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    Microsoft appears to have given up on cloud gaming in the short term

    Well, the real next step in cloud gaming , well, game streaming, is that the servers hosting it will be in your Head End /CO of your Service provider, so the only latency will be in the access network itself, which is generally pretty dang awesome. It's really about the only way for it to work...
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    AMD Screws Gamers: Sponsorships Likely Block DLSS

    *sigh* really ? Amd is not doing this, it's stupid speculation
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    Who here has gigabit internet? Also anybody subscribed to Comcast 6 gig?

    Since I have talked about LLD (Low Latency Docsis) a few times, Comcast is trialing it now
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    Oracle Introduces Next-Gen Exadata X10M Platforms

    I'm a DEC Alpha fan personally.
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    Meta open sources an AI-powered music generator

    I've got some Intel Flex 170 cards sitting around doing nothing, might be interesting to try on them.
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    Gigabyte Shows AI/HPC and Data Center Servers at Computex

    I'm pretending that one server is a "Loud/Edge Server". For no particular reason. But honestly, who are these aimed at? Your "cheap" servers that people use are SMC or Advantech (Both are actually getting some nice use in the SP/MSO space these days), and your large companies going with...
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    System Shock Review

    Oh I def noticed, and probably have played through it, just doesn't mean I remember it :p
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    System Shock Review

    Not sure how I missed that, downloading now, might not play it before the official release anyway, but maybe I'll grab some time.
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    System Shock Review

    I'm pretty excited for this, and everything I've read so far has been positive.
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    FASTEST Server Networking $55K 400GbE Switch Time! A Look at the FS N9510-64D A 64x

    I can't really say I've really ever heard of it for transmission of data on anything really currently being used , pretty much everything uses QAM as the modulation technique , with QPSK thrown in where needed.
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    FASTEST Server Networking $55K 400GbE Switch Time! A Look at the FS N9510-64D A 64x

    Well, WDM is in every sort of transport technology really, and for most of the higher speed stuff It's DWDM, which depending on spacing can be 80/96/160 channels (wavelengths) in the C Band space running over a single fiber (throw in other bands to get more wavelengths on it if needed I suppose)...
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    Who here has gigabit internet? Also anybody subscribed to Comcast 6 gig?

    The major component in your latency is going to be the hops after the CO/Headend access network, but it's still a component (making up 1-10 ms depending on technologies, for example a traditional analog (so non DAA) cable network may be around 5-7 ms , where a LLD cable network can be sub 1, a...
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    Matrox Video Announces Intel Arc-based LUMA Graphics Cards

    I was really hyped for the Parhelia before it came out, really loved my G400 Max and the EMBM it had.
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    Intel Compares Arc A750 with RTX 3060 With Latest Driver Update

    Plus (which is probably irrelevant to most people) it runs at 1:4 speed double precision , so you can get close to 5 TFlops FP64 in a $350 card.
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    Intel Compares Arc A750 with RTX 3060 With Latest Driver Update

    I'm still planning to buy the A770 to play around with, so refreshing to see.
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    Has the Steam Deck stayed part of your gaming life?
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    Has the Steam Deck stayed part of your gaming life?

    I use it mainly for emulation, games that just don't work well with KB+Mouse (It's honestly the only way I play games that pretty much require a gamepad, I just can't stand using a gamepad on my computer for some reason), or when traveling. So, it's still in use a fair amount for me . I I also...
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    [Rumour] Next Steam Deck to use AMD’s Hybrid Phoenix 2 “Little Phoenix” APU With 2+4 Core Configuration

    I've got the 512GB version, but most everything I install onto Micro SD cards and swap as necessary. Programs, utilities, emulators and a few games that are either loading intensive or I just play all the time are all I have on the SSD. Big reason is because I cycle through games a lot with...
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    Massive vulnerability in Exynos modems

    One of my phones is a Pixel 6A unlocked, and it didn't automatically update, I had to go into it , search for updates and download the security update. Which is a little odd, it normally would grab the updates by itself. Wondering if google did and upgrade rotation kind of like microsoft does.
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    So exactly what does "Comcast 10G" really mean?

    It's probably going to be for both, since they're really rolling vCMTS to their whole network (already have like 20-30% ) plugging in rOLT's is pretty easy to add, basically it's being a module that can plug into a node (or new node) that would be similar to a traditional HFC node that goes into...
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    So exactly what does "Comcast 10G" really mean?

    I doubt you'll see a 10G/10G unless they change the specifications of DOCSIS 4.0 (I don't really see a 4.1 coming out, but could change the amount of OFDMA channels supported) , as it's slated for 10G down and 6G up max currently. Still quite nice, I know Trial markets have Comcast/Charter doing...
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    So exactly what does "Comcast 10G" really mean?

