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    DIY Cintiq clone for $250ish?

    Perhaps stripping an LCD was intimidating for them? In the DIY projector hobby, they ended up going to expensive custom controller boards & 15.6" laptop screens in order to get 1080p. Now that the product niche has been established, there are several controllers commercially available. I...
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    “Eyeborg” Replaces Eye with Functioning Wireless Video Camera

    Even if they are just nonfunctional props in terms of health
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    “Eyeborg” Replaces Eye with Functioning Wireless Video Camera

    I gotta say, designing bionic attachments for the disabled is the coolest use of a computer game PR budget I've ever seen.
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    DIY Cintiq clone for $250ish?

    It would appear there's already an entire forum devoted to this activity.
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    Photoshop Workstation

    I've been tossing around this idea for a while, but this made me post it.
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    DIY Cintiq clone for $250ish?

    I was recently alerted to the high-end features and low price of the pen tablets available at Monoprice - a graphics tablet was something I'd always figured was too expensive for me, but I just picked up a small one with an order of cables. While reading about it, I discovered two things: *$80...
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    Newspaper Must Identify Anonymous Posters to Website

    Could we cease equating our knowledge of the law (yes, many things on the internet are currently illegal) with justice, and have a debate about whether libel/slander laws *should* apply to non-commercial speech on the internet? It seems to me that we've gotten by just fine without them, by...
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    MLAA is a game changer.

    Okay, so we've established that screenshots show a beneficial effect. Applying a 'blur' filter to every frame is actually an improvement considering the limited resolution and texture quality that's often used. Color me impressed. My question is whether the alleged horrible input lag makes it...
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    The over-60Hz LCD thread

    Evidently, those of you who weren't around when LCDs started to replace CRTs didn't get this lecture a few dozen times. CRTs and LCDs render an image very differently. On a CRT the pixel is painted and immediately begins to fade, until it is painted again at the next level of brightness. On...
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    Western Digital Elements 120GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive ($25 f/s newegg)

    Many external 2.5" drives will either always or will eventually require a double cable because they need 1000ma rather than 500ma, and don't expect to use them at all from unpowered hubs.
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    ATI Catalyst 10.8B Hotfix

    10.N hotfix = 10.(N+1) beta Usually, however, there's very little difference between the beta and the actual next release - it's just 3-4 weeks of WHQL testing with no changes.
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    Driving a Message Home with an Optical Illusion

    This does appear to be a $15,000 chalk drawing. Its "3-D-ness" comes from simple nonlinear perspective.
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    Dubai Police Chief Calls BlackBerry a Spy Tool

    Dubai, the city, has pitched itself to the world as an island of Western tolerance, laws and economic development in the Arab world. That this tradition has been built from scratch in the last 20 years does show - the relationship with migrant workers, the dual set of laws for natives and...
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    ATI Drivers really that bad?

    Check the latest 10.7a drivers, which are reported to improve things. Someone's got to have a quadfire setup and enough time to run serious benchmarks... unless gaming sites really do only post when coming out of NDA.
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    ATI Drivers really that bad?

    Crossfire has a few problems. Active DP->HDMI cables are rarely problem-free. Eyefinity in general has a lot of problems. Crossfire+Eyefinity have severe problems most of the time. OTOH... Nvidia doesn't have or appear to have plans for a hardware Eyefinity feature - their stuff only works in...
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    Friend just had his 8800gt fried in Starcraft 2..

    The notion that some GPUs would reliably fail in Furmark because they're being "artificially stressed" and exceed their designed TDP is one thing. The idea that they wouldn't throttle back clockspeed based on temperature, as has been done since Pentium 4's is another. But an automatic fan...
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    EVE Online: CCP tells players that they won't fix the game

    I think they're reading this completely backwards. Nobody regards it as a new game. It does not get the luxury of new shelf displays or waves of new reviews to enlighten new customers. New customers are recruited primarily through word of mouth and old customers leave with two or three...
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    Friend just had his 8800gt fried in Starcraft 2..

    !WARNING! Our solar panels may melt during installation by Install-R-Us, because they take the wrapper off before putting it on the roof. The full heat of the sun on the exposed solar panel causes the plastic backing to melt while moving it from the van to the roof. We are sorry for our error...
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    Knocked off a small transistor 5870

    (late post) Could you show us the parts you knocked off, face-up and face-down?
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    Knocked off a small transistor 5870

    It's doubtful something that far away from the ports has much to do with "outputting a signal". You may be able to fix it if you have $30 to spend at Radio shack and still have the part you knocked off, though. Can you offer us a high-res picture of the area so we can see it?
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    LCD's with really really small/thin bezels?

