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    The Division 2

    The Div 1 is one of my favourite games, #2 fell flat for me i didnt like the setting as much. If they continued the story from 1 i would be happy. A survival mode would be the icing on the cake
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    Amazon CEO Andy Jassy threatens employees to return to office or "things are probably not going to work out for you"

    up until 6 months ago I was in the telecom field, when march 2020 hit all of our call centers/ support went wfh, at first there was no noticeable difference for us in the field but by 2 months in it was very noticeable the difference in quality of support. Average wait times went from 5-10 min...
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    Hotel Gaming Wifi Extender

    Most of the hotels I stay at have a ethernet jack in the room, i usually keep a cord in my bag. On topic i have never gotten great results with any of the external antennas i have tested, never used anything super high end tho
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    ATI Radeon HD 4870 and HD 4850 GPUs were released 15 years ago

    Bought a 4850 was a crazy good card, ended up getting a bonus at work and bought a 4870 that used until my r9-290
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    Steam 2023 Summer sale is here! Summer sale runs from June 29 to July 13 2023, 10 AM PST

    Actually might pickup a couple of games that the guys i game with have been playing recently. Back for blood is finally at a price point I am interested in
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    The Division 2

    Registered, how have i not heard of this game until now
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    EU's new regulation requires replaceable batteries in smartphones

    Love the idea but knowing manufacture's they will figure out a way to make it only allow official batteries and charge insane amounts for them. $800 phone, replacement battery $400
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    Musk Zuckerberg Cage Fight

    Don’t care how much the PPV is i will watch it, Zuck needs a tuneup
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    FCC wants to hear about how internet data caps affect peoples lives.

    I know with comcast’s new X1 package being IPtv based i wonder if thats inflating data usage numbers
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    Radeon RX 6950 XT $567 *EXPIRED*

    I second this
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    FCC wants to hear about how internet data caps affect peoples lives.

    They dont affect me anymore, household of 3 with 2 tvs streaming constantly and iv not come close to the soft cap of 1.5tb that my Isp has. I dont consume as much media as I used to since theres nothing new worth watching so i am sure that has lowered my monthly considerably. That is with...
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    Upcoming Windows 11 beta giveth and taketh away; further guts power user functionality

    My last windows pc does nothing but run games just because i dont have time to mess with making stuff work under wine but I am pretty sure once windows 10 is EOL i will put more time into making it work.
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    Steam back library marathon

    For the last few months i have been digging into my backlog of games and all the free stuff I have accumulated on Epic. Nothing new has peaked my interest and my graphics card isnt the greatest with modern titles
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    Starlink Public Beta About to Happen?!?!

    I havent bought yet as my current address is serviced by cable but we own very rural property that will require starlink down the road. This block is completely full and all summer the hundreds of RV’s that come through with roaming dishs just drags it to a crawl according to friends who have...
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    Who here has gigabit internet? Also anybody subscribed to Comcast 6 gig?

    I have Rogers 1.5gb down and 60up. Only have that package for the upload and when the promotion they gave me runs out it will get dropped. I have never gotten more then 820 down but i will max the upload out. Fiber has been ran past the house but we have been informed that it will be at least 5...
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    Starlink (Generation 2) testing

    The first release with the circular dish is what i and most of the groups refer to as gen 1. Im not sure if location matters but since they have offered $199 startup here in eastern canada speeds have been dropping weekly even on priority package.
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    Starlink (Generation 2) testing

    My first hand experience is i have 2 friends 800 ft apart one has the first generation and the other has the new one, both on same “package” so to speak. 1st gen gets 200D/20U consistently while the new one barely hits 88 down and has higher ping. Starlink has told him theres nothing that can be...
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    Starlink (Generation 2) testing

    Anyone know if gen 1 units are available for purchase still or if a gen 3 is coming soon? We are looking at selling now while prices are at all time high and building on our very rural property but everyone i know that has a gen 2 is having problems while all the gen 1’s are running fine with...
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    Share your pfSense / OPNsense builds

    Whats opn support like? I feel i see more about pfsense
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    Share your pfSense / OPNsense builds

