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    Sony Is Struggling With PlayStation 5 Price Due to Costly Parts

    Hmm, I hope they use 100gb Bluray discs. That would likely drop the prices down on burnable discs in the retail market.
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    No Man's Sky - a procedurally generated sand box space exploration game

    So it has an offline installer? I thought it had an online required component with the Dev's servers.
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    Building a new rig, looking for suggestions aka OCCT Overall System Info Temperature monitor (CPU-Z for cpu info is here too) GPU-Z GPU info aida64 paid testing, can run eval version...
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    No Man's Sky - a procedurally generated sand box space exploration game

    If I remember right, the GOG version requires their launcher to run, there is no DRM free offline installer for it. That and it only works with other GOG clients, so no playing with Steam friends.
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    CBS Makes Star Trek: Picard Pilot Free On YouTube 'For a Limited Time'

    Reminds me of Discovery and all 21 producers in season 2. I saw a large list of producers on the first episode of Picard on youtube and got a good laugh. at 18:09, lasts a minute or so (should be queued there):
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    The Division 2

    Indeed. Not surprised since I all of a sudden saw streamers I watch regularly getting paid to stream Div2 content last week or so when they hadn't touched it since Div2's release last year. Yet one of the streamers he mentioned was just playing Borderlands3. A streamer that used to play survival...
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    Radeon RX 5700 Series Thermal Issues Points To AMD and NOT AIB Partner Designs!

    Didn't the reference 5700XT cards have issues with mounting pressue and needed the washer fix on the mounting screws? That said, Asus has not been doing a good job lately and I'd place most of this on them for not testing their cards for basic thermal issues before shipping.
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    Tesla disables feature after car is purchased, claims feature 'wasn't paid for'.

    His model X video shows mice eating his air filter and setting up a colony in there behind it.
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    Next-Gen GeForce Teaser

    See I was right! It was a failed promotion with the Bumblebee movie from last year that they redid for cyberpunk.
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    Next-Gen GeForce Teaser

    Looks like a bumblebee yellow trim on Turing's reference design. Stunning. So brave. So blurry. So blase.
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    Gamers are ditching Radeon graphics cards over driver issues

    Your problem is likely the old mobo and uefi bios preferring rx570. I've had chronic instability on an older amd 2011 mobo using old bios model and/or power draw issues. R9 290 and rx480 cards did not work well for me in that board. The rx480 cards being randomly unstable with all errors...
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    Netgear R7000 going bad?

    Yeah, I've had random drops on the wifi the past few months. Seems worse since the 1.09.88_10.2.88 firmware. I've seen others have problems with it. Sometimes it takes out just the 5ghz wifi, other times both the 2.4 and 5ghz. Only a power cycle fixes it. I'll probably downgrade firmware or jump...
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    CBS Makes Star Trek: Picard Pilot Free On YouTube 'For a Limited Time'

    That was my point though. Discovery was a one time showing on one day. They're streaming Picard on youtube for a "limted time", so a week? Two? You could say they learned from the last time or are desperate for more eyeballs to get people to subscribe or both.
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    CBS Makes Star Trek: Picard Pilot Free On YouTube 'For a Limited Time'

    Wow, viewership records on a show bringing back popular characters from a tv show with devoted (to say the least) fans after twenty years off the air. Amazing. So amazing they offer the first episode up for free on youtube instead of the Discovery deal that was on CBS over the air for one night.
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    CBS Makes Star Trek: Picard Pilot Free On YouTube 'For a Limited Time'

    That is probably my biggest pet peeve with these shows. They don't even hide it anymore and are just preachy preening pundits.
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    CBS Makes Star Trek: Picard Pilot Free On YouTube 'For a Limited Time'

    They can't use any ships from TNG/TOS era without paying fees for usage permission from CBS. They have to change everything 25%+ from established canon so JJ Abrams/Bad Robot can license the stuff themselves to make money from it. Also allows CBS/Viacom or whoever still owns TNG/TOS rights to...
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    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    Thats my impression after the first episode. I'd rather put up with Voyager on its worst day.
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    CBS Makes Star Trek: Picard Pilot Free On YouTube 'For a Limited Time'

    That was Mrs. Carmichael at her boarding house who called him Mister Pickard. Stuck with me all these years.
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    CBS Makes Star Trek: Picard Pilot Free On YouTube 'For a Limited Time'

    MISTER Pickard! I'd like to have a word with you! Thats all I can picture and hear in my head when I read about the Romulan gal working with/for Picard. Gentleman Johnny Pickard is off to save the day or something.
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    Forgot the password? Your device is bricked.

