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    AT&T And Verizon Defend Data Caps

    There is a cap but it's so high that you'll have to try and get on their radar before they contact you. I believe it's 10 Terabytes and up per month for several months before Verizon will send you a letter asking you to stop or face disconnection for violation of TOS.
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    GameSpy Shutting Down Services

    This one can't be right. BC2 was released in 2010 and uses EA's 'Plasma' backend server.
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    Undercover Cops Selling Stolen iPhones

    Good! Lock those scumbags up for knowingly buying stolen property :)
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    Intel NIC driver optimization?

    Set Interrupt Moderation to High to gain a little more throughput. It should be in 'Advanced' or 'Performance Options' depending on your Intel NIC model.
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    Looking for a 32GB (4x8GB) 1.5v kit. Don't bother suggesting Corsair

    I've been using the G.skill Ares Quad-channel 4x8gb 1866 F3-1866C10Q-32GAB kit for several months now in a workstation with high utilization on a 3930K. I've lowered the speed to 1600 and dropped timings to 9-9-9-24 at stock 1.5v and it's been serving my needs beautifully. I did a 36 hour...
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    NSA Targeting Domestic Computer Systems

    Interesting. Do you have a source? I'd like to read more.
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    NYPD: Searching Online For ‘Deranged’ Gunmen

    I felt bad for laughing :)
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    pfSense 2.0 since release update and appreciation thread

    Is the State table manually adjustable? Or does it automatically adjust based on the amount of installed RAM? I'm running something that steadily runs in the hundreds of thousands of connection states and this is the only concern I have before upgrading to 2.0 from 1.2.3. Anyone running 2.0...
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    Who is tracking me and how do I stop it?

    Yes this works great.
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    Verizon to Swap Unlimited Data Plans for Tiers

    FUD much? :rolleyes:
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    I'm pulling 20 megaBYTES per second with WNDR4000N

    Ditto. The Asus is supposed to have a whole gig of memory which should support a huge NAT table = no more rebooting because torrents/steam server list has crashed your router ;)
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    Pay More To Reach Download Cap Even Faster

    I did ~15TB last month on an ISP that believes spending billions on upgrading their network is worth it. Comcast can go diaf.
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    With ATT getting ready to add data caps..

    I participate in a voluntary distributed internet crawling uses a bit of bandwidth :eek: :D
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    With ATT getting ready to add data caps..

    Right on. It will break down traffic per download and upload amounts by every 4,16, 48 hours, 1 month and 6 months. There is also an option to view traffic per machine if you need to see who is using the most bandwidth in the house. Visual:
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    College Student Sues FBI Over Tracking Device

    10/10 excellent trolling sir!! :cool:
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    New Headphones - Static/noise when connected to my PC

    I've got a pair of AudioTechnica ATH-A500s with the same case. I get the same low static noise from the front audio port but nothing from the rear port. I'm guessing it's the motherboard or powersupply transmitting interference across the unshielded front port cable(s). I use the rear port but...
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    New hard disk too slow, what's wrong?

    Download HDtune and run an error scan. Also check the S.M.A.R.T. tab for drive analysis/diagnostic info.
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    Anyone using SmoothWall, m0n0wall or pfsense here?

    I'm using pfSense on a dedicated rig(2.5ghz dualcore, 4 gigs ram, 40gig HD) and its configurability(is that a word?) is great :) I researched all the various routing solutions and decided on pfSense and glad I did.
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    New hard disk too slow, what's wrong?

    Check DMA settings. (Control Panel/DeviceManager/IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers Uncollapse then right-click each ATA channel, then Properties, Advanced settings. Confirm DMA mode is enabled and not PIO mode.
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    Man Arrested Making YouTube Video

    It's not absurd when there are race tracks you can take your car to and do 140mph without endangering other peoples' lives.
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    Verizon Grabs for Internet Speed Crown

    Newsgroups and a project called Majestic12 :D Combined I go through roughly 15TB a month :eek:
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    Verizon Grabs for Internet Speed Crown

    I'm on the 50/20Mbps FIOS plan now and I'd jump to get on the 150mb plan. My current line is completely saturated as is.
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    About how often does Java issue updates? (suspected rootkits)

    After you think you've cleaned ever last trace of virus/malware, check this program often for suspicious network activity TCPView If you see outgoing connections when there are no programs running that need internet access check your system again(note: this process is a little tedious because...
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    Download TCPView Basically netstat in a pretty interface. You can sort by remote outgoing connections to see what is being sent out.
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    pfSense and Wireless Adapter

    Ah gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up, it's useful to know in case that option is needed in the future.
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    pfSense and Wireless Adapter

    I can release my IP and get a new one after waiting a few minutes. However, successfully pulling an IP from Verizon only works if the router(pfsense or verizon issue) has the original MAC from the router you had when you first subscribed. The default pfSense MAC is refused an IP by Verizon. This...
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    Is FiOS better than Comcast?

    I've had Verizon FIOS for over 2 years and usually go through a terabyte of data every 48-72 hours. Not a single complaint all this time :)
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    pfSense and Wireless Adapter

    I'm using pfSense with Verizon FIOS on a 50/20 line perfectly fine. Have you tried spoofing the MAC address from your Verizon-issued router? I had to do that in order to get pfSense to cooperate.
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    Firefox: This Connection is Untrusted

    Make sure your PC clock time is right.
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    Seasonic M12II-620 PSU Drawing

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    Recommend a mousepad

    I just bought a func series 1030 surface mouse pad and absolutely loving it. It's double side so you can flip to the rougher or smoother side. I bought mine from a custom website that makes the mousepad according to your specifications(both sides rough/smooth/combo)...
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    New 5850 - strange bfbc2 issue

    I forgot where I read it but supposedly there's a possibility that when using multiple oc'ing tools(afterburner, ati tools, etc.) simultaneously the game stutters. I wish I could remember where I read it so I could link it here.
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    XFX 5850

    I've been looking for a reference XFX 5850 for weeks and just found one from a thread in Hot Deals: Reference XFX 5850(ZNFC) - $276 total after Bing cashback :)
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    XFX Thoughts

    I've owned 3 XFX 8800GT's over the last 2 years, one went bad but the RMA process was excellent :)
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    Best Graphics Card Upgrade EVER

    Ati x1650pro -> 8800GT 512mb
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    Accelero S1 compatibility 9800GT

    Yes it will fit a 9800GT. I switched mine from my 8800GT which I had to RMA and received a 9800GT back. It fit just fine :) edit: I read too fast, mines was a S1 Rev. 2, not sure how big of a difference that is.
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    Need good gaming Monitor for GTS 250

    a thousand times this.