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    What is the highest metacritic-scored game that you dislike in your library?

    Borderlands 2 (89) is the most boring cooperative game I've played in a long time.
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    What is everyone playing now?

    I just completed Bastion and I'll be playing Doom 3 BFG Edition for a change of pace.
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    Upgraded to 8GB

    I just got 8GB myself, didn't notice too much of a difference in games (not that I expected to anyway) but everything else seems snappier.
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    Amazon Is The New Scrooge?

    It's easy to reprimand others for not giving enough when you aren't the one paying.
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    The Liquidation Business: Too Liquid?

    But thats not $1000 now is it?
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    Educate me on AMD 7 chipsets

    1. 770 - Plain jane non-Crossfire chipset with no integrated graphics, not really used in new motherboards anymore. 2. 780G - No Crossfire, has integrated Radeon 3200 graphics. Typically used for Home Theater PCs. 3. 790X - No integrated graphics, it supports Crossfire with two physical 16x...
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    ASUS M3A79-T Deluxe is the way to go, it has the 790FX chipset(Same as the 790GX except without the integrated graphics which you don't need and has full PCI-E bandwidth in Crossfire.) paired with a 750 southbridge which is always nice. It's foward compatible with the Phenom II which is why I...
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    Firefox 2 Officially Retired

    Never had much luck with Firefox 3, it crashes a lot for me and doesn't offer anything over 2. I made the move to Chrome which it works fine since I'm not big on extensions anyway.
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    BenQ E2400HD Review

    Most modern games support 1920 x 1080, the only recent(kinda) game that I own that does not is Battlefield 2 and I suspect DICE's lazy programmers is to blame in that case.
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    Phenom II 920 / 940 for sale @ NCIX

    While it's tempting to buy a 940 at launch my 2.6GHz seems to be doing an alright job as is and it might be better to wait for a potential 3.2 GHz version in the future.
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    i7 has a TLB BUG

    It only mattered in AMD's case because it was blown completely out of proportion and they made the patch mandatory in Vista Service Pack 1 which killed performance.
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    Best Low Budget High-Tech Kid Costume

    That costume is amazing.
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    please help me choose a monitor.. im begging you :p

    For the BenQ just use the link I posted earlier and grab the two codes and buy it direct from BenQ. It's not sold in too many places anymore especially at that pricepoint. For any other monitors I'd try Tigerdirect since they appear to have a decent monitor return policy.
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    please help me choose a monitor.. im begging you :p

    It's far better than the HannsG (28" I'm assuming?) in that it has better color reproduction and no limited viewing angles since it uses an MVA panel rather than a TN like most monitors. I like to watch movies on my computer so it's worth it for me but if your used to a TN panel anyway(They tend...
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    please help me choose a monitor.. im begging you :p This is probably the best one you can get, remember to enter the two promo codes in the link to bring the price down to $450 with free shipping. It's one of the few affordable MVA/PVA monitors which have better colors and also has an HDMI port if you...
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    benq G2400WD or the E2200HD?

    I'd get the G2400WD, It's larger and you can just use 1:1 for black bars in movies. I like that it isn't glossy too, makes it less of a dust/fingerprint magnet.
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    Gaming LCD 1900 X 1200....absolute best?

    I'm also looking for a good gaming 24" and came up with two monitors, the BenQ G2400WD and BenQ FP241VW The first is a TN panel and has better input lag for gaming(One of the best 24" LCDs in...
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    Quote Of The Day

    Vista x64 runs fine for me so better is always good.
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    Windows 7 To Be Named Windows 7

    Thank god, about time they used version numbers again.
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    Apple Sues School For Using An Apple Logo

    Environmental friendliness is bad for their rep? I guess it would be with their business practices.