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    e6600 upgrade to sandy or go amd?

    Personally I might just keep my e6600 forever
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    Integrated GPU a Waste??

    Without any good excuse to buy decent computer hardware and construct a new machine, it isn't very fun to buy. These new Intel chips aren't about squeezing as much performance out of the die area as possible, and I can hardly blame Intel. There is very little incentive for them to greatly outdo...
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    Windows 7 Family Pack $133 w/ Free Shipping

    so if you can use upgrade versions of win7 for clean installs, what is the point of the more expensive full versions?
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    Will more than 4 threads be useful for gaming within the next 3 years?

    I know that for things like video encoding more cores is good, but for the average user, is there/will there be any benefit within the next few years? I am not sure what the point of 8 threads is whether we are talking about nehalem i7 or sandy bridge. Also, what are the benefits of having 4...
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    New Mobility Graphics: Why only 128 bit bus?

    Well I am well aware that gddr5 makes up for half the bus width, but I guess it just seems to me like it would be sweet if they kept the 256bit bus and used gddr5. Seems to me they're way too concerned about battery life and heat but I guess that's what they think people will pay for. Evidently...
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    New Mobility Graphics: Why only 128 bit bus?

    I fail to understand why AMD and Nvidia are (according to wikipedia) crippling their best mobile graphics "solutions" with nothing greater than a 128 bit bus. Wasn't the entire reason that the desktop 4870 was so nice because it combined gddr5 and a 256 bit bus? I don't understand what the...
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    The Q6600 is a beast

    E6600 3.6 since November 06 and the computer has been running basically 90% of that time. Need to replace the cruddy fans on the case cause they're starting to make noises but the chip has been worth every penny
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    Intel Westmere 32nm & Clarkdale Core i5-661 Review @ [H]

    My conclusion is that basically there's zero reason to be excited about one of these new processors compared to an i7 920 for $200 from microcenter I could have had a year ago
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    Galaxy - 8 weeks of Free Video Cards @ [H] - Week 8

    This is not Warcraft in space!
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    Do I NEED to overclock my i5?

    If you're looking for someone to tell you that you don't have to, you're probably in the wrong forum. You don't NEED to but there's not much of a reason NOT to except if you simply don't have time to learn how to do it properly and to set up a stable OC (and it isn't that difficult) If you have...
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    i7 920 Retail $199 no rebates Microcenter

    great deal, but so few locations :(
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    Is it just me, or have we come a long way?

    it actually slightly worries me maybe people just care less about pc gaming period these days :(
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    Technet subscription deal - $100 off - MS threw us a bone?

    I don't get it wasn't $250 the deal they were harrassing us constantly on our phones to renew? That's way more than the $99 I paid for last year....
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    Intel X25 80GB SSD $285 Shipped @Newegg

    Why on earth would you want to use a ssd for storage? What a waste!
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    **OFFICIAL MSI 975X Powerup Edition Thread**

    because this is such an old motherboard and no longer fully supported, how am I supposed to find appropriate network drivers for windows 7 x64?
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    $995 i7 975 cpu at ewiz

    maybe he was thinking it was $975 for an i7 "995"
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    HOT! 8 Hours of Classical Music $5.99, "100 All Time Greatest Classical Masterpieces"

    you could either get 166 of these or an i7 975 :)
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    Worth getting 4GB RAM?

    any suggestions for a 2x2gb ddr2 kit to replace my 2x1? specs in sig $45+ seems like a lot of money to spend for 2gb more of outdated ram in mid 2009.
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    Vertex 60 GB $179 AR/FS

    this is good!
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    OCZ Vertex 30gig SSD $119 *free shipping & Linksys WRT54G2-RM $22.99 (refurb)

    zzf had the same drive for $108 or $98 ar shipping was free for me too. Says deal expires 5/22 and I was about to recommend it but it also says oos :X I guess that means these things are really in demand, and that the market is just about set to take off!
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    $99 Technet Subscriptions?

    so I guess the consensus is don't wait for another amazing $99 deal, just renew for $250 ?
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    Can you tell TN from S-IPS?

    It's tough to know which picture is which considering that I don't know what an original, perfect image would look like. For instance there are definite color differences in the first photo. Is the sky actually blue or is there more of a thunderstorm coming? If the sky was more clear when the...
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    SOYO 24" DYLM24D6 Official Thread

    update: one more stuck pixel appeared after about a year of use. Fine other than that though :P
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    cheap new drive for win7?

    alright thanks for all the advice guys, it seems that [H] loves the vertex so I'll check it out. I'm currently using xp 32 and will likely move to win7 x64
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    cheap new drive for win7?

    Okay so I want to try out windoze 7 rc, but I don't feel like partitioning either of my drives so I am thinking just buy a cheap third drive and then I can have: 1.5tb for storage 250gb for xp and programs new drive for win7 os So I was thinking hey maybe I can get one of those 32gb ssd drives...
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    Is this yellow or orange?

    I don't get it, it's clearly orange. Definitely not yellow.
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    EVGA GeForce GTX260 Core 216-55nm $149.99 AR @ eWiz

    why does it say "DDR3" memory
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    Are you going i7 or not?

    what's the difference between option 2 and option 4?
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    NOD32 anitvirus $19.99 free shipping

    is this thing any good? I wouldn't want to pay any money unless it's the absolute best antivirus/spyware available
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    texting and no monthly fee

    Is this possible? I don't know much about phones or phone plans but what I do during an average month is: -talk very few minutes, very short conversations mostly of the 'I'm here, open the door' sort -send maybe 50 texts -would like a plan that lets me use a decent phone that can do the...
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    Non-TN screen with low input lag?

    the stand looks fine to me. who the heck uses portrait mode anyway? :confused:
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    HDTV $99

    That's the only thing I'm annoyed about, really. Just be honest about it! So much for dell supposedly having amazing customer service
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    HDTV $99

    one thing I don't get is why the item didn't become unavailable once enough purchases were made to exhaust the stock quantity it seems like they didn't deactivate it until they realized something was up, after thousands of people had purchased sometimes two or three of them It would be a...
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    HDTV $99

    I don't mind if I don't get mine.
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    HDTV $99

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    HDTV $99

    unfortunately there seems to be a ton of hope here gonna be a lot of disappointing email checks in the morning
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    HDTV $99

    oh sorry I sorta skipped from page 2 to 7 :D
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    HDTV $99

    The product you have selected is not currently available for online purchase in the segment you have selected. Guess Dell finally figured it out
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    HDTV $99

    purchased one like 20 minutes ago. I need a tv!
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    Intel 1H 2009 Roadmap

    I don't really see what you mean. You asked why everyone isn't happy that intel isn't releasing any exciting new products anytime soon, and I gave a common sense answer. It's unfortunate cause the transition from core 2 -> i7 was nothing like the p4 -> c2. If you really can use the i7 now...