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    FS: iPhone XS 64GB - Factory Unlocked

    Nightly bump.
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    FS: iPhone XS 64GB - Factory Unlocked

    Bump, picture added.
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    FS: iPhone XS 64GB - Factory Unlocked

    NO LONGER FOR SALE Model: A1920, Space Gray color. This was purchased directly from Apple and is in excellent condition (no scratches/kept in a case). Includes never used retail accessories/box. $NoLongerForSale shipped to lower-48. PayPal only and ships now.
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    Apple iPhone X 64GB - Factory Unlocked

    This has been sold!
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    Apple iPhone X 64GB - Factory Unlocked

    Sorry, I am not interested in trades. The phone does not have AppleCare+, but it does have almost 3 months left on the original warranty.
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    Apple iPhone X 64GB - Factory Unlocked

    Apple iPhone X 64GB, purchased directly from Apple in December 2017 - store receipt available to verify. This is model # A1865 so it works on all carriers. The phone is in perfect condition (no dents, scuffs, or scratches anywhere) and it still has plenty of time left on it's original one year...
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    FS: Asus GeForce GTX 660 Video Card

    Like new. Includes all original accessories and packaging. It still has a year left on the warranty. $SOLD shipped, Lower-48 States and Paypal only.
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    Batman: Arkham Knight Promo Code

    I purchased a GTX 970 and I am not interested in the game, as crazy as that sounds. Code is redeemable through nVidia, which then spits out a Steam key to download the game. SOLD SOLD SOLD$30 through Paypal.SOLD SOLD SOLD
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    Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Club Code (Redeem for a game!)

    This is not for Mario Kart 8 itself, but the Club Nintendo code that comes with the game. Redeeming the code entitles you to download 1 of 4 WiiU games for free. More information can be found here...
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    FS: Galaxy nVidia GeForce 560 Ti\560Ti 1GB

    Sold locally. Galaxy nVidia GeForce 560 Ti 1GB - $105 + shipping (your choice) Card works perfectly. Full retail box and accessories included. If you need more information about the card itself, check this link...
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    CM Storm QuickFire TK

    Darn, I was ready to buy that. Getting closer, at least...
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    CM Storm QuickFire TK

    I still can't find a US site with browns in stock. I've been looking for months and all I see are red\blue. Is the difference between brown and red big enough that I should hold out?
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    OCZ Vertex 2 120GB 2.5" SSD, Averix 2x2GB (4GB) 1333mhz DDR3 memory

    2x2GB (4GB) Avexir DDR3 Memory Model# AVD3U13330902G-2SW I bought this a few months ago but decided to go with 2x4GB memory instead. This is rated to run at 1.5v and I haven't had any issues with them in my overclocked Lynnfield machine. $30...
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    For Sale: Western Digital 640GB Caviar SE16 HDD

    Contains 2x320GB platters for pretty good speeds. The drive was manufactured in June 2008 and has a valid manufacturer's warranty until 7\2011. I haven't had any problems with it, but I just got an SSD so I don't need it any more SOLD $35 shipped to lower 48 states. This might be handy for...
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    Intel processor upgrade cards

    Why the negative replies? They already downclock (bin) processors to meet demand for lower priced tiers. This just gives the average person a way to unlock performance without swapping processors. You can still do it now, it's just called overclocking, but it can take more work and some...
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    nVidia eVGA GTX460 768MB

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    nVidia eVGA GTX460 768MB

    SOLD nVidia eVGA GTX460 768MB SC SuperClock Edition It comes with a Starcraft 2 TRIAL key and the full version of Metro 2033, courtesy of eVGA ( It's been opened and used for about 4 days. It has NOT been registered. Model#: 768-P3-1362-TR...