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    Which Ryzen?

    I bought one of the 250 dollar 2700x eBay deals. Great CPU even the stock cooling is nice with it. Took awhile for shipping but it arrived brand new in box. Maybe eBay will do another coupon soon to compete with prime day?
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    Samsung 500gb 970 EVO PCIe X4 NVMe M.2 PC Internal SSD eBay daily deal 169.99

    Seems like a pretty good deal. Link
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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X - $289 @ Ebay

    But unfortunately that’s for select sellers
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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X - $289 @ Ebay

    Thanks for suggestions. I was originally just buying a new case (fractual design r6) for my current setup. Now it look like I am basically putting all new into that case lol and just taking over my 1070.
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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X - $289 @ Ebay

    I bought the 2700x my first AMD in probably 10 years. Any recommendations on ram and motherboards?
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    Nintendo Switch Memory Card Size

    I have 128gb. I still have lots of room I perfer to buy physical games.
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    I’d like one of those hard drives I can’t seem to PM

    I’d like one of those hard drives I can’t seem to PM
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    early 2000s case for sleeper/retro build.

    I always loved my Lian Li case from early 2000. I forget the model but it was very plain but very sleek looking.
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    Monitors under $250

    I bought one of those Korean 1440 monitors just got it yesterday. Seems pretty nice for the money to me. It replaces a 10 year old Asus 20" monitor though so I wasn't to spoiled with anything newer. I paid 189 (168 with my 21 dollars eBay bucks) it was multi port version. I guess there are 3...