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  1. MGCJerry

    Gaming in your 40s

    Turning 41 this year. Started PC gaming in 97. As of a few years ago I still played some of my older classic favorites but my gaming interest has tapered sharply the last year or so. I'm starting to wonder why I just dont start using low powered netbooks anymore because all I do now is low power...
  2. MGCJerry

    Itching to upgrade, but I know its a bad time and been awhile.

    Thanks for the responses. cybereality, I just looked at the 5600x and it definitely looks like a no-brainer upgrade. Thanks. Agreed with looking at the QVL memory list. Corsair vengence is my default go-to, and looking at that list once a board is decided on will definitely occur. I've been...
  3. MGCJerry

    Itching to upgrade, but I know its a bad time and been awhile.

    I'm still rocking on my aging Intel 4790K (first Intel build since my last socket 7 intel build), but looking to go back to AMD this round (I dont have a brand loyalty). I've been looking around and seen lots of stuff that honestly seems pointless. When did boards get so bloated? The days of...
  4. MGCJerry

    Memory Lane: List some of your old favorites

    My favorites and I still play most of them. In alphabetical order: Airport Tycoon Command & Conquer Descent Freespace 1 & 2 Diablo II LoD Draken Order of the Flame Duke Nukem 3D Dungeon Keeper 2 Homeworld Janes F15 Return to Castle Wolfenstein Shadow Warrior Starcraft Brood War Total Annihilation
  5. MGCJerry

    games that were on your school computers

    Number Munchers on the Apple ][ I believe. Later on it was "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego", "SkiFree"... But we weren't allowed to play them, or even power them on ourselves. We were only allowed to retype the spreadsheets, reproduce sample documents that were in the books and that was...
  6. MGCJerry

    Desktop icons do you use them gaming shortcuts?

    I just use the start menu. ClassicShell Hybrid menu FTW. The games I play a lot show up in the menu first. Otherwise ALL non-steam game shortcuts get moved to Start -> Games -> ______ and I go from there. Of the currently 2 games I play on Steam, I just start from Steam in the tray.
  7. MGCJerry

    WTB - RX460 passive cooler

    Looking for a compatible passive cooler for my MSI RX 460 so I can install it in a rackmount case. I don't have a heatwave, but I do have clean ebay/paypal accounts for over the last 12 years.
  8. MGCJerry

    [Video card Mod] Replacing pci-e power connector

    Its going to be some time before I get to the swap. Not much for pictures, just my workstation build placed into a rackmount case to clear up room on my desk. I'm pretty sure I wont be able to make use of my swiftech water cooling loop, but we'll see. My power monitoring system takes a higher...
  9. MGCJerry

    [Video card Mod] Replacing pci-e power connector

    Awesome. Thanks for the link pendragon. I must have been looking in the wrong category.
  10. MGCJerry

    [Video card Mod] Replacing pci-e power connector

    I've been wanting to put my computer build into a 3U rackmount case and everything will fit with the exception to my video card (RX 460). My pci-e power connector is on top edge of the card and this will prevent the build from fitting inside the case. It would fit in a 4U, but I have a 3U...
  11. MGCJerry

    4K TV & RX460 HDMI dropouts

    Yup, GE cable says it was certified. I was getting the dropouts running 4:2:0 on that same cable as well. Current video card is set as first display card in bios. That's the first thing I do when I install a video card. Verify that setting, and set if needed...
  12. MGCJerry

    4K TV & RX460 HDMI dropouts

    Update... Woke up this morning, and turning the 'monitor' on, it once again has no input. 3 Cables, 2 drivers, 1 OS image later its not worth the effort. I shouldnt have to reboot my computer to get my monitor turned on. I'm retunring it and saying the hell with 4K and just pay the premium for...
  13. MGCJerry

    4K TV & RX460 HDMI dropouts

    Thanks for the replies. I think its less to do with the cables, and more between the devices... The first cable was an old DISH cable that was 9 feet. The 2nd one was a PS4 cable that was 6 feet (as of the original post). I'm now using another one that's 4 feet (as of typing this reply), and...
  14. MGCJerry

    4K TV & RX460 HDMI dropouts

    I have an old 23" i-INC 1080 monitor over DVI that ran fine for years on many machines but its backlight is flickering and needs to be replaced. Time to upgrade... So, lets go 4K... I have an MSI RX460 4GB card, and a new LG 43" UJ6300 4K tv I'm trying to use as a primary monitor over HDMI...
  15. MGCJerry

    EA loses 3 billion in stock due to BF2 loot box fiasco

    Good... Keep the hurt train a rollin' and hopefully publishers will take note that gamers are sick of this nonsense. The only voice gamers have is their money, stop the cashflow hard enough and long enough they'll get the message, or a gubmint bailout...
  16. MGCJerry

    Tips for working in a home cabinet..?

