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    Is The R520 Too Late?

    I bought my 6800gt / Athlon 64 3400+ Clawhammer computer last July, and I plan to keep it 2 more years, so a total of 3 years. Once college starts (2007), I will build a new computer for vista.
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    Freezing Problem

    Would it make sense if the same psu worked on a 1.6 ghz athlon xp (old old one) with an asus board? The only new things I have are a gigabyte nforce 3 250gb socket 939 /w a 3000+ venice. Would the new set up use more power? I also noticed my old motherboard /w the pre-barton athlon xp doesnt...
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    Freezing Problem

    Sometimes on boot up it freezes also, but it still seems like power instability.
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    Freezing Problem

    Ive isolated the problem. Whenever I put a cd in the cd drive (plextor or lite-on), and it starts spinning, the computer locks up. Maybe PSU problem?
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    Freezing Problem

    Specs: Maxtor 40 gig 7200rpm -3000+ A64 Venice -GIGABYTE GA-K8NSC-939 Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce3 250Gb -Stock heatsink, Arctic Silver 5, idle temp of 30°C in the bios. -ATI Radeon 9800 pro -1gig corsair xms Ok, so heres the problem. I just did a fresh install and the computer works for the...
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    Best bang for the buck?

    That card would be perfect, it can play doom 3 with high settings, and most likely wow with everything on high. You could check around for some benchmarks at, or the doom 3 benchmarks here on hard ocp.
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    3000+ Venice+Gigabyte Mobo Q

    This new AMD based system is for my cousin since he is still using a athlon xp 1.6 ghz, but he already has a 9800 pro and corsair xms memory so all he needs is the above. Im sure this setup wil greatly increase performance, thanks for all of the help.
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    3000+ Venice+Gigabyte Mobo Q

    Will I be able to overclock this using this motherboard: to 2.0 ghz without upping the voltage?
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    Leadtek A400LE Geforce 6800LE

    Yes, its 256 bit, I would believe it would atleast have the same performance, but better when you unlock the pipelines (assuming you do).
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    7800GTX VS. X850XTPE...stock on AM3

    Its surprising how close the x850 actually is though for an older gen.
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    Post Your OCed 6600GT, 6800GT and 6800

    I can do 400/1100 stable on my leadtek 6800gt, but, is it bad for my lcd screen when it flickers during the coolbits test or when it finds the max overclock?
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    Which 7800GTX is best

    Leadtek, gigabyte, too bad theres not bfg though =)
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    Could this the THE "Ultra"???

    Agreed, but it does make sense that it would be an ultra, otherwise they wouldnt make such an extreme breed of air cooling.
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    6800 Ultra to 7800GTX

    Im waiting until next gen, it seems like my 6800 gt runs everything perfectly fine, and you can still have everything on high. Current setup: s754 A64 3400+ Clawhammer, 1 gig Corsair XMS 2-2-2-5, SB Audigy, MSI K8T-Neo, etc
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    How many spare video cards do you have lying around?

    I have a spare Geforce 4 ti4600, bought back in the day when it kicked extreme ass and was $400 =)
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    x850xt pe vs. 6800gt

    Yes, the x850 xt pe is better.
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    BFG 7800GTX and BF2 Stutering

    Turn off dynamic shadows. Worked for me on my 6800 gt /w 1 gig of corsair xms 2-2-2-5, athlon 64 3400+ clawhammer.
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    Burned by PNY, twice over

    I hope not... I get a power surge like every week.
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    PCI-E vs. it really worth it?

    Yes, no reason to switch just to have the pci bus, unless you want sli or a 7800gt as stated before. I have a s754 Athlon 64 3400+ and a leadtek 6800 gt based machine I built last july, and it would be pointless for me to switch and expensive as well =)
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    Burned by PNY, twice over

    I had a PNY Geforce 4 Ti4600 (back when it owned) that died on me for no reason whatsoever, but, however they DID give me a replacement card because it was still under warranty. My mom still has her Geforce 3 Ti500 (for officework on an old machine) from PNY and it hasnt had one problem, so im...
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    7800 GTX SLI or X850XTPE SLI

    I agree, that would be EXTREMELY hilarious to have ATi crossfire work on sli chipsets...
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    Upgrade recommendations (from 9800PRO)

    The 6800gt is a big jump, I went from a 9800pro-leadtek 6800gt and it helped ALOT, maybe even close to double the performance. And yes, the X8 series is ATI's competing serires. Either way, if you do get an x800xt, or a 6800 gt, youll be set..
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    Leadtek 6800 GT and silencer 5 tests and conclusion.

