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    EVGA GeForce GTX Titan X SC

    How loud is that card>? Putting together a build for the living room, and looking for something decently powerful without a ton of noise.
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    Wanting to get a 1060 for 1440p instead of a 1070, a lot of naysayers though.

    1060 is fine, you just have to be ok with turning things down. 1440p is actually pretty demanding. Still a few games (Watchdogs2, Ghost Recon:Wildlands etc..) i turn things down in to get 60 fps with a 1080ti (thats at 3440x1440 instead of 2560x1440, but still close).
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    R6:Siege this weekend.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

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    AMD Raptr Game DVR now supports Crossfire and nVidia 600/700 series

    Here are the issues with raptr: If you stream to twitch it will disable crossfire (fire up BF4 and give it a try). In fact if you want to stream BF4 (in crossfire) to twitch you currently only have two options: (1.) Action! version (the newer version 1.20.2 broke it) or you can use...
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    Watch Dogs AMD & NVIDIA GPU Performance Preview @ [H]

    Well I managed to get rid of stuttering. Had to go to straight up crossfire instead of trifire on my 290x's and the frame rate is still pretty low for the system I am throwing at it. 50-60 fps which is playable and now I can enjoy the game which is actually kind of fun . Still though if it takes...
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    AMD Catalyst 14.6 Beta

    Mantle now works in crossfire with thief: with 1440p and maxed settings my results are: Direct X Mantle (photo from ipad sorry for quality) Notice the huge increase in minimum/max and average frame rate That is a 17% increase or so.
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    Watch Dogs AMD & NVIDIA GPU Performance Preview @ [H]

    Reinstalled the game on my ssd, reinstalled the new cats, disable page file completely and removed crossfire. Now it's a solid 45 fps at 1440p on ultra 2xmsaa. A stuttering mess a for me with tri fire though still.
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    Watch Dogs AMD & NVIDIA GPU Performance Preview @ [H]

    My PC gets 14060 in fire strike extreme and a solid 130 fps minimum at 1440p ultra in bf4 and a solid 120fps in crysis 3 ultra and gets anywhere from 90 fps to single digit fps in watchdogs....
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    Watch Dogs AMD & NVIDIA GPU Performance Preview @ [H]

    I just don't comprehend why even with crossfire disabled and res set to 1080p using no aa and mhbao I am still getting game breaking stuttering. 4 gig 290x card check, 12 logical core i7check, 32 gigs of ram check, page file off check, catalyst 14.6 check....and turning on crossfire makes it...
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    Watch Dogs AMD & NVIDIA GPU Performance Preview @ [H]

    Im running 32 gigs of 2400mhz, so I dont think that is it.
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    Watch Dogs AMD & NVIDIA GPU Performance Preview @ [H]

    I am running 3 of the 290x's @ stock and a i7 4930k at 4.4ghz with 32 gigs of ddr3 @ 2400mhz on windows 8.1 and catalyst 14.6.... yeah my results @ 1440p are not even remotely this good or rosy as this article makes it seem, and I am not the only one. We are talking random single digit...
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    From time to time it has been broken. But I essentially agree, it really isnt that much worse than every other BF game since 42'. Especially the netcode, it's always been wonky one way or the other, it's just how BF games are.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    BF4 and getting wife to the bar game.