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    iiyama LCD - anyone have one?|1|0|0|0|0|0|2|3|634 this is the product link from iiyama's website of the 17" lcd i was thinking of getting. product specs are as follows: Panel = tn wide angle Diameter = 17" Contrast Ration = 350:1 Brightness = 250cd Response time = 25ms...
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    Iiyama monitors

    are they any good?
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    Klipsch or Logitech

    i currently have Klipsch ProMedia 2.1s and i love them but the speaker cables keep coming detached from them - theya re lose or something. anyway i shall be returning them to Best Buy and i can select a new pair of speakers for under 200 dollars. so obviously, my choices are to get another...
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    Build Your Own laptop???

    okay, so i stand corrected. i had no idea that they went to these other companies to have them build them. so now, i want to know where companies like winstron and clevo get their parts?? and how come these aren't available to the general public? to get a laptop that is good and that you...
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    Build Your Own laptop??? looks like a laptop to me do they just order from someplace and resell? i was under the impression they built stuff
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    Build Your Own laptop???

    The following companies build their own laptops. IBM Dell Gateway Hewlett Packard Alienware etc. etc. etc...... And now my question is, where do they get all the parts to build notebooks???? If tehse companies can order enclosures/guts/etc., how come we can't?
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    Best Ram for an Intel O/C'ing

    go to the intel website. you can pick a certain motherboard taht you want by them, and it will provide links to all kinds of information of that board - not just the general stuff like how many IDE channels it has and stuff like that, but also instruction booklets, lots of research papers...
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    Intel 875 Chipset

    Does this chipset support 400 fsb bus speed? Some boards with thsi chipset only support 533/800 while others support 400/533/800, I wonder why?
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    DFI Lan Party Problems & More

    i have an antec 400w power supply. everything is definitely getting enough power with that. the case i'm using is that popular style made by chenming that everyone else makes copies of. mine is not an actual chenming.
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    DFI Lan Party Problems & More

    2 months ago I bought the DFI Lan Party Pro875 motherboard. This board looks really awesome, has lots of features, is jampacked with extra goodies, overclocks great, has the 875 chipset and supports 400 fsb, and is basically just a great board. Too bad mine lasted only a month. For no reason...
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    Clear Acrylic cases

    I'd like to get one. I've checked out and and i like the Frozen Acrylic ones cuz they are nice, but i really can't afford this (i have 60 dollars to spend, theres is 70 dollars) anyone know any other websites selling these, or manufacturers making these?
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    PS2 versus USB?

    what's the difference? what's better?