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    EVGA no longer making GPUs!

    Crazy news. I've been buying cards from EVGA since I bought 2 x 6600GT's for SLI in 2005. Since those cards, I've purchased an 8800GT, GTX 570, and a GTX 970 in each of my subsequent builds. The 8800GT had an issue 1 year in, and EVGA promptly replaced it no questions asked, making me a customer...
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    So, what did YOU order today?

    Don't forget Eve Online which now has a native client :P In all seriousness, I am a WoW Classic player, and the fans don't even turn on with native resolution and graphics at 5/10 with the 16" / M1 Max / 32GPU model. The new model doesn't even get that warm. That is in stark contrast to my...
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    Zen 3 Launch Availability

    Mine is made in Malaysia, diffused in Taiwan and USA. I think every CPU I’ve ever had is diffused in Malaysia... my old i7 5820K was too. They have a huge semiconductor industry there.
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    Zen 3 Launch Availability

    I ended up picking up a 5900X. They had a ton in stock. I didn't think the extra $250 they are charging for the 5950X is worth it (to me) at this point. The Chicago MC also have 25+ listed on their website too.
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    Zen 3 Launch Availability

    I may have to drive over there after work today. I notice they have a ton of 5600X's in stock but no 5900/5950's on their website. Looking to migrate away from my semi-broken eGPU setup with my Macbook Pro. I noticed they dropped the price on the 10850K to $330 with a motherboard, and am...