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    Hackers Took Info On Every Current Federal Government Worker

    Better to burn those heretics at the stake who are suggesting some sort of accountability that includes consequences beyond a forced paid vacation and get back to sleep. This sort of thing happens all the time in the private sector. Nothing to see here folks, move along.
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    Thoughts On Gender Equality In Tech, Interrupted

    Good old Gender Equality. The latest event in the Victim Olympics being pushed by the usual suspects. The genders have never been, nor will they ever be equal. Both have strengths and weaknesses. The concept of equal treatment under the law has somehow morphed into equal outcomes even if it must...
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    TV Ratings See Double-Digit Declines For Fifth Straight Month

    When the time came to tighten the belt a bit and eliminate unnecessary expenses recently, cable was the first bill on the chopping block. A discussion with Charter on how low I could get the bill sealed the deal. The lowest price they would offer for barebones basic cable was $59.99 and $7...
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    Apple’s Trick for Using “As Little Gold As Possible” In Its $17k Watch

    Hopefully you live in a state that respects your right to get one.
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    U.S. Companies Are Stashing $2.1 Trillion Overseas To Avoid Taxes

    In part because: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”. It is also a convenient boogeyman to take on a walk for certain pet issues to rile up a respective base. The letter of the law is all that matters and everyone knows...
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    8 Things Anita Sarkeesian Wants To Change About Video Games

    Should have posted a trigger warning here. Many people cannot handle a reminder of this inconvenient truth and will fall into denialism mode immediately.
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    FedEx Refuses To Ship Machine That Can Make Untraceable Guns

    "Again care to share how I am wrong? How is the AR-15 more deadly now than in 1963? Lets start there." You can't reason with the unreasonable so why give their demonstrably uninformed opinion any sort of validation by responding? You will get nothing but deflections, attempts to control the...
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    In search for a good Strategy/Tactics game turn based

    +1. I'm playing through this game again and it rocks. You can crank the resolution and settings since the game is older and it looks pretty good for its age. Its all about the epic strategery anyway, but the graphics are passable. From what I've read, there is a new Vandal Hearts out on 360...
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    Any good turn based strategy games out?

    Semi-recently set out to find new turn based tactics/strategy games (need an updated FF Tactics or Vandal Hearts badly!) and discovered Silent Storm. Has some interesting game mechanics.
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    EVE Player Flags

    All standings, other than those by/towards NPC corps, are manually set by you, your CEO or alliance leadership. Say some guy keeps flipping your cans while mining. It wouldn't be a bad idea to set his whole corp red so you can glance at local and see if he has friends who can counter attack...
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    EVE, Sins or Gal.Civ II?

    I've been playing for a few years now and it has damn near ruined me for any other games :D. A few things worth noting are; The backstories are all pretty much void-fill. Basically there to get you used to the mechanics and hold your hand until you get into a player run corp with 'real'...
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    Compaq Smart Array 431, how to expand partition?

    Cool monday it is then :). I recently replaced a failed 32GB drive in one of the machines and seem to recall the array utility was pretty barebones. As an aside I have used PM on a few occasions and even though it was successful each time, it always seemed dicey for some reason. Don't know if I...
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    Compaq Smart Array 431, how to expand partition?

    From what I can tell your controller does support OCE but it appears the whitepapers section of HPs site is down right now. We have a few ML series servers at work that I can fondle monday if you can wait that long. Otherwise you could always backup the array, recreate it at the full size then...
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    I'd wish MMORPGs would go away.

    Rgr that :) I satisfy the digital crack addiction via EvE also. The problem I see is, a game that complex could never be pulled off in a single player format. And really part of the appeal for me is that its a sandbox style "do whatever you want", 23/7 pvp game. Playing with a group of...
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    Just bought a Dreamcast....what games?

    Powerstone 1 and/or 2 is a really unique fighting game. Goes especially well with alcohol and friends :)
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    Your old school favorites: obscure edition

    Blazing Lazers on TG-16 and Carnage Heart on PS1 are the first ones that come to mind.
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    New to EVE Online - Any Advise?

    I started playing about 5 or 6 months ago and have been deeply hooked since day one. I would say it takes at least a month to "get it" and even then you wont grasp the full big picture, it is such an epic/complex game. IMO, the true game does not begin until you join a corp out in 0.0 but many...
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    Hit a UD milestone, post it here!

    One million! Woohoo! :)
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    Hit a UD milestone, post it here!

