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    Data caps, Bandwidth monitoring, and more questions.

    Pfsense can do this pretty easily without any scripting on your part, and compared to a business router/switch with these features, it will be considerably less expensive . There is a built in captive portal function that will let you limit bandwidth by ip, or mac address. Bandwidthd will let...
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    Virtualized pfsense and windows home server?

    Check youtube for esxi setup and intro videos. It's pretty easy to get up and running. For the pfsense box you'll want to use the E1000 virtual nics when you set the vm up. Having a dual port nic is not required because you can virtualize interfaces on one nic. However, you should use...
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    Two WANs, one LAN... but no load balancing

    Do this. Most routers these days offer QoS out of the box, or can use a third party firmware that supports it. This will be cheaper since you won't need to pay for another internet connection, and the router will use less power than a dedicated PC.
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    Recommend a good wireless router

    Go with a refurbed netgear WNDR3700v2. You can get them for around $60-$70. Don't waste your money on an E3000. I upgraded from one of those to a WNDR 3700v2 and I couldn't be happier.
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    Can't reach my Server 2008 R2 on the network

    Don't bother pinging it unless you enabled ICMP prior to get it to respond to ping requests since it's disabled by default. Try accessing by name or IP. I have a similar set-up (win 2008 r2 with WHS under hyper-v) and they're all to date and remote access to shares using \\server name\ works...
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    Question about lag. Need some help.

    BF3 uses different physics for bullets than most games do. Bullets don't instantly hit other players or objects, they "travel" through the air before impact. Also, the health bar only shows the opposing players health at the moment he/she killed you. That;s why you still get kill assist...
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    Netgear offers some nice stuff in that price range, and they're support is really great if you buy new.
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    Need a ~$60 Router

    Get a refurbished Netgear WNDR 3700v2. They cost about $60-$70 and are rock solid out of the box.
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    Anyone see a problem with this layout?

    It defeats the purpose of having two nics in your media server, and gaming computer, if the switches connecting them have a single gigabit uplink. If you're still set on this idea of increasing your bandwidth (and in this scenario, a single gigabit link gigabit is more than enough for 2...
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    pfSense 2.0 since release update and appreciation thread

    Switching the NIC type to E1000 worked. Thanks.
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    pfSense 2.0 since release update and appreciation thread

    How did you guys get it running on ESXi 5? I can't get the nics to be recognized during setup, even if I enter em0/em1 as the interface names.
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    FS: Intel and SuperMicro Servers

    Intel sr2300 I have 2 of these servers Intel sr2300 server 2x2.8ghz xeon, 4gb ram 2x 74gb ultra 3 scsi DVD/Floppy combo Price is $350 for each server Super Micro 2u 2x2.4ghz xeon 1x18gb 3x36gb scsi 4gb ram server - $300 I have 1 of these servers SuperMicro 2u server 2x2.4ghz...
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    FS: Compaq DL580 HP Netserver LP2000R

    Two working servers up for sale (No OS Included) Local pickup only (Socal area, near the 57 & 210) Compaq DL580 G1 4x 700MHZ Xeon 2GB RAM 2x 18.2GB 10,000 RM Ultra 3 SCSI Hotswap (Onboard RAID) (up to 4 drives supported) CD + Floppy 2x Hot Swap Power Supply 3x 10/100 Ethernet Extras...
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    Xbox 360: Is this an overheating problem? *pic*

    if it's still under waranty don't try to fix it yourself. Send it in and get it replaced.
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    Should I get a WAP?

    He doesn't need the microsoft one. Any wireless bridge will work.
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    Should I get a WAP?

    You're going to need (if you don't have one already) either a wireless router or access point, and then you'll need a wireless bridge to connect to the xbox. I use a Linksys WRT54GS router and Linksys WET54G bridge and it works perfectly.
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    Comcast problem – bandwidth and pings

    Comcast probably reshaped their traffic flows in their network.
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    connecting server room to main office block!

    Fiber or a wireless ptp setup.
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    Charter Communications - Rant and Rave

    I was with charter for 3-4 years. There service wasn't that great. There was frequent down time that lasted up to 12 hours. I was also overbilled $1,300 which they wouldn't repay until I cancelled my service. So once I found out, I turned my equipment in and switched to DSL. I lived in...
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    The *Official* Post Pics Of Your Network Thread

    If you don't mind me asking, what school do you go to?
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    Home networking issue

    Try setting the gateway of the router on the bottom to the ip of the router on top.
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    What in the world could be wrong with my IE?

    I'm having the same problem. Changing dns servers doesn't work either. What ISP do you have? Verizon here.
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    Can I boost My wireless signal????

    Hit the configure button for your adapter. On laptops the power gets turned down when you aren't plugged in. You can change it to leave it at full power all the time. You can also boost the power on some router's antennas to make a stronger signal and boost range. Do this through the web...
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    How much to bid for all of this?

    If I remember correctly, the 2500 serial links used to connect the routers are also limited to 3mbps.
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    Is there a limit?

    It depends on the subnet you use. Normally most home routers are preset with, and it will allow you to connect 254 devices. Ofcrourse you can change this, but in your case this subnet is fine.
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    How much to bid for all of this?

    That's a fucking bargain in my books.
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    DD-WRT Not Installing! (WRT54GS Router)

    make sure you are using the proper firmware for your router version.
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    oxymoron: cheap managed switch

    Check out the 2700 series of switches from Dell too.
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    Gaming NIC Card only $279.99

    I'd buy that for a dollar
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    Gaming NIC Card only $279.99

    What exactly did he major in?
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    The killer has arrived.. ugh.

    Gamers are better off getting a better broadband solution than waste money on this piece of crap.
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    DSL and Network

    Thought you were using verizon for a sec. I have a similar setup at my home. Only difference being I am on verizon, and not bellsouth.
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    DSL and Network

    Ok, first thing is put your gateway as your router's ip. Open up Network Connections under the start menu. Right click on the NIC interface and select properties. Then a new window should appear. Scroll to TCP/IP and select properties. There should be options to obtain ip addresses...
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    DSL and Network

    What model # is your dsl modem?