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    Facebook buys Oculus VR

    I am so extremely glad I decided to build an AR instead of buy a DK2. Talk about dodging a bullet.
  2. J

    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX-Certified Speaker System $99.99 - Best Buy

    Tough question. I had a Z2300 until it died and Logitech RMAed me a Z623. The Z623 was definitely worse than the Z2300. My Z623 started dying a while back and I bought these Promedia when I saw this thread. The Promedia set is definitely better than the Z623. I believe the Promedia are better...
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    Raptr and the AMD Gaming Evolved Sweepstakes.

    The giveaways will continue in 2014 at some point. You will be able to enter the daily sweepstakes for 10 RP (10 minutes of gaming). We don't yet know what the prizes will be for the new sweepstakes. It wouldn't hurt to start building up the RP right now as I'd bet that more stuff will be added...
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    Raptr and the AMD Gaming Evolved Sweepstakes.

    I found the prize list from the rules, if anyone is still interested. There were 7,000-10,000 people entering each day. Prizes include: 200 AMD Promotional Battlefield 4 PC game codes (up to $60 value) 4,000 AMD Radeon Rewards Bronze Codes (up to $50 value) 900 AMD Radeon Rewards Silver Codes...
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    Raptr and the AMD Gaming Evolved Sweepstakes.

    I'm 99.999% it isn't tied to the games you played. I can't remember what I was playing for the bronze key (11/10). I won the silver key (12/29) for time spent playing Crysis 2. I'm glad I got something worthwhile from that turd of a game. I think the drawings are over for now. I think the one...
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    Raptr and the AMD Gaming Evolved Sweepstakes.

    LOL. I won again. I got a Silver code this time. Edited to add: Thief is a definite. Hitman: Absolution or FC3: Blood Dragon?
  7. J

    Raptr and the AMD Gaming Evolved Sweepstakes.

    I won a bronze code a while back. Redeemed for Sleeping Dogs.
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    Skyrim .... eh, I'm guessing the game will take a beating here

    Valve refuses to share Steam sales data with the NPD. Hell, the NPD only suggested that they'd start tracking digital downloads earlier this year. Can you see a problem with your report now? Don't worry, I'll be patient while you figure it out.
  9. J

    different brand 6870s for CF?

    I have Gigabyte and Sapphire 6870s that seem to be working fine together.
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    Philips Norelco 7310XL Men's Shaving System $29.24

    I own one and I am very disappointed in it. Works poorly on my throat and takes a lot of passes everywhere else. I don't have a thick or coarse beard. The trimmer is marginal. It has some use, but don't throw out your razors. I really wish I hadn't broken my old Braun.
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    SSF4 Disabled Gamer, just incredible..

    And faceroll just gained a dual meaning. Bravo to overcoming adversity.
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    @ - Epic: "PC piracy drove us to consoles"

    I don't think I could care less. In the last few years, the majority of games I've really enjoyed have been from indies, small/PC-only studios, or Valve. Epic? What have they done since UT2K4? Hell, I didn't even play that much; I played mods for that engine. Oh well, I guess I'll just have...
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    New nVidia driver patch Anti-ATI-PhysX with..Reverse Gravity..

    Well, that settles that. Despite the TDR problems I've had with two 4870s, my next card will be AMD. Maybe when Nvidia's childish bullshit costs them enough sales, they'll cut it out.
  14. J

    Question to anyone who has worked at GameStop.

    Do the thieves realize that one of the areas squeezed to make up for shrinkage is employee compensation, especially in a unskilled trade like retail?
  15. J

    Blowout price! Weider 200 Pullup Tower $47 at Kmart!!!

    Well, I went back in and asked for a price check on the units marked at $87. They were in the system for $52. Some-assembly-required time for me.
  16. J

    Blowout price! Weider 200 Pullup Tower $47 at Kmart!!!

    Was $88 in-store for me. CS desk said that they don't pricematch
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    AVP gets a 5.5 from Gamespot...

