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    [RUMOR] "Not a gaming card" - Titan V

    When you are selling every $3000 card to the HPC people who finds them a steal, I doubt you will care about opinions from gamers, especially the shit "everything is sooooo overpriced because I can run Doom on anything" ones.
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    Japanese White-Collar Workers Are Already Being Replaced By Robots

    Better resource distribution sounds nice, until it is used as a pathetic excuse to disguise the lack of individuality responsibility.
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    Chrysler Unveils Its Concept Minivan For The Selfie Generation

    Ah yes, selfies. I'm such a truly unique snowflake by doing an utterly trivial activity just like everyone else.
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    Intel Kaby Lake Core i7-7700K Overclocking Preview @ [H]

    I never understood why people would want to bother OC a 7700K anyway besides obvious e-peen issues.
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    Samsung To Reveal Galaxy Note 7 Probe Results This Month

    We are talking about a device that historically has only sold around ~20M at best for a generation, but Samsung with their inflated ego decided QC and design flaws is an acceptable tradeoff to beat a lackluster iPhone 7 on release date. it's just funny and sad at the time.
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    CORSAIR Readies Up for New 7th Generation Intel Core Processors and Intel 200 Series Chipsets with C

    Ah yes, I love corporate marketing drivel. The art of talking a lot and saying nothing simultaneously.
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    Japanese White-Collar Workers Are Already Being Replaced By Robots

    He's just the typical hypocrite scum: Advocate irresponsible behavior under the guises of high-horse morality, and when the problems arise it's suddenly become the society's responsibility to deal with it, not his.
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    Japanese White-Collar Workers Are Already Being Replaced By Robots

    I'm not as callous as you do, but it really all boils down to reproduction is not and can never be a human right. If you one of the countless assholes all over the world who can't afford have children and still do anyway you have exactly zero moral standing to school others on ethics.
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    I can do all that well enough on a Ebay $5 E8500, so my perfectly logical conclusion is all the current CPUs are overpriced trash.
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    Dell 27 Ultrathin Monitor Really Lives Up To Its Name

    R&D isn't cheap, yo. Do you know how much effort and money we spent to save pennies of the LCD panel itself? Yours sincerely, Dell
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    The Biggest Video Game Disappointments Of 2016

    I finding more and more AAA games are failing my Youtube test: Does said game make me want to buy it instead of just simply watching it on Youtube for free? Doom 4 was the only game that passed.
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    Am I going to be let down? 4790S

    Funny because the 4790K was bought by people like me precisely for 4GHz+ stock clocks that make OCing pretty much pointless.
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    Leaked AMD Ryzen Benchmarks?

    Compare it to FX-8350 works out to be an 50% increase in IPC for Zen after scaling losses = Haswell level IPC. I'll consider that pretty believable.
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    Foxconn Wants To Replace Nearly Every Human With Robots

    I bet you can build Star Trek replicators for everybody on this planet and there will still be stupid people complaining about how the good old days when working on a job that they don't like is better.
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    Core i7-7700K - Kaby Lake & Corsair RAM Overclocking @ [H]

    Yup, ~40% better ST performance than a 4.5GHz 2500K after nearly 7 years at same prices is a snoozefest. The vast majority of people will still be GPU bottlenecked way before the 2500K starts to bog down in gaming. The same 7 years applied to 2000-2006 meant we went from <1GHz P3/K7 to 3GHz+ OC...
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    AMD's FineWine Technology: What is it & why do AMD GPUs age well?

    I could care less if my old 7950 is able to marginally beats Kepler cards by 2016 when I can get a 1070 that is more than 3x faster.
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    PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610..Still working great after 8 years

    Meh, I wouldn't bother after when they are better and cheaper Superflower/Seasonic OEMs.
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    AMD™ Ryzen© Blender® Benchmark Scores™©® Thread

    1 min 01 sec @ 150 samples on stock 4.2GHz 4790K + DDR1600.
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    iPhone 7 Has 'Sold More Sluggishly Than Expected'

    People would have cared more about new iPhones if there was a serious push for iOS first-party games from Apple that actually utilized the monstrous SoCs they spent billions developing. Talk about a huge and obvious miss opportunity here.
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    Stop Calling Everything A "Hack"

    If only after the average person being is intelligent enough to figure out how to stop themselves from being mislead for the 1000th time, then maybe all the clickbaiting will stop.
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    Leaked AMD Ryzen Benchmarks?

