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    150gb Raptor as OS drive

    K sweet, since I am a gamer and I hate map loads, the 640gb aaks will be my choice then. Thanks for the help. /close thread
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    Replacing components in ipod mini with CF and new battery

    sweet Now time to look for an ipod mini..
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    Replacing components in ipod mini with CF and new battery

    Does anyone know how to replace the microdrive of the ipod mini with a compact flash. Also replace the battery with a new one? I don't have one currently but if someone knows how to i might get one. Currently I have a 1st generation 2gb Nano with a broken screen, how hard is it to replace the...
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    150gb Raptor as OS drive

    I have enough money for the velociraptor, I just didn't want to spend $300 for an OS drive, is it still worth getting the velociraptor and just doing a partition for the os? and the rest of the storage for games, and I can keep my Seagate 1tb for storage in place of the 640gb aaks.
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    150gb Raptor as OS drive

    Is it advisable to do this or should i just partition a 640gb drive for an OS? or any drives that is faster at $170 or less than the raptor.
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    Camera/Text msging phone under $400

    K, Thanks for the tip!
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    Case to hold 16 hard drives?

    I'm in for the group order.
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    FS 30gig MP3

    PM sent, Would appreciate to see some pictures.
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    1 VRaptor - Best Solution For Gamers?

    Are the Single 320gb platter drives faster than the 640? and Isn't 320gb a bit too much for an OS? or putting 2 320gb in a raid 0, and partition 60gb for the OS and leave the rest for normal storage, is that a good idea?
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    Camera/Text msging phone under $400

    Okay, my mom is planning to add another line on my brother's plan to make it a family plan. I'm going to get a free phone from AT&T and then buy a really nice camera phone. But the thing is the camera phones that are grabbing my attention are the ones made by Sony Ericsson. I would get the...
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    SLI Bridge

    K thanks for the info. Will purchase one of these as soon as possible.
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    Thermalright IFX-14 in Antec 900

    ah k, I'm from Dumarao. Hmm, I should just buy it and see if it fits in my LL PC-80 armorsuit.
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    Thermalright IFX-14 in Antec 900

    I guess no one has tried this combo:/
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    SLI Bridge

    Does the SLI bridge matter depending on the company that made it? I have 2 EVGA SLI connecters and their the solid plastic type. If i switch to the 4.75" Asus SLI bridge will it still work or no? If it does work regardless of the company that made it I might get this...
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    Geforce GTX 200 launch on June 18th

    Oo something i could ask for as a graduation present!
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    Thermalright IFX-14 in Antec 900

    Can this Heatsink fit inside the antec 900? also if it does which 140mm fan would you recommend on getting? Thanks, Mark
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    What sites to buy at for Heatsinks?
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    Coolermaster Elite 340 with H20-120 Compact

    can these cases fit a 8800GTS g92 or a HD3870?
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    Rate build around Antec 900

    this is a new build.
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    MY CSS RPG/DM/SURF server

    Come play! Also how if anyone knows how to add RPG admins, can any1 tell me? Thanks, Mark
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    Rate build around Antec 900

    If you have a different idea on this set up tell, because i am going to order this monday after school.
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    Rate build around Antec 900

    So I am about to order the parts for my new build which is around the Antec 900. This will replace the family pc. Also it will have liquid cooling just for the cpu and north bridge. CPU: Motherboard...
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    Project S-D

    That thing looks like it could take several shots from a gun at point blank range. and damn would be scary to get pissed and punch that case and end up hurting myself.
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    Best Budget X38 Mobo

    I am looking for the best budget x38 mobo for over clocking of the Intel Q9450 CPU. I am willing to spend up to $220 on this motherboard. I am hoping that the board can support up to a 3.6+ghz overclock but will run a 3.2ghz overclock 24/7. If possible, supports DDr2 RAM, with a Single PCI x16...
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    Hot swap for 3.5" in a 5.25" bay

    anyone know of my 2nd option?
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    Hot swap for 3.5" in a 5.25" bay

    I am looking for a Hot swap that fits in a single 5.25" bay that can hold a single 3.5" Hard drive. Also it should be able to handle the speed of the new WD 640gb 16mb Cache Sata drive. I found this one, but I don't know if it can use the full speed of that HD...
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    Post pics of your Antec 900

    hey keep up the volume, which fan mounts did you use for the hard drive cages since i see 3 there, I tried to use the stock one but my hard drive was sticking out a bit too far.
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    Antec 900 Question

    The antec 900 build i have in our family room, is always set to high fan speed with the stock tri cools. There not that loud unless you think 28 decibles is loud. I got used to it and don't even hear it anymore. typing this sentence created more noise than the fans.
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    Thermalright HR 07 Fan Mount

    I am going to get the TRHR07 as a heatsink for a new pc build. The 4x2gb isn't as great as i thought so I am going to take 2 sticks and move em to the new pc build soon. Well back to the subject: I want these...
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    External Enclosure For Dvd/CD drive

    I have a Sata Internal 5.25" CD/DVD drive, whats the best external enclosure for it?
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    should the South bridge and Mosfets be liquid cooled also or is not really needed at all? If so I might liquid cool a new pc im building for the downstairs.
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    Vigor Gaming TEC CPU cooler

    So i have to hook up a liquid cooling system for this?
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    Vigor Gaming TEC CPU cooler

    Ah k cool thanks guys!
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    Vigor Gaming TEC CPU cooler Does anyone have experience with this TEC cooling? Also is there a chance of water condensing with a TEC cooler? If this type of cooling is just as efficient as Liquid cooling I might just use this on the cpu on a new planned...
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    Tremeloes Silent Cube V350

    Jeez you make the pictures look better than the ones the companies take.
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    Is "ABS Tagan BZ800" a good PSU?

    If NCIX lets you use the discount coupon its only $176+ shipping.
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    Is "ABS Tagan BZ800" a good PSU?

    I really like this, i have the 700watt version. If you are planning to buy it i will give you a $10 discount coupon code.
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    My Skulltrail/Dual Harper Build...

    Where did you get those SLI bridges?
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    Flexible SLI bridges

    ones I am looking for should be about 4-5 inches because I'm building a new pc around the antec 900 case. and I heard that SLI with the Zalmans Vf1000 Heat sinks, the stock sli bridge has trouble getting over these. I could go with the TRUE Heat sinks for the VGAs but I don't know if they fit...