    I think 5.5 is a little generous.
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    Patriot Memory's Box Office Media Player Review @ [H]

    I just bought a PBO, an Optoma 65, and got a 106" pulldown thrown in. I'm not quite sure when the ear-to-ear grin will fade, but I doubt it'll be soon.
  19. J

    Verizon Cuts Service to Alleged Pirates

    Two points: Verizon is not monitoring your connection - RTFA. Verizon is responding to warnings from imaginary property owners. The short version is that the imaginary property owners connect to BT trackers or filesharing apps, scrape a list of connected addresses, and send out warning emails...
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    MW2 - Ridiculous story? (spoiler alert)

    The biggest fail to the single player is that it could have been so much better. Separate the game into essentially two theaters: a: Reacting to or preventing Russian terrorist reprisals in the US where you get to be a spec-ops ninja badass in relatively low body count operations. b: Large...
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    Ripped off by Windows 7

    Actually, it pretty much says exactly that you can use the software on both CPUs at the same time.
  22. J

    Ripped off by Windows 7

    Well, I was going to flame a little about everybody knowing about the Home Premium/Pro distinction, but look what I dug out of the EULA for Win 7 HP: EULAs are available here.
  23. J

    MW2, No Dedicated Servers, PB, 9v9 limit, leaning, etc etc

    There is another bright side; if the negative response from this decision actually has a measurable negative impact on OMGOMGMW2's sales, you can be sure that other developers (or more importantly, publishers) will think twice before designing P2P matchmaking into their games. If a game this...
  24. J

    FakeFactory Conematics Mod 10 is out - anyone have a decent download source?

    The FF mods are pretty awesome, but thank baby jeebus that you can opt out of the new Alyx. HD texture and enhanced visuals are much appreciated, but making the tomboyish (and adorable) heroine into a 13-year old's masturbatory fantasy is just vaguely creepy. Creepy and ultimately inferior.
  25. J

    Batman AA: Line Launcher

    Blow that shit up. Cut scene starts with Batman reporting in that the production facility is destroyed.
  26. J

    Batman AA: Line Launcher

    Are all the Titan tanks on the walls blown up?
  27. J

    MW2, No Dedicated Servers, PB, 9v9 limit, leaning, etc etc

    Ya know, if you'd asked me an hour ago, I would have told you that there was nothing that would have kept me from buying MW2 on day one. I couldn't even imagine a design choice this stupid.
  28. J

    Expert Challenges UFO Hacker's $700k Bill

    A message this poor misunderstood fellow left on a machine: "US foreign policy is akin to government-sponsored terrorism these days? It was not a mistake that there was a huge security stand-down on September 11 last year...I am SOLO. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels.” He...
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    Pranknet Leader Unmasked

    It would appear that some of these wankstains are about to become very familiar with the effects of this document.
  30. J

    Astraweb usenet provider $96/year

    Not bad. I was already on the three-month plan, but this is definitely worth the upgrade.
  31. J


    Well, at least it is still in contention for "Most appropriate title of 2009."
  32. J

    pixars render farm

    It's worth mentioning that is probably 1 frame per hour per 1u. If that entire farm was only capable of one frame per hour, Cars would have taken a bit over 19 years to render (assuming CGI is 24fps).
  33. J

    Cyrus - DOW2 - minor spoilers

    I actually prefer Cyrus over Tarkus or the dreadnought. Cyrus is a specialist with a strong focus on powers and accessories. For instance, in a Tyranid mission, Cyrus and his hotshot power makes things incredibly easy. The only enemies he can't one shot are the carnifexs and the boss...
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    HP MediaSmart Home Servers (several on sale)

    Important bit of info on the Mediasmarts: The first generation support port multipliers for the eSATA port, the second generation don't. With a four-bay external enclosure, you can run four additional SATA drives from the eSATA port off a first generation machine, while a second generation can...
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    HP MediaSmart Home Servers (several on sale)

    HD103UI? I'm running three of the 1TB 5400 rpm drives in mine right now. I haven't run into a single problem.
  36. J

    Samsung EcoGreen 1TB

    I bought 3 of these on Oct 18 and I've already had to RMA one for a SMART error.
  37. J

    can i get some input from those who've played Prince of Persia on PC?

    The only one of the previous three I played was Sands of Time. PoP08 isn't quite as good as SoT, but it is still a very good game. My main gripe against the new one is that it just feels less epic than SoT. In every technical aspect, it is just bigger, better, and prettier, but it doesn't draw...
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    Stacraft II Multiplayer video

    Both the announcers need stabbing in the face. Starcraft 2 seems to be coming along though.
  39. J

    Woot Off - Dec 9 @ midnight

    Good mic, mediocre bass response for the headphones.
  40. J

    Any reason not to use WHS?

    Windows Home Server. It is basically Windows SBS 2003 with a simple frontend and a lot of automation.