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    What Is Your Personal Favorite Video Card of All Time?

    Radeon 9800 XT purchased direct from, built by, and shipped from ATI Canada. edit: In fact my card looked *identical* to the one shown in the link.
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    WTB:Older Ryzen Parts

    As a combo I have a 2400G with box cooler, an ASRock mini ITX B350 motherboard, and a 16GB kit (2x8) of XPG DDR4-3000 memory. Also has a Windows 10 key tied to the BIOS. $150 shipped to you. Let me know.
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    My 5950x failed after only 8 months of standard usage

    Corsair RM850x should be plenty good enough. If it were me I'd probably run the new PS with the new CPU going forward. Unfortunately in that case you'll never know whether it was the PS or the CPU - but at least you should be safe, which is all that matters. Good luck!
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    My 5950x failed after only 8 months of standard usage

    I think you said you replaced your Power Supply. I would make sure to use the replacement with your new 5950x (and hopefully the PS is decent quality). I'm worried that your old PS was bad-->failed your CPU-->you replaced the PS and ruled that out as a root cause-->but it was already too late...
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    Moving from 5800X3D to an Intel 13900K build. Worth it?

    I think your system is fine, and you don't need to upgrade. That said, we all have our hobbies. If yours is building new systems (as mine used to be) and the income allocated to the cost of the components is completely disposable, then go for it.
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    [EXPIRED] RTX 3090 Ti $999.99

    Great deal OP. I got the Zotac 3090 'deal' for $999 a couple of months ago and thought that was a good the 3090 Ti is that price.
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    Robert Hallock to Leave AMD After 12 Years

    I always liked watching him (Hallock) whenever he was on 'The Full Nerd' talking about upcoming stuff.
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    Zotac rtx 3090 @ $999 on woot

    I think everything is a POS at this point. Separately, I got my card 2 days after my order. It's been running great and I'm very happy.
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    Zotac rtx 3090 @ $999 on woot

    I bit. I probably shouldn't have - but I did it on the assumption (bet) that 4000 series cards will be in tight supply for a while. Thanks OP!
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    Windows Server 2019 Sluggish

    Hi All - quick question on the off chance some of you have run into this issue. We recently re-imaged one of our server machines - after the imaging all is well. However, when we apply the latest updates from MS, the performance is very sluggish (for example, it can take 10-15 seconds to launch...
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    WTB: ITX case that fits full size PSU

    I use the Cooler Master Elite 130 for my TruNAS box. You can get it for $64.99 from Jeff Bezos (with Prime shipping if you're a member). It may be hard to beat that price used - even if somebody has something for $20+shipping, you're going to creep up pretty close to the NIB price. That said...
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    Stephen Wilhite, creator of the GIF, dies at 74

    To be honest, I never really understood the controversy. He made it...he gets to name it. Pretty simple. As others said - another Pioneer lost. RIP
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    When will Video Card prices come down lower?

    They'll come down soon. I won the Newegg Shuffle this week and was able to grab a 3070 combo. No sooner did I pull the trigger on that purchase...right on cue...the cryptocurrency market started to fall out. I expect this trend to continue to the point where, in about 1.5 weeks, I could have...
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    Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard

    I'm surprised MS had to pay $68+ billion. Seems high, but what do I know. I do miss playing Guitar Hero on the Xbox...
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    Bill Being Pushed to Outlaw Bots From Snatching Up Online Goods

    I also hate bots/scalpers, but I don't know what can be done about it (and trying to pass some law/bill to stop it is pretty ignorant). I *could* see old-fashioned B&M being the 'answer'. Disney just trespassed a bunch of scalper resellers who were hoarding/reselling merchandise. Separately...
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    2020 Lenovo Chromebook Duet 2-in-1

    So just a small update: I forced an update on the Chromebook OS. This seems to have resolved the issues with YouTube and browsing. I reset the alarms on the default clock app, and they now preview the 'oxygen' 'oxygen'alarm sound. So we'll see if they actually go off as expected in the morning...
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    2020 Lenovo Chromebook Duet 2-in-1

    So, my Pixel C tablet bit-the-big-one so I thought I'd go 'modern' and get a Chromebook 2-in-1 This thing is a hot piece of garbage. First of all, I'm asking *very* little of this device. I don't expect it to be my Plex server...I don't expect it to mine for Eth at 80 MH/s...really all I'm...
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    Retailers Paywall Consoles, GPU's, Black Friday Deals Behind Expensive Annual Passes

    To be fair, that's like every used car over the last year (e.g. has gone up in value :( OnTopic: Sadly this behavior seems to be the norm in the almost-post-pandemic days. Another example: DisneyLand Annual Pass Holders who purchased the new 'DreamKey' annual passes for $1400 (with NO...
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    Rumor: Nvidia allegedly halting RTX 3000 production this October to keep prices as high as possible until 1H22

    I certainly hope you're right. I don't enjoy parting with my money. I'm just not very optimistic these days. But I will keep my fingers crossed and be very pleased to eat crow and tell you that you were correct (should things come to pass that way)!!
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    Rumor: Nvidia allegedly halting RTX 3000 production this October to keep prices as high as possible until 1H22

