing up in start menu search

    I sometimes let other people use the PC and I'd much rather not have them reading my email subjects :)
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    Static/interference with front panel onboard HD audio

    I have 5.1 speakers going into the rear outlet, but I ordered a 3.5mm splitter to the back to see how it'll work. I'm surprised that Antec doesnt have any kind of fix for this.
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    Static/interference with front panel onboard HD audio

    I got a new Antec case and this is annoying the hell out of me. I have a soundblaster xtremegamer, so I have the HD cable connected to it, but the buzzing is kililng me. Any ideas?
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    Win 7: How to prevent Outlook emails from showing up in start menu search

    Fixed it, kinda. In the start menu settings, set "Dont Search" for "search other files and libraries"
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    Win 7: How to prevent Outlook emails from showing up in start menu search

    I dont want to turn off Outlook indexing completely as like the fast searching, but how can I stop having my emails appearing when I type something into the start menu? My PST file is passworded and outlook asks for a password every time it opens, so clicking on these results takes you...
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    Any x64 firewalls like the Sygate Personal Firewall?

    I've been using the Sygate Firewall for years now, but I have just upgraded to x64 and am looking for a simple, yet powerful firewall like Sygate. Any recommendations?
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    Time to upgrade or not?

    So would I be able to play BC2 on max at 1920x1200?
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    Time to upgrade or not?

    I just want to play BC2 at highest @ 1920x1200
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    Time to upgrade or not?

    Newegg had the Powercolor 5850 with MW2 for 270 last week....