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    Dell GX280N $258 - BTX, PCIe x16 Free Shipping

    Same here.... decisions decisions.
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    refurb Sapphire x700 Pro 256MB @ newegg for $117 shipped

    Aww yeah, just the thing that I was waiting for. Finally something cheap that I can slap into my cheapo dell server box.
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    Any of you following this Patriot Scientific lawsuit?

    I just saw this reported over at Ars today, and I couldn't believe that AMD actually threw their hat into this. AMD Backs Patriot Scientific What your guy's take on all of this?
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    Ipod, does it worth the money???

    I've got a Dell DJ and I love it. My brothers both have Ipods, and thought I should have a portable MP3 player too and chipped in together and bought me one. I couldn't be happier. I think the interface is far more intuitive with being able to add songs to what your current playlist contains...
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    my clean shuttle

    Thats a SN85G4V2 alright. Check it. Shuttle's site.
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    sn85g4v2 come with ICE?

    The only problem in installing an ICE in another computer would be managing to get the plastic mounting bracket that the pressure clip ...err clips on to. From what I remember it is mounted directly on the motherboard, around the processor. If you don't know what I am talking about, I can...
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    HOT! BBA 9800 Pro 256mb Retail $233 SHIPPED @ Newegg

    I just bought this card last week from newegg and recieved it yesterday. We had an extra XT cooler laying around on account of my brother water cooling his rig. I slapped that XT cooler on and flashed it as per Rojakpot's article last night and it is successfully running as a full 256MB Radeon...