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    Any new 26" IPS comming out?

    Ok i've been looking for a 26" since this summer. I was about to buy a DS-263 but they were just starting to be discontinued due to the new DS-265. I decided to wait for that, what a bad idea that was. DS-265 is worse than the old 263. Now I hear planar is being discontinued. Also both the...
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    Fingerprints on "New" Asus p5q pro

    All the accessories and such are sealed. The CD was not really sealed it was just a flap holding it down. I've got to have the worst luck with this crap, ordered an open box p5q-e, DOA of course. Learned my lesson about open box stuff, and now this. I called newegg and they opened a...
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    Fingerprints on "New" Asus p5q pro

    So I just got my p5q pro delivered today. advertised as retail. Bought from newegg for 119.99. I open up the box and see that the static bag is not sealed, it's just left open and tucked around the box. Is this typical for asus boards or should the bag be sealed? Also upon further...
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    I just got mine repaired from eliot and its still extremely hot. The backplate gets very very hot after a few hours of being left on. Is anyone experiencing crazy high temps from the sub? I wish I just went the custom route after all this and get a decent setup.
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    DoubleSight DS-265W Official discussion!

    just ordered one at newegg, should be here in a few days
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    26'' IPS monitor choices

    I think I'll go for either the planar or the doublesight anyone have opinions which is better?
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    26'' IPS monitor choices

    I know there's the doublesite DS-265, the new model has speakers which is a waste. There is a planar model also but to expensive imo. Is there any other choices out there? I'm debating buying a 26'' IPS or the DoubleSight...