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    HP G7 with MSA70 have some questions.

    They are sitting on top of each other in my server rack. I thought about doing a 8087 to 8088 cable out to the msa70 but then id loose 4 of the internal drives as the P410I only has 2 SFF-8087 ports on it. I found that card on listed on ebay yesterday for $150 so i pulled the trigger on that...
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    HP G7 with MSA70 have some questions.

    Something like this work? has the 2 internal sff ports and 4 external, i only need 1 but it's all i can find and it's compliant with...
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    HP G7 with MSA70 have some questions.

    Ahh ok so the LSI card is no good for this. Thankfully I only spent 20 bucks on it lol. I do want to run the 8 internal drives as well as the 25 in the msa70 as one large volume to use as storage. Do I need to look into a new card to replace the LSI as well as the HP P410I? If so what cord...
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    HP G7 with MSA70 have some questions.

    Also the G7 is a DL380.
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    HP G7 with MSA70 have some questions.

    Thanks for the reply and I get what you are saying about the msa70 having a SAS expander in it already. The reason I bought the 20 dollar LSI card is so I could connect the msa70 to the G7 server. Or is there another card that I should be using that will let me connect the G7 to the msa70?
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    HP G7 with MSA70 have some questions.

    Hi everyone! I haven’t posted on here in a while but I’m kinda new to network storage and I wanted to upgrade my home file server which is just a old computer with 4x 3Tb drives in it running server 2012’s software raid 5 on it. I wanted to move to some more hardware raid based as well as...
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    Trying to set up cheap HTPC...need a little help.

    If you need a video card that is cheap I would say the AMD 5450. They range $20-$30 bucks. Sapphire has a passive cooled model that i use for less noise from fans, and less power used. I've used mine for ~3 ish plus years and it's great. Looking on newegg you can get the Sapphire card for...
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    Metal Slug 3 to be released on steam!

    pre-ordered and can't wait!
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    Debt-Ceiling Shutdown Will Close Some Gov’t Websites

    I'll have to look into this for the next election. Thanks for the info.
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    Debt-Ceiling Shutdown Will Close Some Gov’t Websites

    The only thing I can say is this: I don’t vote because this is what happens…. We vote in complete retards that tricked all the voters that did vote for them. I almost think of them as suckers for falling for it. (For those of you that do vote I’m not trashing on them/you...
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    ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 ROG Motherboard Giveaway! Week 2

    I would have to say the ssd secure erase. I use nothing but ssd's so making sure everything is erased is a great feature!
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    WTB: i7 2600K or 2700K

    What are 2600K's even worth these days? I have been debating on rebuilding something a little newer and I have a 2600K.
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    WTB: 2600k

    Are they really worth much? Edit: Are you just looking for one or for a "cherry picked" one?
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    The Guys Who Made YouTube Are Striking Out

    I second that!
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    Senate Passes Internet Sales Tax Bill

    This is what I was wondering myself. I live in MI and sales tax here is only 6% but I know other states are 7-8% and some states have 0% sales tax. I think Montana doesn't? I could be wrong and something i heard. But hell if so I see a lot of Etailers setting up shop there to keep customers...
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    House Passes Controversial CISPA Cybersecurity Bill

    sigh... tax dollars hard at work.... If it fails they will put it through again and again and waste more and more money when they could probably do something more beneficial that might i don't know help the country?? my two pennies.
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    Bought two Sapphire Radeon 7970s 3GB OC with BOOST --- Running too hot?

    I have the same card (but only running 1 of them) but I've Oc'd mine to 1.1ghz on the core and mine has never seen above 65C I can sometimes get it into the low 60's. So the only thing I could think of is break out the Dremel and put some slots in the bottom of the case and if you need too...
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    Borderlands 2: Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack

    I just can't wait to go home from work today and play! I stopped at the end of the game because of the level cap and I didn't play any of the expansion as well because of it but now that it's out it's time to start it back up! I pre ordered the game and season pass but held out for the level...
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    Windows 8 Still Behind Vista In Market Share

    I know the feeling there. Everyone i know that gets a new laptop freaks out because they don't know what they are doing and want XP or 7 loaded on it so they can use it again.
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    Monitor 30's sound like junk on X-Fi Titanium

    You don't have them wired in a bi-wire or bi-amp config do you? i bought the Monitor 30's for my brother and he had the speakers sounding like crap, or underwater or as you put it "in a plastic box" i disconnected the wiring from both ends and then re-wired them up, made sure all EQ environments...
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    Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 Chassis

