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    RGB LED SSDs are Good for Gaming

    RGB absolutely improves the gaming experience, so much so that I'm now partially removing the green marker rings on my old CDs and adding in blue and red. The audio quality improvement is astounding.
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    GeForce RTX 2080 Ti FAILS After Gaming for 2 Hours @ [H]

    Sending thoughts and prayers to Kyle's 2080ti.
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    MIT Publishes Self Driving Morality Survey Results

    Spare a dog over a criminal, and a criminal over a cat. That's funny. :LOL:
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    Walmart Patents Shopping Cart Biometrics Handle to Monitor Customer Health

    Judging by the average size of your typical WalMart shopper, I expect their response team will be very busy at first - that is, until they get a good baseline read of their customers. :D
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    Tick Tock - #BeForeTheGame

    I searched "2080" on Newegg and this was the first listing. I wonder how much smoother Tomb Raider runs on it.
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    Tick Tock - #BeForeTheGame

    I never attend these kinds of things, and this is the first time I've been bored enough to watch one, but I've never seen so many hoodies / unbuttoned button-downs / sports jackets over nerdy T-shirts in one place in my life. My wife likes to say I'm a nerd, and I always have to remind her -...
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    Alt Radio Station WFPK Utilizes VR to Allow Fans to Experience Sold Out Concerts

    Living in a relatively small city, the choice of concerts can be fairly sparse, and the better shows sell out very quickly. If it's impossible to attend in person, either due to distance or lack of availability, I'd give VR a shot. Personally, I think it might be kinda cool to view a concert...
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    Video switch or KVM rated to 144Hz?

    Do any of you know of, or had experience with, a two-port DP monitor switch that can handle a 144Hz refresh rate? I have an Acer XB270HU that has only one DP port, and currently I'm switching cables to change between my gaming rig and my work laptop, which is a pain. The internet is pretty...
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    Now that E3 is Over...

    Duke Nukem
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    Digital Assistants Can Hear More Than You Think

    This type of capability and research was covered back in January: I don't think of myself as paranoid. I like to think of myself as a realist who has just enough foresight to extrapolate current research and...
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    All NVIDIA GeForce Cards in Stock at MSRP

    Thank God I missed it. I'm supposed to be saving up for vacation.
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    "High Definition Vinyl" Coming as Early As Next Year

    It's all about your equipment. Compare vinyl to CDs on the absolute best equipment for each, and then you can make a statement about which one has the best potential sound, and even then it'll come down to personal preference. Thirty years ago, I had the opportunity to compare them side by...
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    Furry Dating Site Shuts Down Due to FOSTA

    Having witnessed (and enjoyed) a lot of the depravity posted in the [H]ardForms, how long before it's shut down? Surely with this crowd any prosecutor could prove "foreseeable" legally-ambiguous posts. :D
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    China Using AI and Facial Recognition Technology to Identify and Fine Jaywalkers

    I'm just impressed the software can tell Chinese apart from each other.
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    Networking the Smart Office That Millennials Demand

    It self-identifies as a Cat 6, and the connector is claimed to be gender-neutral. Be warned: It's protected under federal labor laws, and any network engineer refusing to use it based solely on it's physical appearance can be sued.
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    Taking a Look Back at the GTX 680

    I just replaced my son's 2x eVGA GeForce GTX 680 FTW 4 GBs with a 1080TI, and I was wondering what to do with them. eBay, here I come.
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    Washington State Tells Ajit Pai to Suck It

    Samsung? Is that you?
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    The FCC Has Repealed Net Neutrality

    Thanks for posting.
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    France to Ban Mobile Phones in Schools

    Our school system implemented this policy a few years ago. When my daughter had hers taken away for using it and complained to me, all I said was, "Oh well. I guess you'll have to wait the 3 days to get it back." I have no problem with this rule.
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    Oregon Admits It Violated Free Speech Rights of Mats “I Am an Engineer” Jarlstrom

