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    Changed out CPU... now computer's hooped.

    Maybe I was on crack last night when I typed that. It does run a little warmer, but not that high I'm pretty sure, since I don't run the Volcano at 100% because it sounds like a jet engine... freakin loud abomination!, but ya, I'm pretty sure it was never that high - anyway, I'm looking at...
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    Changed out CPU... now computer's hooped.

    Thanks guys, the BIOS upgrade worked...... only now I'm getting an annoying, beeping alarm from the system warning me about the CPU heat levels. It's not overclocked right now, and I've got a Volcano fan on the CPU, yet the PC Health monitor in the SoftMenu says the CPU is sitting at 90* for...
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    Changed out CPU... now computer's hooped.

    <in my best radio announcer voice> I coming to you live through the parents' computer right now..... *shudder*.... P3 550MHz & Windows 98... </in my best radio announcer voice> This is kind of long winded, but any help would be appreciated. Ok, So I just picked up a new Intel 3.0EGHz...
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    Clear plexi pipe to use from case door to CPU fan?

    Thanks guy. I'll look into it. I figured there should be something around here that could help me out, but I had no idea what to really look for in the Yellow Pages.
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    Clear plexi pipe to use from case door to CPU fan?

    I'm looking for a clear plexi pipe that I can rig up to my case door, so I'll have a direct feed of fresh air going straight to the Volcano on my CPU. I'm not looking for something like Thermaltake's angled duct, or even one of those sub box ports..... just a straight, clear 80mm setup that I...
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    Looking for this...

    Do you mean the Orac3 case by G-gnome, that's featured on Bit-Tech's site? I know he used those kind of plugs anyway. Look in Chapter 3 for those plugs I think you're talking about, but I figured I'd add all the chapters: Chapter 1: Chapter 2...
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    CC ripped from scanner as case light

    For some reason - after looking at my scanner a few times in the past - I'd have thought those things would be a lot brighter. I kind of like the look of the white, but personally, I guess I prefer a little color. It's kind of like water..... it's a little plain for me - I need some "flavor"
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    The works....Beware 56k-ers High-Res images

    No kidding man.... damn! Tha'ts some awesome wiring you've got in that baby! ;) Wiring really isn't that tough. I'm no wiring genius or anything, but as long as you can hide them behind the MB, the MB tray or even around the edges of your case, you're pretty much set. As we say in my 3D...
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    Looking for a few specific guides online...

    i can't remember what Bit-Tech has on their site (been a little while since i looked at their articles), but ya.... check there:
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    Painting drive face question....

    I doubt you'll find a dye to match glossy paint. On my comp, i have a plastic front bezel, and the dye matched the bezel perfectly (yes this was a fluke most likely, but whatever - I'm not gonna complain, right?). Your next best bet would be regular old spray paint. it'll take some time, but...
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    Painting drive face question....

    Ya, it's spray on vinyl dye.... similar to spray paint, but I found it to be quite a bit thinner, and more forgiving - PROVIDED THAT you use multipul, very thin coats. Then main benefit I found with dye, is that you don't have ot prime the surface - only clean it off well with some rubbing...
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    Painting drive face question....

    Ok, I've dyed all of my drive bays black and all, and they turned out really sweet. The thing is, I still have to do the volume dials, so they aren't sticking out like sore thumbs. They can't be removed from the board, so how do you guys go about painting these things? Do you just tape...
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    Tutorial for mouse and keyboard LED modding?

    The mouse LED is super easy. Just make sure you don't lose any pieces, and you're good to go. I'm not bothering with this keyboard (spllled a beer in it over Xmas - OOPS! :D, plus, it's already got green LEDs for me), so I'm gonna look at a better on in the spring when I finish school. On...
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    WORKLOG: Project Hideout 2

    That's looking damn good. Now I want to do something like this!
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    No case to mod - Going insane.

    ... and then there's me right now. I'm sitting beside my case, it's all torn apart (well the panels are off it anyway), and I'm stumped for what to do next. My digi-cam's out getting fixed, so I have no pics for people, but so far this weekend, in addition to the things I already had done...
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    recommend some good quality UV lights?

    I'm picked up all of my stuff (Dual CC's, fans, IDE cables, etc) from ADPmods, and I'm loving them so far. If I remember right, the brand name was "Sunbeam", but they give off a very even light (IMO) when placed with one at the top and one at the bottom of the case. Keep in mind that are...
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    Frosted windows

    depending on how big the piece you're frosting is, why not just take a chunk of fine sandpaper and a sanding block to regular piece or plexi? (The sanding block will make sure you get an even surfave, with no valleys)
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    question about faceplates of SB Audigy cards

    I thought about dying it, but I want to be able to see the labels for the ports.