    If we can OC 16T Zen to 4GHz with still reasonably low TDP it is already pretty great. Anything extra is just a bonus.
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    iPhone 7 Has 'Sold More Sluggishly Than Expected'

    Couldn't agree more. Not just phones, but advances in consumer tech is simply underwhelming nowadays. It has become incredibly hard to justify new purchases over existing stuff from a real need PoV.
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    Super Mario Run’s Not-So-Super Gender Politics

    Because real work is hard while spewing PC BS is the effortless lowest common denominator to pander to the perpetually offended masses.
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    Phenom 9550 too slow for video streaming 720p?

    Nah, 72W is just the CPU alone. Total system power at idle is 118W. 720p playback will probably put it at ~150W. Even before the power consumption part I wouldn't want to see the non-technically inclined use a maintenance-heavy PC when a HDMI stick/tablet/Android TV box/PS4 will suffice.
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    If A Self-Driving Car Kills A Pedestrian, Who Is At Fault?

    Humans in general are just stupid when it comes to risks. You can argue with somebody who fears air travel about how statistically safe plane travel really is to death, then watch him cross a road with eyes fixated on his phone like it's no big deal. I would trust a machine by far more than the...
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    How Google Is Becoming A Lot Less Interesting

    Well said. Top 1% and megacorps are now a ton richer than in 1969 and yet even they can't make it to the Moon by now, but that proves nothing because they are obviously the paragon of human achievement for owning yet another boring Ferrari or another billion dollars uselessly stored in some tax...
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    Who's planning to buy Zen?

    Every CPU jump you mentioned had gigantic boosts in ST performance before OCing, plus an enormous OC headroom in C2D and SB and there was a real need for all that ST in games. Zen can be just as good as Intel now and is still a lot harder to swallow. If I'm still using my old 4.2GHz 2500K rig...
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    Star Citizen Switching To Amazon's Lumberyard Game Engine

    It also propelled collective denialism to never seen before heights.
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    Cyanogen Fails To Kill Android, Shutters Its Services And OS

    Google's iron grip over Android is through Gapps not the base OS itself. How does anybody worth their salt still doesn't get that by nearly 2017 is beyond me.
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    PC Generated 442% More Revenue Than Consoles In 2016

    Yeah, what exactly is the big deal here? Intel nearly sells as many consumer CPUs as PS1 and PS2 lifetime combined in a year. The installed base difference is so huge it would be a real mystery when PC doesn't beat consoles on an absolute basis in gaming revenue.
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    How to go from vinyl to digital and still stay an audiophile.

    Who needs objectivity when said market when placebo and confirmation bias are sold as features?
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    Kaby Lake crap TIM , WHY ?

    Every broken bare dies I heard are always Socket A. Pre-IHS Intel chips are built like tanks which is why they never had the 4 sponges on the corners.
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    1st Ryzen CPU Review Leaked

    Looking at the overall MT bench, Zen is at most SB IPC at 3.3GHz all core turbo. Coupled with the fact Intel is rumored to price the i3-K at an absurd $170 pretty much means AMD is again forced to significantly undercut Intel which is good or bad depending on where you stand.
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    AMD Zen Performance Preview

    It took more than a 3x performance increase for me to drop $400 on a 1070. Paying more on a $500 Zen is crazy when I'm not even remotely CPU limited to begin with, and I'm 99.99% sure there won't be any perceived differences in a blind test.
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    Why not buy premium, expensive motherboard?

    My 802.11AC wifi real speeds are a mere quarter of the displayed 867mbps bandwidth and that is only 2 meters from the AP. Even a basic Realtek wired GBe is going to beat the living crap out of any wifi solution assuming the WAN isn't the bottleneck to begin with.
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    Galax show single slot GTX 1070

    Huh, there are mITX cases with just only one slot?
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    This Was The Year Of VR, Until AR Stole It

    Yup, we gotta talk about the next big R thing so we can ignore how much of a gigantic retail failure VR was in 2016.
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    AMD Ryzen 8C/16T Cinebench R15 & Fritz Chess Scores

    If you are value-minded you will actually just want a wee tad below Haswell IPC. Fast enough to game with zero bottlenecks at OC 4GHz+, much faster than 4C/8T i7 in MT and slow enough not for AMD to charge HEDT pricing.
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    AMD Ryzen 8C/16T Cinebench R15 & Fritz Chess Scores

    If AMD is actually confident on a product that will decide their fate they will be doing this by now: Only 3.1GHz and no turbo, yet Intel has no qualms letting Anand comparing SB to their own $1000 980X and...
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    [Barron's] Nvidia, AMD: Uh oh, Graphics Supplies Piling Up, Warns Pacific Crest

    Heh dual xeons. Even I would find it hard pressed to fork out $200 for Zen with ~50% MT performance than my 4790K, since that is pretty much useless to me. I think I'll be waiting for the mobo or maybe the replacement one to die before I consider a new CPU.