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    Why Microsoft switched from Intel to Power PC

    Same! Was crazy at the time how good those 3d graphics were.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC has issues (duh)

    This is why i'm Waiting till it hits Steam. Hope they have bugs fixed by then.
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    Microsoft E books to stop working.

    Think of Gamespy servers. When they went down you couldn't play multiplayer on games that the main focus was multiplayer. Made some games unplayable too.
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    Steam introduces feature to combat Borderlands review bombings, Gearbox CEO responds to situation

    I know in the grand scheme of things it will not matter, but I will not be buying games on Epic even if they do get Red Dead. This does pain me, but I have been with steam from beta. Steam offers a much better experience and has a much better flow for me personally.
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    EU plan to fit cars with speed limiters could be UNSAFE

    What happens when someone sets all the boxes to make the cars have a max speed of 0? This could happen in an emergency or in the event of martial law. We could see something like the Hawaii missile scare where someone hacks into the system and stops all traffic for a time. This is such a bad idea!
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    YouTube Is Trying to Prevent Angry Mobs from Abusing "Dislike" Button

    They just wanted to do something safe. I get it, but was a waist of good collective talent. They could have done something better, but it would have been a risk. They decided to play it safe and still got the backlash.
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    YouTube Is Trying to Prevent Angry Mobs from Abusing "Dislike" Button

    That was a bad video. I see now why people wanted to review bomb it.
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    Microsoft Claims the iPad "Isn’t a Real Computer"

    Surface go is not a "real PC" out of the box. It has Windows 10 Home in S mode on it. Per M$ website "Windows 10 Home in S mode works exclusively with apps from the Microsoft Store within Windows and accessories that are compatible with Windows 10 Home in S mode. A one-way switch out of S mode...
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    The Mortal Kombat 11 Official Announce Trailer

    This trailer is a big "whoopsie" due to music.
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    CS:GO Goes Free-To-Play and Adds Battle Royale Mode

    I'm a long time player of CS. Was worried about this happening, but after playing it lastnight it was actually not bad. 64 tick king of the hill with CSGO mechanics it not too shabby. I've never liked king of the hill, but this implementation is not bad.
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    Apple Confirms That the T2 Chip Blocks User Repairs

    Just give it time. I'm sure some script kiddie will do it.
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    San Francisco Passes Proposition C Also Known as the "Homeless Tax"

    One day they will kill the golden goose. Kinda like France did if I remember correctly. Jacked the takes and then put penalties on people trying to leave, but they still left.
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    San Francisco Passes Proposition C Also Known as the "Homeless Tax"

    Don't get me wrong. I'm all for helping the homeless and needy, but when I see the word "permanent" it worries me. It will be a vicious cycle that will get worse.
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    San Francisco Passes Proposition C Also Known as the "Homeless Tax"

    This will only make the homeless problem worse. By giving them permanent housing there will be no reason for them to try and make a better life for themselves.
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    Cheaters Gonna Cheat at CS:GO

    In the artical is states "So Valve bought 1,700 CPUs. And 1,700 more..." You said valve only has 1,700 CPUs
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    Post your ATI Radeon HD 5770 and ATI Radeon HD 5750 Experiences

    I've got an ASUS 5770 running definition in all my games, I love it! only problem is I haft to sacrifice beauty for resolution. which is ok to me... in some games. In FPS games 3 monitors ROCK!! no more having to continually look around, I CAN SEE 160~ degrees in front of me lol! I've ran...
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    5870 gray screen crash.

    well Thursday of last week i received my new xfx 5870 [...] -_-Product I currently also have a 5770 [...] 6814121355 I've been running the 5770 in eyefinity sense 12/1/09... ZERO PROBLEMS! I bought the 5870 to push games...