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  1. Absalom

    Gamers are ditching Radeon graphics cards over driver issues

    Nah, the Win10 version can be modded. It's just locked down more than the Java version (the Java version has been deobfuscated to the point that it might as well be open sourced). Gotta keep the pedos off the servers with kids after all. But, yeah, the Win10 version will never be as 'moddable'...
  2. Absalom

    Gamers are ditching Radeon graphics cards over driver issues

    Not entirely true. There are two forks of Minecraft, the original Java+OpenGL based one and the Windows 10 version.The latter exists due to Microsoft's efforts. The Windows 10 version of Minecraft uses DirectX exclusively. That said, the Java based one has the most mods and has obviously been...
  3. Absalom

    Malware Threats on Macs now double that of Windows

    You mean the 3% out there that actually use their Macs?
  4. Absalom

    Drug Dealer simulator

    Also looks like it was developed by a drug dealer.
  5. Absalom

    Microsoft’s new Edge Chromium browser launches on Windows and macOS

    This is old news to me. This behavior has been going on in Chrome for YEARS.
  6. Absalom

    Dark Souls 3

    I recall completing Ariandel and Ringed City DLC the first time using my lvl 57 character (stubborn me thought I needed the extra challenge). I was so underleveled for the DLC it wasn't funny. I can't event imagine doing a SL0 run through each DLC. Of all the DLC bosses, I had more trouble with...
  7. Absalom

    Microsoft’s new Edge Chromium browser launches on Windows and macOS

    MS went Chromium because Google doesn't play fair. It's that plain and simple. This slashdot post sums up what was happening a while back. Whether it was coincidence or not (the sabotaging), I guess we'll never know. However, the fact is Edge was and is still beating the crap out of Chrome...
  8. Absalom

    ASUS Unveils "All-White" Concept Strix X570 Motherboard

    Hey, keep your midget-sized non-sans-serif spoutin' beliefs out of here. Cuz', we don't serve your kind 'round these here parts...
  9. Absalom

    Samsung's first Odyssey gaming monitors include a 240Hz ultra-wide

    A 3400R is indistinguishable from a flat even sitting at 5-7 feet away. There's nothing wrong with a subtle curve. This new stuff from Samsung, however, is pushing the curve a bit too hard. Hopefully enough backlash and they'll get the point.
  10. Absalom

    Google Stadia Port Troubles Blamed on the Linux Kernel Scheduler

    Spinlocks and mutexes are used in software design to synchronize access to a piece of critical code. For example, you typically don't want two threads writing to the same memory location (object) at the same time. That's an over simplified example (real world examples are far more complicated)...
  11. Absalom

    IceGiant Prototype Thermosiphon Cooler Review: Frosty New Tech

    I mean it's interesting, for sure. But weighing in at nearly 5 lbs, I can only imagine the strain that much weight would put on a vertically mounted board.
  12. Absalom

    Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) question.

    It's still a per-app preference, meaning the app developer can opt-in for external storage preference. The default has always been strictly internal though. And since most apps are built with the default, you'll rarely see the option show up under the app's storage settings. I think this was...
  13. Absalom

    MSI Optix MAG161V launched - its first portable gamin' monitor

    Looks like a surface pro minus keyboard. At least it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
  14. Absalom

    Gigabyte Easytune OC

    That's not how EasyTune is supposed to work. Upon reboot, the OC reverts back to the BIOS settings. EasyTune does not change your BIOS settings. However, once Windows boots, the EasyTune engine may re-apply the overclock depending on several factors. Also the 'Default' profile, in my...
  15. Absalom

    Alienware aw3418dw $649 free shipping bf deal newegg

    You don't really need a second display. It pretty much is like having two panels side by side with no bezel. I use my desktop exactly in this manner. It won't have the real estate two 32" will have, but no bezels, man.
  16. Absalom

    windows 10 PIN problem...?

    Your pin is tied to your MS account. Even if you never set it up, you should be able to set/change it through MS's website. Setting it might solve your issue or at least let you opt-out of asking for the pin. If you are 100% absolutely sure your login is not tied to an MS account, then you may...
  17. Absalom

    HP Enterprise SSD Firmware Bug Causes them to Fail at 32,768 Hours of Use

    Fascinating. I'm guessing hours is somehow stored in a 16-bit signed integer and once it reaches the value of 32767 (2^15), the next increment wraps it to negative values. The negative value is probably the trigger for the bug. Sloppy software design there on HP's part. 32768 hours is...
  18. Absalom

    Razer Mamba 2012 replacement...

    The DeathAdder and Mamba have always used (now older) Omron switches. In fact, a lot of non-Razer mice over the years have used these same type of switches. These Omron switches are, in my experience, good for about a few million clicks (often rated more). But I think around the introduction of...
  19. Absalom

    Razer Mamba 2012 replacement...

