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    Scratch built large all-in-one case

    how much time did it take to put that together?
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    The 2015 Post Pics Of Your Rig Thread!

    yeah ,I'm sorta curious about the 2nd sli bridge?
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    X99 Classified Issue

    as of now ,mine is doing ok,,no problems
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    X99 Advice

    I'm interested in seeing how this turns out,,
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    I thought Win 10 was a free upgrade?

    privacy? is there such a thing anymore?
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    5820K WITH H100i

    corsair did issue a firmware update for that pump
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    Twitch Users?

    finishing up my new build and maybe gonna give it a shot
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    Best Gaming / Office chair?

    have you considered the dxracer chairs?
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    practicing my skills on rocket league
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    How long do UPS batteries usually last?

    5 years and going strong
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    Which powersupply would you choose?

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    Recommend me a power supply

    EVGA all the way
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    psu issue

    nah cant do that,, im not the original owner, and the previous owner changed out the fan on it so its been opened,,,might be headed to scrap pile
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    psu issue

    no its not the mobo,,hooked another psu up to it and no probs,,,I sorta acquired this psu after the owner couldn't get it to work,,i was just checking it out and seeing if its worth putting any $$$$ into it
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    psu issue

    I have a Corsair HX850 that i can hook up to a psu tester and everything shows to work,,but when i hook it up to a mobo i get nada,,,was wondering if that could be a capacitor issue? any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated
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    Best cheap gaming mouse.

    prob have the "wiggin out" on any cheapo mouse you get,,or at least they do for me
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    What would you do?

    its people like him who give all noobs like myself a bad rep ,,I would tell him he is stuck with it
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    Why You Shouldn't Trust Video Game Teaser Trailers

    kind of like watching commercials about a nice thick juicy burger and you go there and you get uhhh I don't know what you would call it but nothing at all like what you seen on tv
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    how long to wait

    no I think it did its job,i got answers(few) but answers nonetheless,1 person said 5 days and 1 said a week
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    Cops In Watch Dogs Are Unstoppable

    today is the day to do everything because its free donut day :D
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    $1500 gaming PC build?

    nice build, but I would add an aftermarket cooler into the build imo
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    how long to wait

    I think there is some confusion so lets try this again ,,, I seen an ad on here for an item,i pm'd the person and got all the info on said item,,i had my friend use his paypal acct to get said item for me all with the seller knowing this person was getting said item for me,,,seller then pm'd...
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    how long to wait

    well actually I had a friend do the deal for me until I can get my 100 posts in and thanks to this thread I am racking up a few more :):) but the 1 thing that really confuses me is this,,so say I get in 300 post,,does that really change if I am gonna get ripped off or rip someone else off? not...
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    how long to wait

    we all have to start somewhere,,everyone was new at one time or another
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    how long to wait

    how long should I wait to claim a paypal chargeback on someone? the person got the money,then said via private message that they would ship the next day,but haven't seen or heard from that person with a tracking # in 3 days,,should I be worried or concerned?
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    Anyone get older and have a hard time letting go?

    save them,,1 day a museum might need them and you can get rich
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    Free 290X vs my SLI NGTX580 3GB Lightning Extremes?

    free is always good
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    What to do with my card?

    if it was me, I would get my new card, then store the old 1 as a backup in case something ever happens,,if you have a back up then sell it
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    Sniper Elite V2 FREE on Steam for today only

    thanks for the heads up,,, free is always good
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    Crucial MX100 SSD

    just ordered mine from the egg and with $10 off promo code made it too good of a deal to pass up for me to replace my mechanical one with in new build and I have spent more for worse
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    Watch Dogs

    maybe they are getting a head start on the much needed patch by "sneaking"it out early?
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    Watch dogs first impressions! Needs 3GB Vram minimum

    guess if you wanna play you sure gotta pay
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    Local Craigslist Ad 3930K and Sabertooth X79

    I think your 1 hell of a guy to make that deal with your buddy