    Too many secrets.
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    Warcraft 3 Reforged

    Wow, what a disaster of epic proportions. Glad I didn't preorder it. I was looking forward to playing updated TowerDefense and other custom games on bnet. No point now as I doubt many will bother to make them just to turn them over to Blizzard for all rights etc.. It doesn't even seem like much...
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    Radeon RX 5600 XT Launch Review Round Up

    The irony of a mostly panned game like Wolfenstein Youngblood being a good example of rtx/dlss performance.
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    Epic Games Store

    Crying about the morality of piracy will fall on a lot of deaf ears no matter what. Its not as if piracy doesnt affect the whole gaming industry, consoles included. Devs/Game makers can complain about revenue and funding but as the customer I'm not going to care much if I'm forced into their box...
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    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    Well to be fair, Picard and Data did sing opera together. They were at the start of Insurrection if I remember right. Coincidentally, the only Trek movie I've almost walked out on in the first 15 minutes. Still regret staying.
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    comptia opposes right to repair bill

    The complaint is why spend so much time on obsolete tech and ignore new stuff, especially now since they're (Comptia) apparently requiring recertification every 3 years or so? Of course you're going to come across old tech that you have to maintain but to focus on that stuff for an entry level...
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    comptia opposes right to repair bill

    Louis makes a good point about CompTia A+ tests about 1min30 in. He mentions Firewire being on the A+ test a few years ago which I noticed then and even before with even older stuff like ISA slots. I remember seeing some of the same old outdated questions on tech in 2005 that were still in the...
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    Radeon RX 5600 XT Launch Review Round Up

    That AMD seemed to want to compete with the 1660ti and not the 1660super. If they had put out the lower power/clocked 5600xt at $250 and the high power at $280-300 they'd be competitive or better in most cases. The 1660ti was effectively dead once the 1660super came out. The 2060 was dead when...
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    Radeon RX 5600 XT Launch Review Round Up

    NE has 15 cards up, some are still pre-order till later this week. Only 3 of them are at $279. Some 3 fan versions are hitting $299-$309 and Asus as usual has a $339 Strix version.
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    Number of Switch vs. Wii games launched over first 3 years

    The obvious answer is 500 versions of Skyrim for the Switch.
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    AMD baits nVidia again

    A nice upgrade I guess for anyone who wants a 5600XT. Generation Upsell continues a pace, with the race to bait becoming an endemic trait.
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    Help with buying a gpu

    A used 580/590 8gb is the best price/perf value for your situation. Far better then dealing with the ram speed issue.
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    best new gpu for around $350?

    Its not horrible but what many are saying is true, that the upgrade is not really worth it if your resolution is 1080p/60hz. My advice would be to try tweaking RDR2 settings. It is a Rockstar game, optimization is sub par, game is buggy and well, it will run better in 2-3 years when everyone can...
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    Linux Founder Linus Torvalds Draws Ire for Criticizing Oracle ZFS

    The ram requirement as I've read it did start on the FreeNas forums and Cyberjock (last I saw a few years ago still had his junkyard dog avatar) is well known among the rest of that forum as being rude, arrogant grognards. If you build a system for Freenas that the didn't generally recommend...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to September 17, 2020

    I'm like shocked, shocked I say! Well, not that shocked.
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    Need a cheap very basic open bench to test motherboards I've used the Top Deck variant for about 4-5 years now. Its not perfect and kind of a pain to put together but works very well.
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    2016 GPUs vs 2019 GPUs

    Hardware Unboxed compares the Rx 470/570 and 950/1050ti vs the new 5500XT and 1650 cards. TLDR/Watch: The 2016 $200 and under video cards are still the better value.
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    PSA: Windows 7 support ends tomorrow, Jan 14, 2020

    Its the end of the world as we know it..... and I feel fine.
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    Videocardz: EVGA preparing GeForce RTX 2060 KO

    The 1070ti only exists to combat the threat from Vega cards. It came out 1.5 years after the 1070 (June 2016 vs Nov 2017) and is basically a lower clocked 1080. Compare it to the price of the 970 cards, it was also $120 more expensive. I'm fine with say 30% performance increase between...
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    Crucial P1 1TB, brutally slow and hot

    It happens rather often when backing up drives and games, transferring the images and backup files around between computers, servers and backup external drives.
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    Huh, is Overwatch one of those? That game seems to drive my rx 480 and now 570 to max fan speeds in a heartbeat. GTA5 and even RedDead2 are quieter. Also, I've learned my lesson and I'm staying away from the 2020 drivers for a few months if possible. I've never had anything too drastic with...