    Yea, I agree, an 80 mm fan would be perfect for that heatsink on the leadtek. But, when you take off the screen and place fancard directly below the card it takes your max. load temps and idle temps down by alot.. You could take off the plastic shell and it would even be better, but I dont...
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    Leadtek 6800 GT and silencer 5 tests and conclusion.

    I idle at about 49-50 with my screen off and a vantec spectrum fan card directly below it on the lowest fan setting.
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    What's normal core temp for a 6800GT?

    I have a leadtek 6800 gt /w the fan screen off, a coolermaster praetorian case /w a custom installed side case fan, and a vantec spectrum fan card under it and it works like a charm. 49°C idle, and a max of 72-74°C or so load. Also I have the pci slot below the card open and the one above it open.
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    Sound Problems

    Ok, so I have an MSI K8t neo, leadtek 6800 gt, audigy 1 platinum, 1 gig of corsair xms xl, and a 3400+ athlon 64. My headphones are the surround sound zalmans. The other day I was watching a paintball video, and suddenly, my right ear phone goes out. I have un installed/re installed drivers...
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    Leadtek 6800 GT

    I use a Coolermaster praetorian, /w 4 case fans: 1 on the front, 1 on the side, one on the top sucking out, and one on the back sucking out. My PSU is a 480W Thermltake with two fans, And I have a vantec below the card. Its not the quietest machine, but you cant even tell with headphones on...
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    Leadtek 6800 GT

    I think you have to take the heatsink fully off to take the plastic cover off =( I saw someone else on here that did it, forgot who. Also, after doing like a 20 minute HDR demo I get about 8 celsius less, instead of 10, which is still pretty good. I image if you take off the plastic cover...
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    Leadtek 6800 GT

    I did not take off the plastic cover, but I did take off the dust screen, and put a vantec on the lowest setting below it. My load temps dropped by about 9-10 celsius, and my idle is at about 46 now, at ultra speeds. Much better airflow around my vid card.
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    Leadtek 6800 GT

    Yea, my card idles at about 51-52 at ultra speeds, which is good. But im thinking, the leadtek full copper heatsink is massive, and has a lot of surface area. If you put a powerful vantec below the leadtek, and removed the plastic cover on the leadtek your load temps should drop by 5°C or more.
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    Leadtek 6800 GT

    I do own one, and I believe it has a 1 year warranty, can anyone confirm that for me? Also, I am planning on buying a vantec spectrum fan card, to put right below my card. I would take off the plastic cover that covers the copper heatsink so it would fully expose the heatsink, allowing more...
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    WD 80 Gig

    I did a diagnostic and everything went fine.
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    WD 80 Gig

    I notice just the kicking sound at startup usually.
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    WD 80 Gig

    I have a Western Digital 80 gig hard drive /w 8 mb cache, WDC-WD800JB-00FMA0. It makes a "kicking sound" when it boots up, and a few days ago my screen had all of these wierd colors all over it that appeared all of the sudden, so I just restarted and everything worked fine. My temps are all...
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    AMD 64 bit CPU temp

    Yeah, on my 3400+ with my zalman cnps7000 all copper I idle at 30 usually, load at about 41
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    5700ultra or a 9700pro

    9700pro is similar to a 9800 pro in pipes, but less clocks I believe.
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    6600GT AGP, which one?

    Try and get ahold of a leadtek
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    AMD 64 bit CPU temp

    My Athlon 64 3400+ claw runs at 30 C idle...
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    Why get a 64-bit proc?

    No, winchesters are in 939 only.
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    9800 pro to gf 6800....should i do it????

    What kind of Cpu/ram do you have?