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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    Yep I got the same, roughly same delivery date. Manufactured in July.
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    2209 vs P2310H

    2209wa is probably the best bang for your buck monitor you can currently buy, and arguably one of the best gaming monitors out there. There is no comparison in the $200 per monitor price range imo.
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    Which HDTV to use as monitor?

    What does 240hz do that 120hz doesn't already do? Jack up the price? I would think 240hz would create artifacts, which would cause more harm than good. It is supposed to get rid of "jitter", which 120hz should do already, anything that is a multiple of 24 does this. 72, 96, 120, 240...even...
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    The anger of UPS and display's sent through them

    Yeah there are some crappy delivery men (and women) out there. Some just have poor handling skills others just leave things on the front stoop. My current delivery guys ding-dong ditch. They drop the package on the step, hit the doorbell and walk back to the truck. By the time I get to the...
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    Which HDTV to use as monitor?

    Basic browsing, or basic usage really kinda sucks on larger screens without higher resolutions. If you are farther away it isn't so bad, but if you are close it is no fun in my experience. I would get a 30" monitor with 2560 x 1600. Then buy a less expensive TV with the remaining money. Or...
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    2209WA is EOL. any alternative for it ?

    I ordered my 2209wa on the 11th and it arrived today according to my wife. Under 2 weeks isn't too bad, of course YMMV. Also check around for coupons, when I ordered there was a 20% off, that I believe has expired now.
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    My friend is having problems with his 22

    Does he have another monitor to test the computer with? How about a TV?
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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    There is a link on the previous page, and yes there is no panel lottery on the 2209wa that I know of. As far as how much you will get for your 2007, I guess it depends on the condition. I also seem to believe that the 2007wfp had a panel lottery on it as well, and if I remember right the VA...
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    Refurbished NEC 2490WUXi

    Buy a 2209WA from Dell directly if you are worried about a warranty. I ordered on the 11th of this month, and am projected to get it tomorrow or Friday (Fed ex says tomorrow, Dell's site says Friday). I don't know what sort of coupons they have going on right now, but when I ordered there was...
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    Running into a problem, was wondering if anyone knew how to solve this?

    Are you 100% that you have the screen you want it run on set as the primary? Go to Nvidia's control panel, go to the display tab, then the set up multiple displays option. On that screen option number 3 is the option you want to pay attention to.
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    Help choosing a 52" LCD. Stuck between two models!

    I went TV shopping a while back and and did personal tests on a lot of TVs, stores hated me. Most of the time Sonys and Samsungs were among my favorites. I never found a Sharp that wowed me. Toying with a TV in a store of course isn't the best way to test it, but it is all you get beyond...
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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    Well I ordered August 11th, and it's estimated delivery is August 21st. Not too bad of a wait at all, granted YMMV.
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    Dell 2010 Product Line

    And possibly the one after that. I guess I should hold out until an affordable SED screen hits the shelves. Or a holographic float screen, whichever comes first. :p
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    Need advice...Samsung 23" vs Hanns G 24.6"

    I wouldn't buy from Newegg as their monitor return policy is one of the worst online. I am not familiar with the 2 you mentioned, but I would be kinda skeptical on both. The Dell 2209WA can be bought for a bit over $200 depending on deal. It is probably arguably the best monitor for the price...
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    Monitor connections Help

    The tricky thing is, you need to find an HDMI switch that can handle 1920 x 1200 resolution. I have 2 HDMI switches in my setup, and only one handles 1920 x 1200, the other only supports up to 1080p. This one handles 1920x1200. I know it says it only supports 1080p, but I am running 1920x1200...
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    Multi-monitor placement question - what do you do?

    Just keep in mind that if you have TN panels that viewing angles kinda suck on them. IPS and VA also lose accuracy at angles, but slight deviation don't make as big of a difference on them compared to a TN. But my personal preference is to have one directly in front of me. Tilting my head to...
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    LCD Monitor or HDTV?

    Using Pythagorean Theorem, 48" x 36" = 60" , but that is in 4:3 specs. Being that all larger TVs are 16:9 you will need a bit larger than 60", maybe even like 65", or you can just look at the dimensions of the sets. A 63" Samsung I am glancing at Note that includes stand, and border which is...
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    Best 24 inch under $400

    What do you plan on doing with this monitor?
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    Best 24 inch under $400

    A buddy of mine got it for just under $400 with a coupon a while back. Doesn't look like there is a coupon now, but maybe in the future. Otherwise you either will probably need to look at used/refurbished monitors, or TN panels. It all kinda depends on what you need or want to do with it.
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    $100 LCD: Acer X193Wb 19" -- Thoughts?

    Whatever you get, don't buy it from Newegg. They are a fantastic site, but their return policy on monitors is one of the worst on the internet. Try Amazon, or going into a Best Buy and buying one.
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    How good is a Dell 2007FP?

    What is the question here? You got a monitor for free, then coming here for input on it? Plug it in and turn it on and look yourself if that is the case. Everyone's eyes are slightly different. What may be a beautiful picture to me, may be different for you. Granted monitors/TVs aren't as...
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    Dual Monitor Issues

    You didn't try my advice and go through Nvidia's options and disregard the Windows options.
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    Dual Monitor Issues

    Are you right clicking on your desktop and clicking on "Nvidia Control Panel", or getting into your Nvidia control panel however you get there? If not go that route, the Windows option isn't really necessary in this case. There are many options in there you can mess with, the one you...
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    If Apple's not the best...

    Every monitor has it's quirks though. If you get a TN viewing angles suck, well some are tolerable but many leave much to be desired. VA has higher input lag compared to the others. Yes the screens are getting better, but there is definitely still issues with most of them. Even the higher...
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    Upgrade from 22" (Samsung 226BW) to 24" - Input needed

    What do you want to do with your new monitor? Also, what is your price range? I know the 226BW is one of the better gaming monitors, especially for it's time. There are some decent 24" monitors for gaming, but compared to the 226BW you may notice some lag here and there. I haven't used it...
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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    Haha it's all good. I figured that was the case, companies releasing models too similar in name to where their sales reps get confused is generally a bad idea. It is more unfortunate for you, although you did get me excited for a second with the prospect of that deal :p . I guess it could...
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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    I am wondering if the guy ordered the S2209W, on accident and Jason just misunderstood. It does have a list price around $150. I ordered a 2209wa today. With the 20% off I got the order down to ~230 shipped, and the current estimated shipping date is October 14th. Kinda hope it comes sooner...