    Strange times in which we live, where a genetic male can claim to be a female, but a trained engineer is fined for claiming to be an engineer. I'm glad the courts employed some common sense.
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    Venezuela Announces New Cryptocurrency

    Now their currency will be as real as their food supply.
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    Supreme Court to Hear Arguments About Cellphone Data Privacy

    And all I see when I read your response is, "I have no logical or legal points to debate on the Supreme Court case at hand. All I want is to take this thread off topic just for the sake of arguing." I already made my point. I'm done.
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    Supreme Court to Hear Arguments About Cellphone Data Privacy

    The privacy I lose to those companies is the price I pay to own a cellular phone, which for me is a necessity. That does not mean I think my personal information should be handed over to anyone without a warrant or subpoena. I'm much more comfortable with our government's checks and balances...
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    Supreme Court to Hear Arguments About Cellphone Data Privacy

    But what if no crime is committed? Should the authorities have the power to demand this? Because this case obviously involves an investigation of the actual crime scene, providing appropriate probable cause for court approval should not be a problem. But what if the situation raised only...
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    Supreme Court to Hear Arguments About Cellphone Data Privacy

    The implications are much larger than acquiring cell phone location records without a warrant. The SCOTUS decision can potentially evolve the interpretations of the Fourth Amendment. Just as the courts ruled that a cell phone is essentially an extension of the home due to its extensive...
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    Luminous Colors, Stunning High Quality: HDR Has Arrived at Vimeo

    Damn, that was cool. Makes me miss the Must See Video of the Day days.
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    Sorry, Comcast: Voters Say “Yes” to City-Run Broadband in Colorado

    I was stuck with Cox Cable until the city started it's own fiber broadband, along with TV and phone service, in 2009. They had the most brilliant and timely marketing opportunity, too - I live in Louisiana, the Saints were undefeated heading into Week 15, and that week's game was being...
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    Samsung UE510 28" 4K Refurb on the Cheap with FreeSync

    Price is coming up as $300, not $230. :(
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    Critical Flaws Found in Maritime Comms System

    Also of note: Maritime includes offshore oil rigs and platforms, and Stratos has a pretty big footprint in the industry.
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    Scientists Conclude That the Universe Shouldn’t Really Exist

    Why would I do that? You packing a P320 or something?
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    Scientists Conclude That the Universe Shouldn’t Really Exist

    FTFY Turn in your Grammar Police badge and gun. :D
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    Hackers Prepping IOTroop Botnet with Exploits

    When I'm asked why our DAQ suddenly would go haywire with some wild, previously-unseen bug, I would sometimes joke that it became self-radicalized. It's strange, but there is a parallel with these IoT's, in that, similar to a terrorist recruit, they're reprogrammed and enlisted for malevolent...
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    “Geostorm” Fails to Excite Weather Conspiracy Theorists

    *showed his age* *also showed his age*
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    iOS 11 Calculator: 1 + 2 + 3 Doesn’t Equal 6

    This isn't a bug or a lapse in QC. It's an intentional design feature. Just as the QWERTY layout was (supposedly) designed to slow down the typist so the typewriter could keep up without jamming, so must iOS slow down the user so the iPhone can keep up. :D
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    It's Shocking Taint It?

    A TENS on your taint... What could possibly go wrong?
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    Netflix Executives Address Price Hike

    While I think you're missing out on a lot of great content, I agree Netflix should provide a better means of tailoring the suggested movies and allowing filters and such. And like most of the rest of the crew, my family uses and abuses Netflix, and my subscription is going nowhere soon. If any...
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    ESRB: Loot Boxes Are Not Gambling

    Paying for an unknown prize that turns out to be shitty seems no different than the grab bags at a county fair (do they still have those?). Would you classify that as gambling? Besides, if paying for something with an unknown intrinsic value only to have it turn out to be shitty is considered...