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    The [H] SpiderOak Referral Thread (Think DropBox, but BETTER)

    Used FrEaKy's referral, mine:
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    Crucial M4 - 256Gb - $289.99. 128Gb - $149.99. FS

    In for a 128gb. Thanks for the heads up!
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    Dell 24" 1920x1200 IPS - $299

    I still see it at $329. Is there a coupon code? Edit: Looks like the deal is over but you can get it for $313 with free shipping with code P?F3SSV7VMLXCL
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    FS: X2 4400 + RAM + XP-90 + Audidy 2ZS

    Didn't get your pm.
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    FS: X2 4400 + RAM + XP-90 + Audidy 2ZS

    Sorry, not looking to trade at the moment.
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    FS: X2 4400 + RAM + XP-90 + Audidy 2ZS

    Bump. Deal fell through on the Audigy, so that's back on the market.
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    FS: X2 4400 + RAM + XP-90 + Audidy 2ZS

    Bump Audigy sold.
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    FS: X2 4400 + RAM + XP-90 + Audidy 2ZS

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ 2.2GHz Dual Core Toledo - Socket 939 ADA4400DAA6CD $50 Thermalright XP-90 CPU cooler Includes 939 bracket. Some fins on top are bent, but still in pretty good shape. $20 Or take both CPU and cooler $60 2x 1GB Crucial DDR400 PC3200 $40 for both 2x...
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    Certain websites not loading

    My friend is having this problem and I'm pretty clueless on the issue: He recently reformatted his laptop with Windows XP + SP2. Internet connection is established and most websites load, however certain sites (he lists: aol mail, myspace, and most sites retrieved through a search engine)...
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    Verifying DMI Pool Data....

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    I would like to thank Blizzard

    A bunch of servers just came up.
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    Oblivion First Impressions Thread #1

    How is the combat in this one? One of my biggest complaints about Morrowind was the terrible combat system. I know the the devs said that they were completely revamping it, but the combat in the preview movies still looked pretty lame. If nothing else, that game sure is beautiful.
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    We do have a photography board, you know? ;) Go to a camera store and try them both out. The 350D has horrible egonomics and is very cheap feeling, IMO. If you have big hands then the grips will be very cramped and won't feel natural. I highly recommend you get a D50 instead. Slightly...
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    My first camera

    And since the 300D is lacking a lot of features, get a D50. :p
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    deciding on nikon D50 and Canon Rebel XT

    I'd definitely take a D50 over an XT. IMO it's a better camera, easier to use and has some better features. Plus it's cheaper which let's you have more money to spend on glass which is real important part, not the body.
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    AMD Personal Internet Communicator

    That's pretty cool.
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    Girl Has Seizure After 5 Hours Of Video Gaming??

    Fucking lightweight.
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    Your favorite console?

    SNES has the top 10 or so greatest RPGs ever made. But N64 has Mario Kart and Goldeneye.... But I still voted for SNES.
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    Epson or Canon Printer

    I think that's slightly out of his price range. :p I'd get a Canon i9900 over that anyway.
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    Epson or Canon Printer

    The iP6000D is better as a stand alone printer than the iP4000 because of the LCD screen. If that's your intended purpose then I'd recommend you spend the extra for the iP6000D. In terms of image quality, they are nearly the same.
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    Epson or Canon Printer

    Between the Picturemate and the iP4000, it's no contest. The Canon is far better.
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    can't be true

    Dec 02, 2001
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    new 28 & 33 Mega pixel camera

    I don't know... Might be kind of pixilated at that size. You'd probably want to stick with 4x6s.
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    F.e.a.r = L.a.m.e

    Yup, FEAR was a very enjoyable game. I hadn't enjoyed a FPS since HL2. D3, Q4 and FC were all physically painful to force myself to beat.
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    Glossary / Terms for Digital Cameras

    Good list. I noticed one spelling mistake, the entry for Megapixel is spelled Megapixe. Thanks for taking the time to write all that out.
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    Digital SLR - Nikon D50

    Go for it, I've shot with it a few times and it's great. Very easy to use. Some pics even turn out better on the D50 than they did on my D70 under the same conditions. The only thing I didn't like is that there is only one dial which is just a pet peeve of mine.
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    DOA Movie Trailer

    That looks horrible! The only remotely good thing is Miho from Sin City is in it. Anyone who pays to see that should be shot.
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    Suggestions for a photo printer

    The Selphy isn't that bad if you are only doing 4x6 prints. If you think you'll ever do anything bigger get one of the Canon Pixma or Epson R-series printers.
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    $200 Photo printer

    Yeah, it's a great printer. Go for it.
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    $200 Photo printer

    Any of the Canon iP series will be excellent. The Epson R300 (or 320) might also fit your budget. I'd stay away from HP though.
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    AMD sticking it to Intel

    Haha, that's some funny stuff. :)
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    Perfect Dark Zero: 9/10! "Best FPS since Halo 2!"

    So it's one of the most uninspired and overrated games in a decade? :p
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    My wife loves KOTOR and KOTOR II

    There are few RPGs I actually like. I loved KOTOR and Fable so I'll also recommend that.
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    Which Would You Choose? (Revised)

    Well I've had two chicks at the same time and it's not all it's cracked up to be. So I'd take the hardware.