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    POLL: Largest SQL Table

    In a perfect world... where companies/users don't suddenly decide they need all sorts of crap tacked on after design and implementation has been finished for many months, most of the talent has gone home, and they've filled the damn thing. Heck, even the multi-million dollar package I've been...
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    Executing 1,000's of SQL Updates

    I would figure the same thing. Last I checked those Progress databases had a nifty GUI you could feed these things into, plus a command-line utility to run scripts. Anyway, by a batch query I simply mean distilling down all those queries into a single one that affects multiple tuples and/or...
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    Raptor Hds?

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    FAT32 Data Recovery

    There's really not much you can do once a good chunk of the data has been overwritten a few times. Your best bet would be to try another software package or two and then call it quits unless you want to send it out to a recovery specialist. There are a few more things they can do, but it will...
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    RAID with a WD Raptor 74GB 10k RPM

    The FAQ and its contents are your friend:
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    hard drive "clicks" and pc restarts......

    The click is the drive resetting itself. Could be a variety of things causing this, can't say much more without a better description of the noise.
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    hdd question ?

    Aside from making sure there aren't any massive stashes of temp files or crud in your recycle bin, see how large your pagefile is. Windows has a nasty habit of not adding it into used space calculations in certain circumstances.
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    Executing 1,000's of SQL Updates

    Creating a stored procedure is an easy way to speed things up since the statements are then stored in a precompiled fashion in the DBMS. All your client will do is call them and provide input data, then wait for returns. This can be problematic with so many statements if they're all doing...
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    ST373307LW SCSI pricing

    Refurbed equipment will carry a big "REFURBISHED" sticker on it, and resellers need to tell you that the equipment isn't new. OEM drives do not necessarily come with a one year warranty. The term "OEM" only means the drive doesn't come with a box and accessories that come with retail drives...
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    16x SATA RAID card

    As near-line backup or an archive server it wouldn't be too bad, but you wouldn't catch me throwing a database or high-load SMB/NFS server on it. Of course if the budget is really tight, maybe, but nothing mission critical.
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    16x SATA RAID card

    And 64MB of cache to support it all.
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    ST373307LW SCSI pricing

    Provided you're seeing 80-pin hits mixed with 68-pin hits, the $160 versions are probably sold without warranty, or with a significantly reduced warranty. This is fairly common practice in the world of SCSI and you need to be alert to it. Some years ago I was sold a drive with a 1 year warranty...
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    POLL: Largest SQL Table

    This is a database in development for some time. There are only a handful of tuples because of that; it really sucks having to migrate data safely when schemas change. Anyway, in the next month or two, this table will be broken up into a couple other tables, in the never-ending quest to please...
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    IT School

    The building boom is going to pop. Too few non-residential projects from business & government, too much competition for building materials from other nations, increasing interest rates, gas prices keeping commuters closer to jobs, and longtime residents getting sick of watching this half of...
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    New system, no budget...

    With 2k or 2k3 server you can enable PAE and use more than 4GB. Applications are limited to less than this, but on a whole it works quite well.
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    Quandary - user input fails on heavy load (SCSI RAID)

    I would have said Windows exploder first, but since it's working fine for transfers off the ATA units, this is not the case. Check for new firmware and drivers. It also could be a resource conflict of some sort, but it sounds a little fishy for that.
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    Suggestions for small input mic

    I asked a related question about 6-10 months ago and didn't get the information I needed. What I'm looking for is a simple microphone to use while playing games. It doesn't have to be fancy nor crystal clear at all ranges. All I need is a mic that hooks over my ear, has a short boom to the side...
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    New Storage Array

    Play nice before people start spending some time in the corner.
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    Apple Expo Paris - New iMac G5's

    Post some quotes. And remember, we're dealing with major OEMs with warranties, not barebones systems or parts.
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    SQL key question

    Aside from a DBMS-specific issue, you probably also might have a unique index on one of those fields, a PK restriction, or a non-null restriction on a field. There's a lot of stuff these things hide behind GUIs and -isms.
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    Which is better

    The performance deltas are nonexistant, really. You get a thinner cable that can fall out and drives that are physically not any faster than their PATA counterparts (actually, most still use onboard converter chips). Don't forget about potential driver drama, either.
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    New Storage Array

    It's not supposed to be seen, period, as it's inappropriate content for the forum. Not every post gets read, so these things do slip by occasionally.
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    SATA - onboard or pci card ?