    It'll be rolled out earlier than the second half of this year for Comcast, they just started getting the FDX, you'll see small rollouts pretty soon. Mediacom is planning their D4.0 releases at the end of the year as well. Not that it matters fully at this point since there are no modems out...
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    T-Mobile buying Mint Mobile

    I don't think Mint customers will see any difference, T-Mobile is just bringing the customers in to them directly, and will keep mint alive and same prices. They'll just be the discounted/cheap side side of T-Mobile, so instead of doing sales and discounts on their main services, they'll funnel...
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    Nvidia Will Use Intel’s Arizona Fabs To Make GPUs Says CEO

    I had assumed this was going to happen honestly.
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    Holy Guacamole 4TB "Leven" 4TB nvme $189 on amazon

    Edit-NVM Seem low values for TBW
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    Best Buy has the 3080Ti FE on clearance for $719

    I've got one as well, not sure why you'd be upset about it, it happens with most good releases (unless you weren't expecting Nvidia to have back to back good card series) , especially with the top cards , generally overpriced for the gain.
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    Best modem to pair with Amplifi

    Well of course, it's for profit, it's the whole reason when it does finally come out you'll start seeing "gamer tier" or something for them to actually enable it in SNMP/Config files . Cox already has, kinda something for a gamer tier, but it's about optimizing routes (Cox Elite Gamer ) which...
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    Best modem to pair with Amplifi

    No, it's something that is actually being rolled (well, not quite yet) out using Queue management, as one of the bigger latency issues is processing the Queues in the CMTS, so it can be sped up a fair amount. Honestly it's main use is going to be for them running their own CBRS (i.,e LTE)...
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    Best modem to pair with Amplifi

    What is your provider and service? If available you'd want a DOCSIS 3.1 modem and one supporting LLD (Low Latency DOCSIS), so anything that has been certified after midish last year (Arris SB8200 v2, S33v2 , Netgear CM2500, CM3000, CM3050V , Motorola B12, and your provider is using new enough...
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    Afterburner Developer, says Development of the App is "Abandoned" on the Guru3D Forums.

    FWIW MSI intends 'to continue with Afterburner' overclocking app despite not paying its Russian dev
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    AMD at CES 2023: 7950X3D, 7900X3D, 7800X3D - VCache Party In Here

    Depends on which side, Pull a vacuum to the right a mount (this would be pressure reading) Most likely they use by weight and not pressure for the water, fill a tube with liquid to the right mass, open valve let the coolant fill the chamber. (weight sensor reading issue) If there's not enough...
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    AMD at CES 2023: 7950X3D, 7900X3D, 7800X3D - VCache Party In Here

    I find myself caring less and less about the Desktop SKU's but a highendish model of either brand and they'll be the same for the most part. Mobile And Server SKU's interest me more (Yey for Sapphire Rapids Launch party on the 10th, pretty excited for it ,even though I can access systems with...
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    Clarification on SFP+ and SFP28 compatibility

    I haven't had a problem with 10G DACs working in SFP28 Ports, general compatibility with those things aside. In intel XVV710 Adapters I've not seen any general issues (I just always order Cisco compatible DACs, even third party ones with their firmware flashed properly seem fine).
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    Visiontek Mystery boxes are back

    I actually like having a couple USB-C docks for my steamdeck, keep smaller ones in different bags, the larger dock out at home.
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    The first practical use of Bitcoin I have seen yet

    Honestly that's basically what I did last winter mining, didn't run the heater at all really, and got some good eth. This year I'm just back to to running Boinc like I used to.
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    Visiontek Mystery boxes are back

    Ended up with a VT7000 dock from the $50 box, pretty stoked about that one VT7000 Dock The $20 Box came with a 128 GB NVME drive and a datavault box.
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    Voice Assistants Dying, Alexa $10 Billion Loss Expected in 2022

    I have a few Alexa devices, but rarely use them, I just don't have a ton of things that integrate well with them. I don't use voice anything really, not even voice to text on phones. My parents use theirs all the time and have a bunch of connected devices, basically use it to control their home...
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    Visiontek Mystery boxes are back

    Was pretty happy with my $20 and $50 boxes last year, the USB-C Docks ended up being great as I gave them out to people who needed them (Company switched to new HP laptops that require USB-C Docks, and there was a couple month delivery backlog on the docks this year) , and the Memory I got ended...
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    2022 Black Friday Cyber Monday Holiday Deals

    I use a couple as a backups, one is in my parents fireproof safe, one that I keep locally for more up to date things. Seem to work well.