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    Ceton InfiniTV on linux

    I am using my Ceton Infinitv 6 with Mythbuntu and it works fine.
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    Ivy Bridge Combos, Memory, SSD,HDs, PSUs

    Are you willing to sell just the de-lidded 3570K? I really don't need another Mobo laying around in my room :)
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    Watching TV on XBMC or will help you figure out what you can do with it.
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    Lightpack with HTPC

    You can try Adalight. Its like lightpack but all the processing is done by a Adruino.
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    HTPC -- The Next Generation

    So, luckily, there is a solution to your netflix problem with the remote. An awesome XBMC user has written an overlay for Netflix that is remote friendly. He is still working on it, but something tells me that this will make you really happy! Unfortunately, subtitles need to be activated with...
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    having some fun with sickrage

    I use Sickrage but I have an Unraid NAS that I built that is running it along with OpenVPN, Transmission, and Couchpotato. I don't use public sources, only private, Invite only places. Sickrage is awesome. I wonder if people still use Vanilla Sickbeard? There are so many separate projects that...
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    What is the best place to buy TV episodes digitally?

    Sorry dude, if you want to do stuff legally, you have to deal with DRM and the constant headaches of the DRM either forgetting that you already purchased the content and locking you out or...just dealing with things not working at all. Its amazing how that works, isn't it?
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    Has the HTPC time passed

    My HTPC is my XBMC/Emulator/and Steam Gaming workhorse. I don't think the time has passed. I also bought an Amazon FireTV and put it in my parents' room. Its rooted and boots straight into XBMC. I think its great...but I wouldn't use it personally. I like my HTPC.
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    Piracy Could Cripple Indie Film Business In Five Years

    The Expendables is so bad that I absolutely refuse to pirate it. I think bad movies are killing profits, not piracy.
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    Tiny 5.1 receiver?

    If the LED lights are the problem, buy yourself a pack of lightdims (google it). Its 6.98 for a pack of blackout stickers that come in several shapes to match LED sizes. Its totally worth it. I just got my pack in the mail today and went crazy with them.
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    Watching TV on XBMC or They both allow you to watch live TV. "PVR" in the name of the plugin does not mean it won't do what you are asking for help setting up.
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    Monoprice 12th anniversary: 12% off sitewide

    So, you're complaining that you tried to buy two items that are probably priced at ~$2 each and they couldn't ship it to your for free? That's completely false. They have pretty good quality products and they are very good about replacing items that are defective. I haven't purchased a single...
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    ASUS were pretty open about why they didn't use an IPS panel. Consumers think they know more than R&D departments for some reason. Find an IPS panel that is affordable and matches the specs of this monitor.
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    DisplayPort supports daisy chaining. Please stop spreading misinformation. You simply need to get a Display port hub to connect multiple monitors to one DisplayPort on a GPU.
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    How to turn HTPC on via remote from couch?

    To be honest, I just added a WOL app to my phone where I can put a widget on one of my homepages on Android with a button that just turns on my PC when pressed.
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    Is XBMC for me?

    Its hard for someone to tell you if its for'd obviously have to get a setup and determine that for yourself. The XBMC forums are very helpful and are a good place to start asking questions.
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    HTPC ideas for the incapable.. Seniors

    Harmony is a pretty expensive remote for just a Roku...
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    Projector 1080p for easy gaming and movies, < 1k $

    ProjectorPeople has less of a selection. You should check out for a better selection in your budget.
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    NAS recommendations

    I use a homebuilt NAS with Unraid. Pre-builts are ridiculously expensive. My entire setup cost me what a good Pre-built would have cost me.
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    Home Theater Questions / Suggestions

    you can start with I had no knowledge about RAID arrays or a NAS or anything before reading the forums. I didn't get a pre-built because they were expensive and there were too many options. I had no idea what I was doing. So, I built one and learned more and...
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    Never buy hard drives from Newegg!

    Never had an issue with Newegg. Sorry for your luck...but I think you're going out on stretch telling people not the shop there.
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    Home Theater Questions / Suggestions

    For media storage, you should consider building a NAS. I'm not sure why you think it would be time consuming project. Its as easy as putting together a PC and booting an OS off of a USB stick. Also, if you built a NAS, you really wouldn't have to drop all that money on those Red NAS drives. You...
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    Microsoft to Issue 8 Updates, 3 Critical

    I'm just out of my mind for blaming Microsoft when there have been several people who have had their machines jacked up by Windows 8.1. Keep snacking on paint chips.
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    Some questions about Seagate 3TB hard drives

    I've had 0/6 of these drives fail.
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    Microsoft to Issue 8 Updates, 3 Critical

    Another patch? My father's NIC still hasn't recovered from Windows 8.1. Basically, since updating to Windows 8.1, he can not longer access the internet. His NIC does not work with 8.1 despite getting updated drivers from ASRock. Luckily, this hasn't happened to me, my NIC has a different vendor.
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    Easy way to stream my XBMC library over the internet?

    speaking of plex. I can't get it to install on my unRaid server. Its fighting me.
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    Prebuilt NAS or Home Build

    Homebuild, Unraid. Case closed. Lets us know if you need help. use Assassin HTPC blog to setup unRaid. if you need any addons like plex, SAB, CP, or SB, I can give you the links to those guides from LimeTechnology's forums.
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    Easy way to stream my XBMC library over the internet?

    You don't have to drop XBMC all together...but Plex is what you'll need to do what youre asking while away from home.
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    FS: Sapphire Dual-X 7790 1GB GPU

    ttt Price changed. I just want to get rid of it.
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    Media storage... what drives to buy? Green? Red? Remove drives from cheap externals?

    Ive been buying externals instead of bare drives for a long time, I've never been denied warranty. Bare drives are significantly more expensive than the externals. I will never buy a bare drive so long as Seagate keeps producing their enclosures that are so easy to pop open for $30 bucks less. I...
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    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    How to do you guys get hard drives in bulk like that?
  32. S Turning To Tech Giants For Help?

    They should fire everyone and hire some fresh talent. There are tons of people itching to get in on a project like this.
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    WTTF/WTB: 2TB or larger HDDs, 5850 or higher, bluray reader, anything interesting....

    Are you still looking for a GPU? I have a 7790 I'm trying to get rid of. My Thread
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    New HTPC Build Advice

    Why dont you give us a list of parts you had in mind so we can get some perspective? It shouldn't be hard to put an HTPC together nowadays.