    While you do not have to sell product (necessarily) as a Publicly Traded company, you do have a fiduciary responsibility to your shareholders to act in their best interests. There's room for discussion on how to go about doing that, of course - but there's a distinct difference between a...
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    Rumor: Nvidia allegedly halting RTX 3000 production this October to keep prices as high as possible until 1H22

    Correct. The one thing the pandemic taught Corporate Accountants everywhere: People are willing to pay *significantly* more for the same (or in most cases, less) product. The good old days are *now*. It only gets worse from here.
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    People keep telling me that...I hope you're right. Unfortunately I'll have to take an "I'll believe it when I see it." position for now - but I will very happily proclaim that I was wrong if it happens!
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    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    Agreed. It doesn't really look like there's a stock problem. If you're willing to pay double-triple MSRP, you will get the card you want. Unfortunately, what that tells me is that $1200 is going to be the new "sudo-MSRP" for x080 and y800xt model cards from nVidia and AMD, as corporate...
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    Copper Foil Shortage

    I know - and it's funny that the typical American was blissfully unaware of this until yesterday when Dollar Tree announced it was increasing prices. I literally LOL'd at how people lost their minds at this announcement. Where the hell have you all been... But whatever it takes to get people...
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    Steam Turns 18 YO Today - Rolled Out: Sept. 12 2003

    I'll tell you what - when I got my Zip Drive (parallel port model!) it was like a dream-come-true. Copying my floppies onto 1 Zip disk (with much faster read access than 3.5") made reinstallations a breeze. Those were the days!
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    Steam Turns 18 YO Today - Rolled Out: Sept. 12 2003

    Same. All my CD/DVDs (that I've tried) lately still work - and I very much miss having physical media. Even if to avoid a few gigs of initial downloaded program files (I think most people...most people here at least...are baking the cost of unlimited internet into their monthly budgets. Which...
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    Steam Turns 18 YO Today - Rolled Out: Sept. 12 2003

    I'll check when I get home. Don't know if I was a 'Charter Member', but it's got to be close. Insert gratuitous 'HL3 Confirmed?' joke here. edit: Not nearly as old as I thought. Guess I'm a loser :(
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    Backward compatibility rules

    The company I was working for at the time acquired a few HP workstations running Itanium which we used for Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations. Our software vendor supported Itanium running HP-IA64 natively. I will tell you that, at the time, it was the fastest workstation in our fleet...
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    Your daily reminder to not trust "Free" games from the interwebs

    There used to be honor among Thieves, but that seems to have gone out with the BBS days.
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    Bitcoin value cut in half as cryptocurrencies tumble in weekend slide 05-24-2021

    Not arguing your point, but I always wondered how differently the last crash would have played out had the Government not put a moratorium on treating the debt forgiven during the short selling/foreclosure process as taxable income. When did that moratorium go away...2013ish???
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    What was your 1st 3D video card ?

    Another vote for Rendition Verite 1000. Mine was a Sierra Screamin' 3D that I used to play IndyCar II...loved that game.
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    What is your backup GPU?

    Primary = Radeon vii Backup = Radeon HD 7770 Gave away my RX 480 8GB to a former co-worker who was helping his Grandson build his first PC at Christmas. I'm tempted to email him and tell him he owes me $1000 :p
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    LG Exiting The Mobile Phone Market

    My GF cooked her 5X also. We 'narrowed' her failure (and my lackthereof) down to her use of the Facebook app of that era. I don't have FB, she does...and whenever she was using ithe app, seemingly faithfully her 5X felt like a mini nuclear reactor. Perhaps also ironically I moved onto a Pixel...
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    LG Exiting The Mobile Phone Market

    Got my Nexus 5X (built by LG) on BlackFriday 2015 for $299. Probably my 2nd favorite phone ever (behind HTC TouchPro 2)...and made before 'courage' took over the marketplace making everything $1000+ Sad to see them go.
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    AMD Radeon 6700 XT Launch Live Stream - 10am 3/3/21

    I have 2 GeForce 8800 Ultras (for SLI, of course) sitting on my shelf at home. BFG Tech OEM...gotta love that lifetime warranty! Anyway, I purchased them on launch day for $900 ish (a piece!) from Newegg. Newegg had a limit of 1 per person. They happily let me purchase 2. I suspect the...
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    AMD Radeon 6700 XT Launch Live Stream - 10am 3/3/21

    I'll try to stay on topic - if there's one thing the Pandemic has taught me is that consumers will pay substantially more for the same product. As a Florida Resident, Disney currently charges the same price despite ~90% of the experience being cut back. At Starbucks you no longer have the DIY...
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    Windows 10

    That's all true and understood. But I think many here (particularly those of us who have been around a long time) view this a more of a community than a storefront - and we like doing business with that community. Sadly, that seems no longer possible in these cases (for whatever reasons those...
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    Windows 10

    Similarly to other people's experience - I've purchased a few keys (maybe 5-10 for various products) from people on this forum, including the person in the OP. Never once had an issue. One guy even sent me the key before I paid him. PM'd him that I was interested in a thing I knew...
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    Richard Garriott makes deepest dive

    Kind of disappointed he didn't run into those aliens from 'The Abyss'