    If I could convince you to go wired, then I'd suggest the Mamba Elite or the even cheaper DeathAdder Elite (what I'm using currently). The DA Elite is $30 via Amazon right now. Amazing value, imo. For wireless, I'd suggest checking out Logitech's offerings. I really like their HERO sensor...
  20. Absalom

    Old Intel drivers and BIOS files going away soon

    Because the person honorably maintaining them all these years is finally retiring. No need to hire, much less pay, anyone to maintain a bunch of dusty old junk only a handful of crazies care about. (I'm joking of course, but what irony if true) If Intel were with the times, they'd open source...
  21. Absalom

    Alaris Cougar II Motherboard

    Yep, VLB and EISA were precursors to PCI and really only served as stop-gap solutions to ISA limitations. When the Pentium launched, basically so did PCI. If you bought a Pentium system, you were pretty much guaranteed to have a few PCI slots (and some ISA slots as well). There were some 486...
  22. Absalom

    Xbox Elite controller series 2

    That's what I thought too. It's a fallacy. Even well designed shit breaks. The bumpers are a common failure point in the original Elite controller. The fix is simple enough, but it's annoying enough to remind you that your money doesn't necessarily buy you security. I wouldn't give MS marketing...
  23. Absalom

    Death Stranding - New Kojima game

    I've noticed this game has no day->night cycle. Seems like the game forces you to sleep to avoid having to deal with that. That said, I have to imagine if nightfall/darkness were implemented, then roaming the countryside would be absolutely terrifying.
  24. Absalom

    Death Stranding (first title from Kojima Productions)

    It doesn't surprise me that the gameplay of Death Stranding ended up polarizing everyone. This area has been Kojima's weakness in recent years. Especially the last two titles he's worked on: MGS4 and MGS5. I've watched enough of Death Stranding cutscenes to know that all the other non-gamey...
  25. Absalom

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    One thing modern game controllers "have" that KBM "have not" are analog movement (specifically the left analog stick functionality). Even if you can get a game to support something like a Wooting One, it's still not the same thing. And all the gaming keypads with analog thumbsticks I've tried...
  26. Absalom

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    If those early results are any indication, the RX 5700 (vanilla) looks really strong amongst the more expensive competition.
  27. Absalom

    Diablo IV Announced

    Really nice cinematic trailer, Blizzard. Won't touch your games with a ten foot pole though.
  28. Absalom

    Stalker Remaster mod adds ray tracing, 8K textures and wild weather

    OpenXRay has multi-threaded support, but most of the original game is so LUA script heavy, that the bulk of the work ends up running on one thread anyway. But OpenXRay engine can completely take advantage of offloading onto other threads, if the mod makers so choose. So, if this mod takes...
  29. Absalom

    Warning Amazon: Arctic Silver (2-pack) being recalled

    This begs the question... Counterfeited with what? David Bowie's eye shadow? Toothpaste mixed with glitter? Loctite? Plutonium? Inquiring minds want to know...
  30. Absalom

    nVidia GeForce FX 5800 Non-Ultra Flashed to Ultra

    Precisely. These were overpriced hot garbage when they came out. I was in the demographic that, while I could certainly afford them, avoided them like they were the plague. You must have been an Nvidia fanboy or a loon to have bought one of these at retail price, especially the Ultra. They were...
  31. Absalom

    Reimplementing a Solaris command in Python gained 17x performance improvement from C

    A python script will only ever run on a single cpu core. Python's concept of multi-threading is constrained by its implementation (seriously, look up Python GIL). Python isn't something I'd consider a go-to for performance critical work. C, on the other hand. A good implentation of pthreads is...
  32. Absalom

    Voodoo 1 3Dfx Pass thru Cable

    I was fortunate enough back in the late 90s to afford a nice CRT that had both BNC and VGA inputs. Then I could press a button on the front of the monitor to toggle between either input source (one for 2D the other for 3D). The dilemma with this was the BNC signal quality, thus picture quality...
  33. Absalom

    Voodoo 1 3Dfx Pass thru Cable

    These would be easy to replicate. They are nothing but a short VGA male to VGA female cable extender. Other than being really short, there's nothing special about them. You can interchange the ones that came with the Voodoo 2 with the Voodoo 1. They are basically a VGA cable extender, only...
  34. Absalom

    What 18 GB looked like about 20 years ago

    I still have a couple of 60GB IBM Deathstars that just turned 20 and still spin.
  35. Absalom

    Nvidia / Jensen trying to kill off the AMD FreeSync Branding? The F-ing #%$@ Suckers!

    It works both ways, ya know? Keep your substandard Ghetto-sync technology away from a well established G-Sync branding. G-Sync Compatible != G-Sync The whole 'G-Sync Compatible' thing has been muddying the waters since day one. I wished Nvidia had come up with a better name. I would have...
  36. Absalom

    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 with Voodoo Volts

    Well, the "shipped with the Russian Post service" was an instant red flag for me. Even if the seller is legit, the means by which it's shipped isn't exactly building my confidence.
  37. Absalom

    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 with Voodoo Volts

    Rare and cool, but not $15k cool!
  38. Absalom

    2 x EVGA GTX 1080 FTW 8GB Graphics Cards Complete SLI Watercooled 6+ yr warranty on one card

    Yeah, the price breakdown in the description pretty much tells the whole story. I didn't even know EVGA let you extend a warranty out that far, so I learned something new.
  39. Absalom

    Fortnite season 11 event ends with a cosmic explosion and now the game is gone

    While I don't play Fortnite, I find this type of publicity stunt fascinating. It's a really cool way to get players hyped for the next season (chapter?) My 10 year old nephew just got back from fall vacation, so the timing is perfect in his case. He can spend the next 24 hours or so talking...
  40. Absalom

    Question about clock fluctuating on Rtx 2080 Ti.

    Is Power Management Mode on 'Prefer Maximum Performance'? The Power % is meaningless by itself. You have to also examine Power Limit, Voltage Limit, and No Load Limit graphs. For example, if the driver's power management kicks in, then the No Load Limit will go to 1 which initiates the gpu to...