    This is a fairly open topic for debate. There are several schools of thought on this, and here's the most commonly accepted one. The common definition of software RAID is where the system processor is used to provide all or a majority of the RAID functionality. On higher RAID levels this means...
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    SQL key question

    Foreign keys do not require mapping to unique indices or primary keys. If they did we'd be screwed on n:m mappings, forcing the database to do a brute-force lookup in the intermediary table with no help from an index.
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    New toy, free from University

    AIX has come with RS6000s for years. Buy an overly powerful workstation/server, get the overly powerful OS for free.
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    New Storage Array

    Most of the big-iron systems are clusters of multi-TB arrays. They've broken the ground here, you can learn from their experiences. ATA defintely doesn't do it for me. Solaris 64 supports multi-TB devices & filesystems, as do a few other proprietary unices. But since you're doing this on...
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    Noob Mail Server - Suggestion?

    I hate web configuration. It's not natural.
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    New Storage Array

    There are plenty of DFS alternatives out there. That many terrabytes in a single array is a bad_idea^2 on x86 & ATA.
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    Good unix apps for an older ibook

    Use fink if you want all those X11-based apps. It's the OS X equivalent of the FreeBSD ports tree.
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    Noob Mail Server - Suggestion?

    Sendmail has too many holes and bugs for me to have faith in it. Qmail doesn't implement some functions and also has a goofy config style, but it runs like a diesel when you get it going. Postfix... I dunno, played with it a few times, crashed it a few more, gave up and moved on. It almost hurts...
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    so my hard drive decided to go into the butt mode

    All the manufacturers have issues, Western Disaster, Quaxtor, IBM/Hitachi, Fujitsu, Seagate, etc. Moving up into enterprise product tiers will improve quality but your out of pocket cost also goes through the roof. However, I still think the hidden costs associated with consumer units such as...
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    HD Build Quality: Old vs. New

    Data storage is driven by cost, plain and simple, just like the rest of the industry. People don't really care if quality drops, as most will never know what quality means as far as computer equipment goes. All they know is that most stuff occasionally breaks, it just won't happen to them. The...
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    Noob Mail Server - Suggestion?

    Complete bitch to learn, easy after that.
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    so my hard drive decided to go into the butt mode

    Leave computers be. Opening them up and fiddling is just asking for trouble. About 1/3 times I run into problems after playing with their guts, be it a loosened wire, a PCI card being nudged slightly, or whatever else.
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    Dell 670 Precision Workstation (Dual Xeon)

    Try google,, and the Dell forums. Dell's support has always been scripted and incapable of responding to intelligent questions. They really need to provide a purchase option for no support and/or a different warranty. I cannot, in good faith, recommend people purchase support...
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    SATA cable connections "wimpy"

    Do your systems ship on pallets or individually?
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    SQL Condition Order

    Depends on the DBMS you're using. If it's worth its salt the integrated query optimizer will do all that for you, developing mulitple access plans and deciding which is the best. Some still don't do this, so I hand-optimize my own SQL based on left to right execution. That may be old-school, but...
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    Enabling UDMA Mode 6

    Download a SMART utility like ActiveSmart and see what mode the drive is in. I've seen windows report all sorts of garbage values for DMA & PIO modes over the years. Most recently the machine I'm using at work reports in windows as PIO mode 3. Checking it with SMART utils shows it to be in UDMA5...
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    so my hard drive decided to go into the butt mode

    20th? It might be time to start investigating other avenues like bad power, be it in the form of a screwy PSU, old wiring in your home/building, or consistent low voltage on your service. Don't forget ESD and others, too.
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    SATA cable connections "wimpy"

    The vast majority of users will have someone in a Dell/HP/whatever sweatshop plug the cable in once and never touch it again. SATA cables can handle that just fine and it will probably even save the manufacturers a half-cent or two in production costs. Remember, the market isn't built around...