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    FS: Apple TV 4kVR headsets- Oculus Quest, Samsung Odyssey, HP & Wireless HDMI

    replied to some A-hole PMed and updates stuff... quest is sold Only thing left is the wireless HDMI setup I have some few things to sell in the future but will likely need to make a new threat. Thanks for all the interest
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    FS: Apple TV 4kVR headsets- Oculus Quest, Samsung Odyssey, HP & Wireless HDMI

    bump... some stuff sold, some pending and some available Let me know if you have questions
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    FS: Apple TV 4kVR headsets- Oculus Quest, Samsung Odyssey, HP & Wireless HDMI

    replied to PMs and a couple items are pending. Ill hold them for 24 hours Thanks to all who have responded
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    FS: Apple TV 4kVR headsets- Oculus Quest, Samsung Odyssey, HP & Wireless HDMI

    I’ll take offers & open to some trades. I’ll like list this stuff on eBay soon too given that most of it will sell there. Just hoping to move it quicker here to someone that could use it Thanks
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    FS: Apple TV 4kVR headsets- Oculus Quest, Samsung Odyssey, HP & Wireless HDMI

    Hey guys. Needing some cash in these times of less work. Looking to sell off a couple items I don’t need Apple TV A1842 4K 32gb with power cord and remote $130 shipped SOLD Oculus Quest 64gb version with controllers. No box In great shape. Bought it in December. SOLD Samsung Odyssey (not...
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    WTB: Notebook $250 for a coworker

    Coworker's kid wants to be able to play some low end steam games. Looking for a notebook that has a modern CPU with integrated graphics or low end GPU Needs to work, be in decent shape and a working battery. I know this is low, so if you have something close let me know & I can throw in...
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    FS: Microsoft Hololens Development Edition (Gen 1) with Two Clickers - Barely Used

    man this thing is like the holy grail.... So want this.... but just cant. Best of luck with the sale
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    Ebay coupon?

    yeah i didnt get it... which is fine, i have no money anymore anyways
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    External GPU - Akito Node w/ GeForce 1660Ti Ventus - SOLD!

    if you still have this after the holidays when my bank account recovers I may be giving you a PM best of luck selling. Nice little bump up from my 1060 max q and future prooting
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    Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset - 32GB $149.99

    I have 2 Gos and 2 Quests and mutliple Windows Mixed reality headsets and the simplicity of the Go is nice for casual games.... My 6 year old son prefers the ease of use of the Go for playing fishing games and the like vs the move involved games on the quest Clearly the Quest and PC based VR...
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    Ebay coupon?

    Just got one today for 10% fwiw I generally wait for one of these before making large purchases as it atleast removes the newly added sales tax :( but I agree... hoping for 15%-25% ones like before
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    Ebay coupon?

    i had a 8% ebay bucks a couple days ago
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    WTB: iPhone 7 or higher and cellular iPad Air 2 or newer

    i have an iphone 7 coming back from Apple service that will have a brand new battery, screen and main board.... so basically a new phone. I will let you know when I get it back from Apple and if you are still interested.
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    Logitech G920 Racing wheel and pedals $188 + free shipping

    oh man! add this plus the Samsung HMD recently posted here and you have a nice Project Cars 2 VR racing kit ..... I have one and it works great. it is not an enthusiast wheel and pedal set but it gets the job done and is fun
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    *DEAD Samsung Odyssey+ VR Headset ($229 DEAD)

    that is a great price... man, I am selling a not + and this is a seriously good price
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    WTB LowProfile Video Card

    I have a 1050 LP that i put in my work SFF. Ill rip it out and bring it home tomorrow and PM you. Do you have a price in mind or stuff to trade?
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    Samsung Odessey WMR HMD w/ controllers

    Have two of these & some other toys. This one doesn’t get used much. Really nice headset. Not the plus. Comes with the headset & controllers. $180 & I pay shipped (which isn’t gong to be cheap) Selling for around $200 on eBay would rather sell it here for less w/o the fees PayPal & my...
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    REMOVED: FS: iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd Gen / latest) 1TB WiFi+Cell and accessories

    that thing is a beast! Best of luck selling
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    F/s: apple TV 4th gen

    this is the 1080p version... right?
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    Looking into a projector for the game room

    I would look for something on the Facebook market place near you that is used. Lots of older 1080p projectors that people are looking to offload that you can get for a good price. Nothing at $300 is worth buying unless it is just for temparary placement to watch some videos This is my...
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    ECOVACS DEEBOT 901 $219.99 Listed as new Amazon Price is $280ish So the $599 list price here is silly, but the $219...
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    WTB 3D Printing service for enclosed cable combs or the stl files for the ones listed

    so you do or dont have the stl files to print? If you just need STL files printed and shipped to you I can do that no problem If you need 3D design of combs to edit the STLs and such then sorry I dont have time currently in my schedule PM me
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    Razer blade laptops up to $900 bucks off at microsoft store

    love my 1060 max-q 2018 model... it has been solid for a year and replaced my aging x79 sytem with faster render times and very similar gaming performance (290x GPU) with a whole lot less power and great portability.
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    WTB: 2018 Razer Blade 15

    best of luck! I have the 2018 with the large battery and the 1060 and it is a great rig. Thunderbolt 3 really is killer and the CPU is a beast. I sold my x79 system I had for years after buying it and dock it to an ultrawide at home and to my work setup with 4 monitors Plus the lights are...
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    any good deals on camera security systems?

    for $25 the Wyze cameras with a POE USB breakout and a cheap outdoor housing has been great for my setup. local and cloud storage, recently added person detection/recording.... Live View for multiple cameras I have 5 of them and they are great
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    FS: Apple TV 4th Gen a1625 w/ Siri remote

    looking to get $90 shipped. Apple TV a1625 apple tv 32gb remote & I think a power cord. I can ship ASAP They are selling for a little north of this on eBay. Figured I would come here first & include shipping costs Heat is 100+ under Adidas4275
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    How to check if my laptop has a video camera?

    device manager under cameras?
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    WTB: PS5 | FS: FormD T1, Thinkpad X1C, M1 MacBook Air, Corsair K70, Keychron K2

    man the price on that Blade is killer. I have the 60hz version and it is a very nice machine. I play BF and Rocket League mostly and it does great with that and rendering videos.... much faster than my 8 core X79 system I moved from. Love it. You make me want to buy it... I bought mine with...
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    Canon Rebel t5 $50 starting price

    selling my backup camera. Gets no use. Don’t have shutter count but under 5k for sure. Kit lens and battery only accessories. $50 starting $250 obo
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    Epic buys Rocket League developer Psyonix, will stop selling the game on Steam

    seriously.... this is a bad joke.... right will it be removed from steam? I have 3 copies on different steam accounts.... that is going to suck if I have to buy them again and start over FUCK I play a decent amount on PC and xbox and I am around diamond 2-3 usually.... not sure how to...
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    New HP Reverb headset

    i have the Odessey and + and the HP current gen and they are great.... the HP was $140 shipped and the Samsungs I got for super cheap too.... I use them on 1050ti, 1060 Max-q for eductional software and some light gaming and they are really the best bang for your $$ I think I will be buying...
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    F/S: surface 3 with dock and keyboard

    that is a great price .... makes me think about it. hmm
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    ASUS VivoBook Laptop m.2 swap

    man, usually a quick search shows a video or a tear down or something.... but nothing on this model Crucial says their m.2 is compatible with the machine so that means it is not a soldered on SSD which is good.... But Other than that I couldnt find anything on this model :(