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    NV surround question

    You don't need to use bezel correction for iRacing as iRacing handles it. You just need to populate the monitor settings in the graphics tab. Also, make sure you have render screens seperately.
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    Time to upgrade hardware and OS for media server/backup from WHS v1

    There's the ASRock series of boards. If you get a socketed board, you can combine with a low-end Xeon and ECC RAM. The Avoton boards might not meet your CPU needs.
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    High memory (DDR3) recommendation for Asus P9X79 Pro I have two of these in a P9X79 Deluxe for a total 64 GB RAM.
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    [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread

    35.4 TB Online Fractal Design Node 304 Silverstone Strider Gold 550W + short cable kit ASRock E3C226D2I Intel Xeon E3-1265L V3 Corsair H90i AIO 2x 8GB Crucial DDR3-1600 ECC Plextor M6e 256GB PCI-E SSD (OS and programs) 6x 6 TB WD Reds (for storage pool) Windows Server 2012 R2...
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    Bootable PCI-E SSD's for legacy hardware?

    Plextor M6e I think should work. I'm using one in a C226-chipset system as a bootable drive.
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    High Capacity Drives for 4 Bay Setup

    I'm using 6x 6TB WD Reds in a Node304. You might want to use wdidle3 to disable the Intellipark timer before deploying them.
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    SnapRAID help...

    I just setup a new server to replace a WHS v1 system. Storage is a 256GB PCIe SSD for the OS (Server 2012 R2 Essentials) and programs and 6x 6TB WD Reds for storage. I eliminated Storage Spaces as having a poor reputation for performance. I tested FlexRAID's tRAID but wasn't satisfied with...
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    What was your 1st 3D video card ?

    Almost the same story for me, except I had a Sierra Screamin' 3D for playing the Papyrus sims.
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    WHS V1 System Restore Not Working Asus Z87

    I just had to restore my XPS 14 and had the same fight about network drivers. The WHS restore disk has drivers for Realtek NICs, but they don't work for the newer NIC in the XPS 14. The solution was to use Vista/Server 2008 x86 drivers. I didn't think it would work since WHS is based on...
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    having real hardtime to remove last comma within a loop

    It looks like you are using VBScript. Are you aware that there is a Join() function to convert an array into a delimited string? No looping necessary. as an example.
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    Office 2010 Beta 2 - Your Thoughts?

    The other advantage I realized exists with showing each document on the taskbar is the ability to Alt-Tab between them. Well, one example why you don't want that to happen is that you can't copy worksheets between workbooks opened in different instances.
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    Office 2010 Beta 2 - Your Thoughts?

    That is because there is only one running instance of Excel.exe. The behavior you see is controlled by an option in Excel (Excel Options | Advanced | Display | Show all windows in the Taskbar). This allows you to switch workbooks via the Taskbar. You have to manually launch Excel to get...
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    Forwarding the same port for the same service for 2 different machines on home LAN?

    If you are using WHS and your computers are joined to it, then you likely don't need to go through all this trouble. WHS allows you to RDP into any joined system from the WHS remote access web interface. You only need to forward a few ports to the WHS...
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    VB6 Splash Screen leads to... where?

    If you don't like that method (which would eliminate assumptions of the project's start-up behavior), then I will next suggest right-clicking on ResumeStartUp and selecting Definition.
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    VB6 Splash Screen leads to... where?

    My recommendation: use F8 to step into debug mode.
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    Must Have Service Of The Day!

    A web site that lost five days of database transactions making fun of a retailer's $50 program not targeted to its user base? Go ahead; I won't miss the account.
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    Cannot adjust XFX 8800GT fan setting. Help! =(

    The blue and green wires need to be run to the connector. Those control fan speed and monitoring. I didn't try to RMA the card; I just bought an aftermarket cooler.
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    8800GT and Sound Card Issues

    Describing the specific issue you were having would be a great start. I have an 8800GT and an XtremeMusic card installed together.
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    anyone seen one of these bad boys in a long long time? my fileserver.