    We were eagerly awaiting the Samsung thin bezel screens... until everyone saw pictures at CES and they were not particularly thin in the bezel area, they were exorbitantly priced, and they did not come in 5x1 configuration. Buy these Dell LCDs (w/ 20%Dell SB coupon), the EA231WMi, or the HP...
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    ATI Radeon 5870 2GB 3X2 Eyefinity Gaming Experience @ [H]

    Crossfire+Eyefinity's framebuffer requirements make games choke on PCIE bandwidth somewhere between 2, 3, and 4 GPUs depending on the game/setup - but by quadfire you're usually performing considerably worse than a single GPU. Triple CF is a crapshoot as to whether it is better or worse than...
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    AGP Graphics Card Failing...

    PCI video card expertise is not strong around here. It's been 10 years since this was the case. Possibly helpful - one can still get a Radeon 2400 pro AGP for $50 or a Radeon 3850 AGP for $100.
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    Eyefinity + 120hz + 5970 working!

    Do you own shutter glasses? There's a lot of interest in 3D Eyefinity.
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    whats your power bill each month?

    Okay, to abstract a whole discipline of electrical engineering into one illustrative if technically & theoretically incorrect remark: In general, given the limitations observed within a CPU product, processor power needs for a given design/process scales with something like a square law in...
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    Class 6 MicroSDHC 32gb cards???

    There is a problem on Ebay with cards that are marked 32GB, are formatted to appear as if they are 32GB, but will give you an error when they pass their actual internal 2GB capacity. This holds for all types of Flash media and USB sticks. The "Class" is a minimum performance rating guaranteed...
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    unlimited budget build

    Mini-DP to normal-DP is just wiring connectors together - it's "passive", and thus it's $5 on Monoprice. Active adapters involve a complex powered signals processing chip. ∞$ is usually not intended literally. Could your friend be a little more clear? That said, a ludicrous system...
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    Need new 24" LCD monitor
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    Need new 24" LCD monitor

    If you're contemplating the U2410, have a look at the ZR24w as well.
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    Why is the ZR24w popular at all?

    In order: *IPS panel *Displayport *Standard Gamut *$100 cheaper than Dell's 24", which has had build problems *$100 more expensive than EA231WMi, but +1 inch, and more importantly, 16:10 rather than 16:9 *supposedly 5ms g2g response time
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    Non-TN monitors with Displayport List

    Updated - anyone have any additions?
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    Eyefinity Configuration Suggestions

    Aggie, many looking for Eyefinity solutions have centered on IPS displays with DisplayPort, which are considerably better when viewed off-angle in portrait mode, at a price premium. I have a list up here.
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    ~$5,000 gaming PC

    A) You get some headroom for future games (may make a difference in whether you can just upgrade the vidcard 3 years down the road and keep playing just-released games). B) You get a lot of Windows 7 disk cache. C) You get the ability to make a RAMDISK, which for anything database-backed that is...
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    HP ZR24w

    It is not hard to judge from pictures. It is completely impossible. You can't adequately correct for variables even if you know the ones you mentioned - the layout and contents of the room have a big effect. The only chance is to check them side by side, or set up a test rig.
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    HP ZR24W or NEC EA231WMi best for eye strain?

    The only significant difference is going to be the type and amount of matte surface coating, I think.
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    [H]ard Projector setup

    For a long time, it's been possible to do adjustable keystoning on LCD projectors so that when projected at an angle, the output didn't appear trapezoidal. This was done by resampling the whole screen and pushing it through a transform function. You could certainly do the same thing for...
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    Eyefinity Configuration Suggestions

    Philster: It works fine. It uses one of the two (HDMI or DVI) bit streams that the GPU chip can electronically generate. This is not very useful, though. Displayport is necessary for the third output.
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    ~$5,000 gaming PC

    I would consider the possibility that you will never get satisfactory 3D 3x1 portrait Eyefinity. You need TN displays (which tend to be bad in portrait arrays) for 120hz, coordinating multiple monitors(imperfectly) with the LCD shutter is likely much harder than a single monitor, the drivers to...
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    HP ZR22W 22 inch IPS 1920x1080

    This monitor features swivel capabilities. That means in theory you can move the screen sideways relative to the stand, and use multi-monitor configs with no gap, because while the stand may be wider than the monitor in portrait, it certainly isn't deeper than the monitor is wide. Can anyone...
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    Where are the 5870 2gb/5970 4gb reviews..

    The word on the WSGF forums is that when they asked about 5x1p capability the response was 'sometime soon, after launch'. That's why you're seeing 3x2.