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    Free Games for Windows

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    FS: sondo2121's Spring Cleaning

    bump for good prices..
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    FS: Q6700, E6600, VF1000, RHS88, etc.

    bump for great price on HTPC
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    Free 2GB USB Bracelet

    99% of the time, the name and contact info get put on a list and the product gets shipped out. No one looks at it unless you (the person filling out the form) requests that someone contact them. I get freebies sent to Nojunk Mailplease. I can instantly tell if something is junk or not. I know...
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    FS/FT - Buncha Stuff (RAM, Vid Cards, Hub, Haynes manuals etc..)

    I can ship anything up to 25 lbs for $6 via FedEx ground. So, buy it all. ;) Anything else will be shipped via USPS from 30318. postage calculator I have pics of everything below the listing. Some from a scanner, some from a camera. Everything is sold as-is and in working condition. I don't...
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    Dumpster Diving!

    they do. ;)
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    Free T-Shirt with Download

    Got this in an email this AM.
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    FS/FT - Lots O' Stuff on the Cheap

    Just in case anyone doesn't know, here's a postage calculator. My zip is 30144.
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    FS/FT - Lots O' Stuff on the Cheap

    I'll weigh the 2600s and get a better idea of shipping cost. monk posted first. though, in the future, anyone that PMs me gets first dibs.
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    FS/FT - Lots O' Stuff on the Cheap

    anyone else want pics?
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    what do you mean by "usb print server dongle"? That a USB Male A to USB Male B cable or a USB Male A to LPT adapter?
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    FS/FT - Lots O' Stuff on the Cheap

    I don't really know much about or why I even have it. I only know that it has been used by looking at it. I have no idea how I ended up with it and my wife is clueless as well. It might say on the box, but I don't speak/read Chinese. prolly says, "hahah. you buy stupid junk, white man...
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    I'm looking for: Mac OSX Original CD/DVD (don't care which version) Mac OS 9 Original CD (again, version doesn't matter) I have: (this and other stuff that I have for sale is listed in this thread. I though I would cross-post so the people with a little less cash would...
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    FS/FT - Lots O' Stuff on the Cheap

    Ok, I'm clearing out all the old stuff. Some of this stuff was gonna be built in to some kinda massive folding machine, but with another kid on the way, I don't see how the build is gonna ever happen. I do have an iMac that I need to get running for my daughter, but I need an OS. It's all...
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    Free Alcohol

    agreed. add awxDTools and you need nothing more.
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    I need some help with a Fiery RIP LCD

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    Flash or HTML Based MP3 Player?

    I can't seem to find a player that will do what I need without the use of java. The jlGui player is great, but one unit on my network doesn't like it. I've found other solutions, but the require XML playlists that are premade. I wanna be able to dynamically load audio files over the network...
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    Dumpster Diving!

    you really don't want old macs. they're hard to revive and basically worthless when you do. believe you me, I have 2 imacs.
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    The [H]ardForum Perpetual Freebies Thread

    Anyone have a busted Dell Inspiron 4000/4100? I just need some hinges for the LCD. Particularly the right one.
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    Free Solaris 10 and Sun Studio software Media Kit anyone else notice that it is German?
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    What brand HD does I/O Magic use?

    I've been very happy with the 250gb SATA hitachis in my NAS. I'll figure it is that then and risk the opening. :)
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    Can anyone ID this USB Port Jack Size?

    found this. Seems the part number is PAVC4USB. I think that's the best I can do.. for now.. :) it's the same cable for the 308 321 & 568 models.
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    Can anyone ID this USB Port Jack Size?

    nope. too square. USB Firewire it looks closer to closer to Firewire, but without the top notch. Also, firewire is not used for digital cameras unless it is video. Give 'em call (626) 839-6528 ext 117 , 119. 9:00-5:30 Monday-Friday PST time.
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    What brand HD does I/O Magic use?

    well, it could be real easy if I just opened it up. but I still wanna be able to return it.
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    What brand HD does I/O Magic use?

    I can't seem to find the specs anywhere for the harddrive within the Gigabank 250 external HD. I don't quite wanna open the box yet and was wondering if anyone knew the brand of hd that i/o magic uses.
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    Can anyone ID this USB Port Jack Size?

    I'm guessing it's a Sony. It's not firewire. prolly some proprietary bs to USB. That's what make me think it's a Sony.
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    Shoes: $40 off $80+ Amazon

    it worked for me. just make sure that the total (before discount) is over $80 and that the shoe(s) are all from
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    Shoes: $40 off $80+ Amazon

    Doc Marten's are all made in China since 2003 so no loss there.
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    Anybody for a free VooDoo 2 SLI set ?

    I recently upgraded to an ATI Rage Pro II.. I'm good.
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    Jimi Wallet (Facebook branded)

    me too.
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    Intel Pentium II Processor Clearance - $1.99 (266) $2.99 (350)

    damn. you could've made a badass case out of those.