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    Far Cry New Dawn Physical Sales Just a Quarter of Far Cry Primal's

    After paying full price for FC 1-5 I feel like others have said the franchise is stale and just being milked at this point. I’ll wait until this goes on sale for 10 bucks and I have no other backlog. Given the sales numbers I won’t have to wait long.
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    Blizzard Hiring Spree Suggests Diablo 4 Is Being Fast-Tracked

    I’m loving every minute of this. Blizzard takes way too long to develope games. This is finally its chickens coming home to roost.
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    Bethesda Using Upgraded Version of Creation Engine for The Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield

    The creation is absolute garbage and outdated. I could not even get myself to complete FO4 because of the game engine. To those defenders, it’s perfectly ok to criticize a product you are paying for an unsatisfied with its performance. Bethesda has been given a pass for far too long on a...
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    Pew Die Pie first gaming broadcaster to surpass 10 Billion views

    Because you are a mature adult with sophisticated tastes my friend.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 Rakes in $725 Million Worldwide in Three Days

    I was a strict PC gamer for years and been lurking in these forums for over a decade but I finally had to admit spending 2K building a rig for ever lower amount of games on the platform was becoming harder and harder to justify. Got a PS4 pro and love the games available and more than likely...
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    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Is Ranked as One of the Best Performing CEOs in the World

    I agree. If AMD provided any semblance of competition I believe nvidia stock would be nowhere near that level.
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    No Man Sky Goes Underwater with Abyss Update

    I want to give this developer tons of credit for supporting this game way past expectations. I wish other developers would care so much about post launch issues like this. Having said this, I bought the game on sale and played it for 10 hours give it take and can’t continue. It’s a chore to...
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    Some Citizens Are Concerned About New Robotic Patrols in NYC

    I doubt this at least in our lifetime. Police officers have legal standing and robots do not so it would not be legal. My city years ago tried this crap with red light cameras. They gave out auto citations for right on red without stopping citations and it wound up in court. To get around that...
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    “Solo” Box Office a Historic Failure for “Star Wars”

    Let’s wait and see. If the next SW film tanks as well your statement will be proved to be incorrect.
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    God of War 4

    I really wish they would make this into a movie with a great director.
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    God of War 4

    Both are visual feasts. Play them both and enjoy!
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    BioWare Employee Celebrates and Mocks TotalBiscuit’s Death

    Having a father die of cancer I know the emotional and physical toll it takes on the person and family. I don’t wish that on anybody. Having said this, out of respect I don’t dance on people’s graves regardless of the persons “beliefs” as long as they do not have direct influence in my life or...
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    Are Audiences Too Lazy to Appreciate Blade Runner 2049?

    Agreed. Ryan is an overrated actor and made this unwatchable.
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Same here as the pre order bonuses really don't bring much to the table to me anyway. The pet is not worth an extra ten bucks. If GMG come up with a cheap discount for the Deluxe I might buy it, might.
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    Scalebound X-Box one exclusive canceled

    Looks like the PS4 will win this console generation war, at least 2017 anyway. I'm buying a PS4PRO next month for my birthday to play some exclusives. MS really needs to work on their library and come out with some killer IP's.
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    Nintendo Switch

    to be fair, the gamebryo engine is garbage and always will be.
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    Windows XP Hard To Kill, Continues To Gain Market Share

    You realize how many POS systems still running XP connected to the internet?
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    Watch NVIDIA Kick Off CES 2017 Live from Las Vegas

    Don't you think that joke has run its course? :meh:
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    “Rogue One” Reviewed: Is It Time To Abandon The “Star Wars” Franchise?

    The movie was excellent and a love letter to fans. The visuals were absolutely gorgeous and true to Star Wars. If only Garet Edwards would have directed the force awakens which in my humble was garbage because JJ is a hack. Go see it and enjoy it.
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    Battleborn open beta until 18th

    I wish gearbox would move on already and dedicate their resources on putting out Borderlands 3.
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    So sad.

    Same here. I uninstalled it because I just can't stand the controls. I have not even tried W3 because I'm waiting for a dirt cheap sale with all DLC so if I spend the money and the controls are same I won't be mad like W2 which I paid full price.
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Clean slate meaning new set pieces and characters. The writers can use elements of the Mass Effect universe and apply them to new characters so it feels familiar and feels fresh. Speaking of Star Wars, how many of us here would have loved to have seen backstories of some of the characters in new...
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    Tim Cook Disputes 71% Apple Watch Sales Decline Report

    Not the new one. That one starts $369 which prices it out. If you want to create mass appeal especially to a new product line, why price it so high? Are the component costs that high?
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    Tim Cook Disputes 71% Apple Watch Sales Decline Report

    Comes down to price. $369 starting price is a non starter for many including myself. It needs to be closer to $299
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    And on the other hand if they followed your advise people would complain they rehashed the story by continuing to stay in Milky Way. I love sequels to my favorite IP's but sometimes you need a clean slate to tell an even better story or perhaps correct issues from pervious one. And this butt...
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    No Man’s Sky Players Are Getting Refunds From PSN And Steam

    Problem with SC is that people just want something shipped at this point and move on.
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    Price Of Solar Declining To Unprecedented Lows

    Lobbying has nothing to do with it. It simply cannot compete on cost and energy density of fossil fuels.
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    No Man’s Sky Players Are Getting Refunds From PSN And Steam

    They deserve to go under. I don't usually watch angry joe but his review was spot on. This goes beyond multiplayer. Sean bold faced lied and he should be held responsible. Them losing money on this should be a lesson to developers to not lie to customers like this again. Be honest and...
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    No Man’s Sky Players Are Getting Refunds From PSN And Steam

    It's not really reasonable to offer a refund after about 2 weeks of gameplay. Honestly anybody that preordered this game given the countless red flags deserves no refund.
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    Apollo Astronauts Dying Of Heart Disease At 4-5x The Rate Of Counterparts

    These badges don't account for high energy cosmic rays coming from higher orbit. Unless we find a way to protect astronauts from this type of exposure, deep space travel will be impossible.
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    FS: Asus Strix 970 Never Been OC'ed

    Asking $200 OBO. Paypal preferred. Willing to do free shipping (US only!) PS: I have all original packaging and box.
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    Do you think the $60 price tag for battleborn will hurt it's community, When Overwatch is $40? See T

    Hopefully Randy shits his pants and dumps all his resources into BL3 a game people want.
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition Review @ [H]

    If you want 20%-30% but you card should perform great for years until DX12 becomes mainstream. If I were you I would wait for next cycle.
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Did you even take a moment to do some of the better quests? Ultimately I somewhat agree but DAI war room system would really shine in ME4 but with enough content.