    It kinda reminds me of my Corsair Carbide 400R case in a way
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    Titans already on Ebay for 1600 USD

    It could be a good lesson for Ebay as far as keeping a better eye on whats being sold on Ebay. It is protected by the buyer protection so if you did buy one I am assuming that if you got a fake titan that's really a 660 or 680 (or hell a plastic box) you could file a claim with Ebay and get...
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    Students Hurt By The Digital Divide

    I'm pretty shocked too, i started it in school when i was in 2rd grade! but then again that was 1990 (IIRC) and a lot has changed... Schools today are leaning way to far onto technology to teach kids. There are schools in my area that are giving all students laptops, Ipads ect to do their...
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    GALLERY! Show off your HTPC!

    What TV stand is that?
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    HTPC / PVR / BD MKV's

    My current HTPC setup is HTPC > Receiver > TV Via HDMI I use a ATI 5450 which supports HDCP is this the same thing? Also WM7 is Windows Media Center on Win 7? too many acronyms out there sorry!
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    HTPC / PVR / BD MKV's

    I'm still waiting on my BD player to arrive (lame fed-ex shipping) and a few other parts just yet to build my new HTPC. If WMC is going to run Infitni TV better then XBMC 12 RC3 then sure I'll just use that. I should of mentioned that my cable provider is Comcast (my options are limited and...
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    Controlling my HTPC...

    Nope not cheap. I grabbed a MCE remote for the IR receiver (chucked the remote) and a Harmony C300 remote (they are cheapest and not as full of features like the others are) I think I'm into my setup for 65 bucks. but again you get what you pay for. I use Event Ghost to launch certain...
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    Mozilla Reveals Firefox OS Developer Phone

    and repeat... so true though I will admit! I read that and laughed.
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    Study: P2P Users Buy More Music

    I'm a huge down loader of music I won't lie, but at the same time I've come across so many "haven't made it big bands" that are awesome and i pick up their CD or any big name band, if your CD is good I'll buy it, if it sucks guess what it sucks and I'm not wasting $15-$20 bucks on over priced...
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    looking for a new tv, around $500

    I was reading that best buy was having a 25% off on some of their TV's for the super bowl. You could probably find something in the 500 range I'm sure. I was looking at a $1300 Samsung that with discount is $899 but that was a 55" LED LCD. If you look smaller I'm sure there is one in the 500...
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    HTPC / PVR / BD MKV's

    Interesting. maybe i will look into larger file storage to hold larger MKV's. If i can have really nice quality rips I'd rather pay the extra money for that in hard drives honestly.
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    HTPC / PVR / BD MKV's

    Thanks for in input. So i would be better off putting the blue ray player in my main rig to cut some time off from it? And i can use Make MKV to rip them then compress them down with Handbrake. That sounds easy enough. I'm at work or else I would dive into the tutorials but I'll leave that...
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    HTPC / PVR / BD MKV's

    I am rebuilding my current HTPC to something a little more powerful / updated. (I'll be posting a build log when all the parts arrive and I have some free time to build it) But I want to ask some questions before I purchase some key parts of it. I am looking to build a HTPC with a Ceton...
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    HTPC sound quality question.

    Ok I got it figured out and working correctly. I had to uninstall the current driver and use a older 11.14 driver to allow me to set my sound up right. Sounds great now!!
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    HTPC sound quality question.

    Right now I am just at my desktop trying to get the sound to run back in 5.1 instead of two channels.
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    HTPC sound quality question.

    Yes I normally run HDMI but as I look at it now I'm only running in stereo (fronts only) with no option for 5.1. Also I am running windows 7. So if I right click on the speaker on the task bar and select play back devices, right click on AMD HDMI output and select configur speakers that's all I...
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    HTPC sound quality question.

    So I have an odd question. For my HTPC I use a Sapphire 5450 512mb video card and run my video and sound via HDMI to a Yamaha receiver. When playing back movies that have DTS or DD 5.1 and I change XBMC audio settings to DTS, or DD or anything other than analog the video play back pretty...
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    UPS: Leave A Package, Steal A Package

    I can totally agree with you there. USPS is the slowest delivery service out there. I just ordered some software off newegg with their 'Upgraded 2 day shipping" so you get your package by the 24th but I got the tracking info later in the day and it was handed off to DHL who is going to give it...
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    UPS: Leave A Package, Steal A Package

    Simply wow. This is the world we live in....
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    Great price, and great performance!!!