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    Water cooling over hyped ?

    Anand tech has always been biased ,leaning towards air . You want max OC custom water loop. thats my two cents .
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    Commodore Rocks...Because I Said So

    Makes me sick .This place is Known for not pulling punches or kissing anyones backside!
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    Commodore Rocks...Because I Said So

    If you read the article instead of acting like girly boys you would've noticed Kyle had said the pr person had gotten personal first, then he handed him his ass.the [H] has lost it's hardness !
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    FS: Core 2 Comp

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    My Adventures in Parallel Water Cooling

    If you are happy with the other aspects of your coolant I would suggest an anti foaming agent of some sort.
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    So I heard gurgling noises coming from my Aquagate...

    uh Ranker, As long as you aren't name calling I for one welcome your input. you to Arcy.
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    Bubble trouble

    Well it was something I'd read, it was a thought. Happy fourth
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    Bubble trouble

    here's an idea i've read about here ,get a long zip tie (wire tie )and put it in the tee line . the zip tie has to be longer than the tee line . all you need now is time .the bubbles will travel up the zip tie and byebye.might take a couple of days. no muss no fuss
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    Laing pump failures

    Dear Mods , Please don't lock this thread as I for one am curious about how many [H]ers have experienced DDC failures .
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    TJ07 + PA120.3 + PA120.2 = Photos of my version of this.

    That is totally cool seen some nice riggs and yours is right up there with the best!! great work and thanks for the pics.
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    Hard Lined

    The first time I was exposed to the idea of water cooling a pc was Maximum PC. They had a pictorial / how to ,And was all copper tubing:eek:
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    Study Reveals Payola in Online Tech Coverage

    That article is like me saying to you, I know something you don't . Then walking away.thats just fucking dumd !!
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    Aluminum and copper in the same loop...

    my bad , thanx Madmat
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    Aluminum and copper in the same loop...

    Shoggy, a quick question. What is the thermal characteristics of Alumina Ceramic?Is there an additional performance hit with the aluminum block? I'm not flaming or being rude just curious. thanx
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    AGP club

    count me in powercolor 9600 pro bravo edition
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    Lack Of Mac Malware Baffles Experts

    Naw.. malware scum are enthusiasts and they want more bang for their buck .or they never heard of Macs
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    What's the oldest AMD chip you still run?

    XP 1900+ olden but golden
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    Who still uses Socket A platform in their main rig?

    Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe,1900+palomino,512 kingston,radeon 9600, plays,Far Cry@medium settings. Just got materials for unlocking proc. and bonnivile heater core.waiting to get waterblock and pump,Better late than never
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    Stable Socket A motherboard that supports SATA Raid?

    they have anice selection @tigerdirect i have an assus a7n8x deluxe ,but i've had it quite a while and damn if i can find one now .the soyo caght my eye though and if i remember right it had pretty good reviews best of luck.
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    linux programs

    google gimpshop,have not tried it but photo's aren't my cup of tea :)
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    Watercooling in PC-60 / 6070

    I'm with parish on the jigsaw .in addtion painter tape the shoe of the saw and high quality blade in the saw .lowest speed setting, let the saw do the work .I do architectural sheet metal for a living and custom copper work in kitchens .if you practice first and go slow you might have aline...
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    Laptop Experiences

    My wife has a compac presario x1000 going on 2 yrs. now still going strong never any problems