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    AMD: 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper in 2019

    It'll be interesting whether they use the same IO core as Epyc but laser off or not connect the 4 other memory channels for TR4, or a dedicated IO core for Threadripper. I'm guessing they'll use the Epyc IO core due to volume, but they have that flexibility. The photo's showed Epyc's IO core is...
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    Intel Confirms that FinFET MRAM is Production Ready

    MRAM is not new, and to be honest the specs that Intel has provided don't look competitive with existing MRAM products. Everspin is shipping 1Gb MRAM chips since Dec 18 for example on 28nm. The main difference is Intel embedding it in other designs which likely hasn't been done before, but it is...
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    NVIDIA Stock Tanks 15% as the Company Cuts Q4 2019 Financial Guidance

    24 Dec 18 - $124.46 29 Jan 19 - $136.28 % gain ~ 10%, not 26%.
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    Jensun Huang Comments on the Viability of Streaming Games

    Well, within current laws of physics, let's paint the best possible scenario. Light can travel 300km per ms, and 60fps is 1 frame every 16.7ms. So we've got ~2500 km max distance between a user and a server as the crow flies. Realistically electricity is slower than light in a vacuum (90% is...
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    AMD Claims Zen 2 Has 29% Higher IPC than Zen 1 in Certain Workloads

    Well, IPC is instructions per cycle, so changing boost speeds wouldn't improve IPC at all. AMD is being specific about IPC improvements, and at least with Ryzen it was shown that they were truthful (40% improvement turned into 52% in fact). And given it was buried in the footnotes of their...
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    Apple App Store Jewel "Adware Doctor" Pilfered Phone Data to Send to China

    A declining trend, now they are much more enlightened and merely 're-educate' those that don't have the correct race/language/political leaning/thoughts. That such education takes a lifetime in some instances has nothing to do with a suppressive regime, it merely shows that some people need...
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    After the Bitcoin Boom: Hard Lessons for Cryptocurrency Investors

    While true, mining cards also work 24/7, something no gaming GPU is doing. That is 168 hrs a week, whereas what is your average gaming GPU doing a week, 14-28hrs a week?
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    Student Arrested for Posting Video Game Clip Killing Zombies at His School on Facebook

    So glad I am not a kid today. A mate and I in highschool made a Q3A map of our school which we thought was pretty fun to play, and never did the thought cross our mind that ''hey, we're simulating a school shooting", too busy rocket jumping onto the chapel roof and rail gunning Anarki into meaty...
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    Tesla Troll and Short Doxed as Heavily Invested in Oil Industry

    I listened to an investment podcast the other day that actually interviewed 'Montana skeptic', he came across as enthusiastic for the electric car industry but was of the view that Tesla was just about out of time before the rest of the car industry muscled into the EV market, putting...
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    EA Blames Zelda for Mass Effect Andromeda’s Failure

    I get frustrated when people slag off a game they haven't played too, but saying that the quality of ME1-3 animations makes ME:A's ok in comparison is setting a pretty low bar. I would have put ME:A's animations on par with ME1...but remember ME1 was released just under 10 YEARS before ME:A...
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    Is Kaby Lake-G More Polaris than Vega?

    Firstly, the AdoredTV video was with Vega FE way back in July 17, using very immature drivers. Secondly, Polaris doesn't have tile based rendering, I don't know where you keep getting this from. Can you please provide a link if you have one? Draw-stream binning rasteriser (aka tile based...
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    The Top 5 Worst CPUs of All Time @ [H]

    All good points, though 5x86 did support Socket 3 and therefore worked on a number of PCI equipped motherboards. I had one in a hand me down Compaq that had PCI slots. All good points, though 5x86 did support Socket 3 and therefore worked on a number of PCI equipped motherboards. I had one in...
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    The Top 5 Worst CPUs of All Time @ [H]

    While I agree with having the K5 in the piece is warranted, your commentary on it is off. The K5 released only a few months after Pentium Pro, so it is a bit unfair to say it took ideas from the Pro. The K5 was actually an AMD RISC 29050 processor which had been released nearly 6 years earlier...