    I saw one yesterday. It was in the PC I keep around for DOS 6 PC gaming, running in an ASUS P2B motherboard.
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    Cannot adjust XFX 8800GT fan setting. Help! =(

    Here's your probable issue. My solution follows after the picture. There must have been a batch of them, because this is the third thread that I've seen in the last week.
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    Cannot adjust XFX 8800GT fan speed. Help! =(

    I just wanted a new cooling assembly sent to me, but couldn't that arranged without an RMA. I'll probably just get a couple lengths of cable and some connectors and wire it up myself. Never gets above 50°C.
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    Cannot adjust XFX 8800GT fan speed. Help! =(

    My guess is to prevent the card from overheating because the BIOS would otherwise not spin the fan fast enough.
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    Cannot adjust XFX 8800GT fan speed. Help! =(

    I posted a thread about this exact thing last week. I bought a XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog Edition card from NewEgg and it was doing the exact same thing. Once I pulled the cooling assembly off the card, I was able to see that the wires to enable fan speed monitoring and adjustment were not connected...
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    Optimizing for Quad Core Q6600?

    Does the audio processing need to stream data to/from a hard drive? If so, you could be starving the application of data to process. Knowing the application in use would probably help.
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    My Documents Redirection

    Why not enable/use Offline Files?
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    Fan Problem on XFX 8800GT

    Got an update from XFX support. It appears that some of these cards were shipped with the fans setup to always run at 100%. I'm still working towards a resolution with them.
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    Fan Problem on XFX 8800GT

    In NVMonitor, my fan speed was reported as 4 RPM.
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    Fan Problem on XFX 8800GT

    Anyone else have this problem? The two blue wires on the fan of my XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog Edition aren't actually connected, so the fan always spins at 100%. I received my card from NewEgg a couple days ago. The fan sounded like it was spinning at a constant 100%. I couldn't get anything to...
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    Problem with VBA + SQL Statement

    You could potentially have issues inserting a record that way. It'll work until someone does something like enter quotation marks in the user input section. A better option would be to utilize ADO ( Assuming your using Access: Dim...
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    Vlookups and scope

    I assume you are referencing Excel. Yes, you can reference another workbook in a VLOOKUP function. The easiest way to do this is to have the source workbook open, then select the source array as you normally would. Excel will build the appropriate cell references for you.
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    XP vs Vista: Redux @ [H]

    I don't see the difference between testing GPUs, CPUs or Operating Systems, so why was your normal method of testing GPUs and CPUs (I believe real-world gameplay equating to maximum playable settings) not applicable to this test? Did you not just do the "canned benchmark" here?
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    XP vs Vista: Redux @ [H]

    While not "real-world" usage, it may provide some insight as to the causes. Why does it have to be someone's fault? Why can't it just be "Because of new features, Vista has slightly more overhead that impacts gaming performance?"
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    Outlook 2003: Moving emails out of "Personal Folders"?

    Guess that doesn't work like it used to. I think this might work, though: right click on Personal Folders, select the Home Page tab, and unselect the Show home page by default for this folder option. When done, you can recheck the box.
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    Outlook 2003: Moving emails out of "Personal Folders"?

    Use the Folders view.
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    How hard to switch out laptop LCD?

    If you have the right tools and some patience, its not too bad.
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    ADO Recordset - AddNew

    You might try using ordinal numbers instead of field names, ala: .Fields(0).Value = "12134" .Fields(1).Value = "General" ...
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    hp pavilion notebooks internal usb

    In the thousands of notebooks I've worked on, I've never seen one feature an internal USB port/header like a desktop motherboard has. Generally, they have some sort of propretiary connector or miniPCI slot.
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    Inquirer calls Vista 'Win ME 2'

    The only thing someone will need is the destination IP address and port number. Surely you could assemble this data rather easily?
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    Inquirer calls Vista 'Win ME 2'

    Then post the packet data you have and let someone draw the conclusions.
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    Inquirer calls Vista 'Win ME 2'

    Can you post some specific details, because I would expect there to be a few. If you looked at my system, you'd see Windows Time Update, Windows Update, Adobe Acrobat Updater, Java Updater, Microsoft Money, Symantec AntiVirus, and Outlook sending data. I imagine there's some sort of network...