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    Portland Sues Uber For Operating Illegal, Unregulated Service

    The same way that having sex with your GF or wife isn't prostitution ;)
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    Canada Is A Magnet For Pirate Sites

    And that's per household, once in a lifetime thing......... Now send your lawyers up here to fight for $5k
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    Is my motherboard fried?

    Normally wouldn't hijack a thread, but the original OP seems to be done with this one. I have a similar situation with the Classified system in my sig, son was playing a browser game on Xmas eve, the comp black screened and he rebooted it, then it did it again and never restarted. It appears to...
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    This Pizza Cost $750,000

    More like a collectable, walk into a store with a rare quarter worth $100,000+, and you have 25 cents to spend. But certain retail outlets, both online and physical, have been accepting bitcoins for a while now...
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    Do you have an HTC One?

    Thanks for the info, I will look into them when I get back. I'm just heading to a 5 day music festival, and looking forward to trying out the camera in low light conditions, which it apparently excels at.
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    Galaxy S4 and HTC One can be converted to Google Editions (restrictions)

    Gizmodo UK reports that the HTC One is getting 4.2.2. as of this morning
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    Do you have an HTC One?

    Picked mine up Saturday. I didn't like Sense at first, but being a minimalist at heart, it's not too bad. I never turned on the feeds to blink feed, and it knew not to have it as the home page anymore. My wife and I both had Razr HD LTE's, but smoked the screen the other day, so it was easier to...
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    Apple Finds Underage Workers After Labor Audits

    The biggest saving is in the lack of environmental laws, and the low taxes. Labour was always used as a scapegoat to justify the cheap offshore manufacturing. That way they diss the unions, rather than openly admit to polluting the fuck out of the environment and not wanting to pay their fair...
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    Entire Cities Dead on Some World of Warcraft Realms

    They should have waited for Dec 21st for this hack :D
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    Win 7 30+120 day evaluation

    Thanks, I'm giving the GF the i7 Comp in my sig, and don't want to use her copy of XP on it, but if she wants it back (XP) I don't want to be out an OEM version of 64-bit Win7. She's getting use to W7 when she is over here, I'm just not sure if she wants it 24/7
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    Win 7 30+120 day evaluation

    Can you still do this if you have an original install disc ? The last threads I found on it through Google were from 2010-2011
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    Need an XFX HD7950 !
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    Which v.card for 2560x1600, with older games ?

    For compatibility with OGL, I agree. The original Unreal is another game that is tough/unplayable on the ATI/AMD cards. I never mentioned the budget, as there wasn't one, if I had a use for 680's SLI, I'd have them. I did consider the 560's, but the ones available around here were about twice...
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    Which v.card for 2560x1600, with older games ?

    I agree, once I knew what to look for I was comparing the 6850/6870's, and they were stronger cards, but I could only get used around here, and they wanted $140+ for them, and no warranty. If I do get into gaming again, then I have enough games to catch up on that this will hold me until the...
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    Which v.card for 2560x1600, with older games ?

    Came across the 7770 in sig at a local B&M, $113 with taxes in and a $15 rebate card. With in game settings maxed @ 2560x1600 Lost Coast benchmark runs @ 190 fps, so I'll be fine if I do find the time to game again, thanks
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    lol.. thanx sapphire.. new 7950 is about 1 human hair to long to fit in my case

    For space and value, the CM 690 with the top docking station has been very good to me. I see them on sale for $70-$75 at times. Can hold a H100 with 4 fans, and I had the XFX 7970 in there with the Accelero, but I had to remove the top portion of the drive cage
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    Which v.card for 2560x1600, with older games ?

    Thanks for letting me know which range to look into, I can research what I need and find a sale from here, I just needed to know where to start
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    Which v.card for 2560x1600, with older games ?

    I've always been using upper end over the last 20 years, but I no longer find myself gaming anymore (getting old!). So when someone offered me a good price for my HD7970, I sold it, and through in an HD5450 I had laying around. I now have another use for that card, and since my mobo...
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    Could a 'Printable Gun' Change the World?

    Check the timeline at the end of the article, in 1969 they had a plastic Austin Mini piston that could survive 20 mins of use, so assuming 2000rpm in the test engine, that would be 40,000 fuel vapour explosions before failure, and that was over 40 years ago !
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    Could a 'Printable Gun' Change the World?