    925,000 :) Cmon 1M!
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    WTT / Free to good home

    Been having serious connectivity issues @ home all weekend :mad: The RAM is all yours Crosshairs. Just send me your address and I'll try to get it out this week. I have to finish setting up a server after work but should be done by Wednesday.
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    WTT / Free to good home

    PM answered :)
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    WTT / Free to good home

    I'm using a 6800GT right now which gets the job done. The Voodoo has been mothballed for quite a while :) . I do thank you for your offer kind sir :D .
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    WTT / Free to good home

    So I decided that its best to get rid of some components that have been accumulating over the years. It would be nice if someone has a spare AXP3200+ floating around and would like to trade for any/all of this stuff :) , if not I'm pretty much offering it up for free to a good folding home...
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    software vs hardware raid

    Hardware raid is better but it comes at a cost as I'm sure you have seen if you've checked out controllers. Much better on cpu usage, you can add (larger) cache to the controllers to mitigate some of the write penalties with parity arrays, as you mentioned transplanting arrays is as easy as...
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    I've been trying! :) Think I started UD in mid-july but recently gained access to some dual-core & dual cpu machines and figured it was time to pony up to F@H too.
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    best way to build network/storage system?

    What is your budget and how much capacity are you looking to end up with? Though I have zero experience with it, what RavenD is suggesting seems to be more and more popular these days. I've also been meaning to try freenas but have not gotten the time so I'm not sure if it is a worthy option.
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    Quick RAID question

    Agreed 100% for numerous reasons. While you can add different sized drives to an array, you will only see the capacity of the smallest member. Further you would face the issue of, for instance, putting a stick of PC2100 in with a stick of PC 3200. The 2100 wont go to the speed of the 3200 so...
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    Just hit 5k the other day. :)
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    Merry Xmas [H]orde

    Merry xmas! :)
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    My friends and I need an online co-op game for PC.

    BF1942 w/ DCFX is still pretty fun in coop mode.
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    Yet again, the beast finds its way into my family...

    Even beginning one is tough for someone who isnt that active. At least, as you say, she has lived a long life and seen great things which is more than can be said for many people. I will focus some positive chi your/her way whatever it's worth.
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    Cant create a GL rendering context (?)

    Cool, thanks. I'll check out that app. It seems somewhat useless to run the gui client anyway. I mean the visuals are kind of cool for a few minutes but the "ooh ahh" factor wears off pretty quickly.
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    Cant create a GL rendering context (?)

    I got this error when starting the F@H graphical client after installing it. Wasn't gaming but the machine has a questionable v-card (ATI Fire MV 2200) which is why I figured it was not powerful enough. No biggy really, I am liking the console version so far. Should be able to throw a spare...
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    Cant create a GL rendering context (?)

    Does this error basically mean your video card isnt up to snuff? I ended up going with the console version of f@h but was curious about the cause of this error. And, ... 800K / top 10 PPD in UD woohoo! :)
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    Are there any good free or really cheap PC games?

    Trackmania Nations is free and worth checking out.
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    Choosing a Raid 5 Controller (PATA)

    You can get hardware raid 5 IDE cards but not in a 2 channel from what I can recall. Something like this offers all the features of a scsi raid controller (OCE, hot spare, even hot swap) but they are still going for around $200 on ebay. Also even though its a 4 channel, it only supports 1 drive...
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    Quick hard drive question

    When you install your new drive, you may want to consider imaging the old one over to the new one for performance reasons. The newer disk should give you a nice little speed boost if used as your c drive. There are numerous apps that will do this for you if you are interested, otherwise just...
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    Hard drive dead or no?

    You could either run maxtors disk utility or plug it into a working machine and check in the disk management section of mmc to get some insight as to what is going on.
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    why are scsi hd's still so expensive?

    No doubt about it. It is a much cheaper alternative which is why you will see trays full of sata drives mixed with those containing fibre drives in arrays from the big boys (EMC, HDS, STK/Sun). But as mentioned, they don't perform at the same level as scsi or fibre drives. Its basically density...
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    why are scsi hd's still so expensive?

    I have had good luck with buying SCSI drives on ebay but ymmv. They are so cheap you can pick up a few of them to have spares on hand. Many are 80 pin drives so you will want to grab some 80>60 pin adapters but those are $5 items. Also keep in mind the old 10K and 15K rpm drives run pretty hot...