    Great list thankyou, i see that my 4970 is on the list so i will dig it out of storage and get a system built and start playing around
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    Share your pfSense / OPNsense builds

    Good to know about the Intel NIC , i have a asus 2.5 one here that i got a really good deal on that i was going to use but if intel will make my life easier i will start looking for one thanks
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    Share your pfSense / OPNsense builds

    I was thinking of running pfsense in a Vm if possible, I have just started looking into pfsense so I am not very familiar with it. If it cant be done i have no problem throwing a dedicated system into a a 1u server chassis i have. I guess my biggest question is how old of a cpu is too old to...
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    Share your pfSense / OPNsense builds

    Really starting to look into a Pfsense build since my current isp provided xb7 will not run a vpn. If i am going to do it i might as well jump off the deep end, how crazy of a cpu would i need to run a 2.5gb network since i am most likely going to put my storage serve in the same box if at all...
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    which non-ISP email?

    We are very happy with gmail, i have a personal and 2 business accounts, wife has 1 of each. I dont like outlook and yahoo is extremely clunky. No issues accessing on my personal iphone, work laptop or work phone
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    So exactly what does "Comcast 10G" really mean?

    We had a 10gb connection at my last house with fiber and it was pretty slick when you could find a source to take advantage of those speeds. Cable 10gb would be useless unless theres a better modem then their xb8 with only has a 2.5gb port and is only docsis 3.1.
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    Comcast cable - no backup power

    I know in canada they no long have to, lifeline has been moved to cell towers
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    Comcast cable - no backup power

    My data will slow down quite a bit but not unusable, i just chalk it up to the entire area using data and saturating the towers. Im very lucky that the local isp’s Maintence tech is on the same node as me so im never down long after a power outage haha
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    Comcast cable - no backup power

    Most isps dont put backup power to their nodes anymore as they prefer to keep power to cell towers for lifeline requirements
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    Starlink (Generation 2) testing

    Wasnt sure how that worked, last summer i seen tons of dishes on RVs and a lot of offroad camping setups. Is there any eta for their new Sat launches?
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    Starlink (Generation 2) testing

    Best thing about here is that it cant get any worse because the grid allotment is full, If the launch of the 2.0 sats improves speeds i will be taking over a buddys account as his road is getting a fiber expansion in the next 16 months and i will be building on my 50 acres of very rural property.
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    Starlink (Generation 2) testing

    I am hearing the same thing from everyone locally that has had starlink since it became available, it was so good at first and now has became no better then xplorenet(hughes) and dsl. 10months ago there was only 15 users on this grid and now theres over 400
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    What game made you a PC Gamer?

    Half life (original) Counter strike Up until that point i had mostly been a N64 player(golden eye and perfect dark) After that it was a dive into any fps/rts i could get my hand on, i built my first from scratch pc to play half life 2 and farcry.
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    WTB: Logitech G500

    I ended up replacing my g500 with a mx518, after 16 years of use it took a bit to get used to but im happy with it now. If you can find a 500s that would be the best option, last october i couldnt find one.
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    PC Gamer's Top 16 FPS Games of 2023

    Atomic heart, payday 3 and maybe starship troopers for me
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    LG quietly launches 27" OLED monitor with 240hz refresh rate

    Looked at this model and i dont like the curved screen, buying a monitor these days is so hit and miss, if i could get a 27-30 LG C2 i would already have one sitting on my desk
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    LG quietly launches 27" OLED monitor with 240hz refresh rate

    This is almost what i have been looking for, 27 is perfect for my setup, i am more then happy with 1440P since my video card cant run 4k anyway. Not a fan of the antiglare but will be keeping an eye on this for sure
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    Are you camping out / lining up for an RTX 4080?

    Nope will be waiting to check out 7900xt reviews/prices and if those dont impress me i will start the hunt for a used 3080Ti since the prices up here in canada suck
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    Capcom is working on a Resident Evil 4 remake

    RE4 is one of my all time favourite games, will be buying this.
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    Starlink avail now for RVs

    Buddy of mine just received his, when hes not on the road its setup at his house, he has used it in 3 locations so far with no issues