    I was thinking the same thing, after spending thirty years in manufacturing. But then I remembered back in the 80's-90's there were working prototypes of plastic/polymer Indy/F1 engines, and yes the cylinder bores and pistons were made of plastic ! Possibly water cool the barrel from the back...
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    Is 2GB the min for 2560x1600?

    I tried 7800GTX's on the original 3007, but 256mb in sli didn't cut it, the 7900GTX's were a lot better with 512mb, but that was with minimal AA and 2006-2007 games
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    Dell U3011 coming soon.

    You should try a different cord before making a decision !
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    Radeon 7970 crashing my computer?

    What seems to be the case in 95% of these situations, ne logs of crash, no BSOD's, happens on the web, etc, etc. It's flash player, plain and simple. Go to [H] front page, right click an animated link, and turn off "use hardware acceleration". I had it on my 6970 and my 7970, but the solution...
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    Radeon HD 7970 into GHz Edition by bios

    So from the short list of people who have tried, there is success with the Diamond and Sapphire's, but no luck on the XFX reference cards
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    Pirate Bay Founder Fined For ‘Continued Involvement’ In The Site

    His Mom's mansion, car, pool, jet, few people will actualy check the title whether it's "his" or his "Mom's", and the one's that do....will see that the possessions are his "Mom's" :D
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    XFX 7950 Double D excessive temps

    My XFX ref. card artifacts at 1150mhz at default volts (1.175) adding max voltage (1.3) only gets it to 1175mhz, in 6 months it has never crashed or black screened, but thos are the points where it artifacts. I changed the cooler, and temps never exceed 50c. Although I know of someone with an...
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    Which monster 680gtx to get? 5 Choice Poll

    I have no issues about using the Accelero, all the vrm/ram heatsinks you need, removeable if needed, good instructions (needed to download though), and the bonding material takes 24 hrs to cure. Looping Heaven at 50c on the GPU, 67c on the VRM's, no need for fan profiles, just set it at 80%-100%...
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    Which monster 680gtx to get? 5 Choice Poll

    If it were me the inconsistencies of the Asus Direct CU's in both the red and green camps, I think I'd pass on those. So out of the bottom 3: If it were not for the connectivity of the Galaxy, that would be my pick hands down, unless 1300mhz is common on all 680GTX's, $15 wouldn't enter in...
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    Xeon Phi with 50+ cores in production in 2012

    Where have you been ?????
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    So when are AMD's new cards coming?

    It will be a Turtle, but with flames painted on the side ! j/k, I have no idea !!
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    8x/8x for 2 7970?

    There is a thread somewhere on this site, that had some testing, both here and with someone over at extreme. It has been awhile since I read it and the details are sketchy, but it was someone who gets featured on the front page for his builds. He de-bezzles his LCD's and recently the 900 series...
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    7970/7950 user experience?

    Single 7970 here, and I haven't had any major issues, although I wouldn't go CFX at the moment
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    GeForce 680 & 670 vs. Radeon 7970 & 7950 Gaming Performance @ [H]

    From my experience, it was far more pronounced in the CRT days, and it seemed that ATI had richer/deeper colours. Sort of like comparing high end plasma to high end LED TV's, some like the more "natural look", others like their image to "pop", it's subjective.
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    Potential 7970 overclocking strategy

    Good luck ! What I found testing with the Heaven Benchmark, and the stock cooler at 100%, was 100hz on either the core or memory provided the same 1.1-1.2 fps gain on Heaven. Too make sure that it wasn't heat related, I then added the 7970 Accelero, and my card performed exactly the same, except...
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    what is wrong with amd

    The only other thing that I can think of, based on your previous diagnostics, is the HDMI audio driver. I've read about there being conflicts with certain HW combinations using Realtek onboard sound.
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    what is wrong with amd

    He can't believe you posted that without reading the first post !
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    what is wrong with amd

    If it always happens on YouTube, then the issue is most likely Flash based
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    GTX 690 owner's experience

    +1 No shit !
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    what is wrong with amd

    I've seen this with various drivers on single cards going back to the 4850,5870, 6970, and my 7970. When I was googling for a solution, I found it in an Nvidia related thread (googled by the BSOD #), so it's not manufacturer dependant. For each of your browsers, open the front page on [H], right...
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    7970 WindForce numbers

    Based on the results that [H] got with the same card, I'd say you have an issue. I'd pull the side off the case and retest it, to see if it's the card or the enviroment. iirc [H] was in the 50c range with this card, my Accelero keeps my card below 50c. Your card tops out at 86c, but your feeding...