    Here's where I'm currently at with the cabinet as a 'quick start'. It still needs some work as I still want to get more stuff loaded (providing floor is adequate), but at least the old wood "cabinet" is gone. I also had to rearrange my room for everything to fit.
  17. MGCJerry

    My small network

    Yet another update... The "cabinet" broke a few weeks ago and wasn't easily repairable. Thanks for the 12 years of service, but its time to move on. So, I bought a full cabinet off ebay from a local person for stupid cheap ($150). It barely fit in a kia soul (sideways) and I've finally managed...
  18. MGCJerry

    Tips for working in a home cabinet..?

    Thanks for the replies :) Going to start the minimums today. Router, switch (48 port version), modem (an annoying stand-up model), primary server (not pictured) and it does have rails. I'll keep a patch panel in mind,If my work place has any laying around, and offers a decent price, ill go for...
  19. MGCJerry

    Tips for working in a home cabinet..?

    This past weekend I bought a 42U cabinet for CHEAP ($150) off fleabay/craigslist (locally) to house all of my networking crap. Lets just say it juuuuuuuuust fits in a 2015 Kia Soul sideways with about 3' hanging out the back, and a 17 mile trip back home and lots of strange stares. :D The old...
  20. MGCJerry

    Can't decide on a storage and back-up solution

    I use local & off-site. My OS is on one disk or partition (depending on machine), and my data is on another disk or partition and that is backed up to another hard drive and put in my safe deposit box. If I had a massive crash on Friday after the bank closes, it is still far faster to wait until...
  21. MGCJerry

    Everything search app

    Another vote for Agent Ransack. Totally great for finding content *inside* files... Windows tells me it found 6 unrelated (its in the file name, not inside the file) files in a 8 minute search, when ransack finds 121 (ah! and the file i was looking for) in 2 minutes.
  22. MGCJerry

    What software protection do you guy use?

    Active protection? A brain. *All* scripting disabled (love noscript). Ublock. View emails in plain text. Lots of crap killed in hosts, lots of crap killed at the firewall. All non-essentail crap turned off, disabled, or uninstalled entirely in all software, addons, operating system- anything...
  23. MGCJerry

    Browser loading slowly after LAN server change, but only for one machine

    Solved! I logged into my switch to make note of my port configurations because I have a new switch coming soon, and I seen a TON of 'alerts' regarding my machine & the server. Hmm... Cleared all the alerts, and loaded the local site. Alert on the switch console... Loaded it again... Another...
  24. MGCJerry

    Browser loading slowly after LAN server change, but only for one machine

    Good questions... 1. No, I just have the standard updated Intel drivers for my board. Same for the server. 2. Both... I have included the relevant portion of my httpd.conf below. I had loaded php the same way when I was using Apache2.2 on Server2k3.... Perhaps its different with 2.4? 3. Yes, I...
  25. MGCJerry

    Recent(terrible) customer support experience with ASUS

    I've had a huge ASUS cussed-umer support fiasco as well. I will never again purchase ASUS products, my girlfriend wont either just out of spite. For the price you're paying you should at least get some half decent customer support. Its a damn shame because they have a lot of great solid gear but...
  26. MGCJerry

    Decent laptops for the basics

    You will more than likely not have any problems doing those with that configuration. I've done heavier stuff on a machine that's significantly weaker... Unless you're [H] as nails, then you will want far MOAR!... :D Just note that you cant watch 1080 on that machine as the resolution on that...
  27. MGCJerry

    Browser loading slowly after LAN server change, but only for one machine

    These were some of the first settings in place. However, this did make a marked improvement with the other LAN devices earlier in diagnosis. Yes, I do. Ive encountered this issue back in Apache 1.3 days hosting on windows 2000. I always double check to ensure its off. After further testing...
  28. MGCJerry

    Browser loading slowly after LAN server change, but only for one machine

    1. No other entires in the hosts file except for usual localhost While i could be wrong, i think this isn't a dns issue since Im accessing strictly via IP. But, I've also been wrong before making such assumptions. Nonetheless, it was still something to doublecheck. 2. No dns suffix. 3...
  29. MGCJerry

    Browser loading slowly after LAN server change, but only for one machine

    As the title says; My browser loads slowly after LAN server change, but only for my machine. My VMs on my machine are fine as well. More information below. I had a server named "Hydra" ( which was my main web/development server. Running Server2k3 (32bit), Apache 2.2, Maria DB 10...
  30. MGCJerry

    Headless BlueIris server

    Excellent. Thanks for the replies everyone. :) I managed to score another server for dirt cheap. Dual Xeon E5645 with 24GB ram, and a few 300GB SAS disks. Going to be doing some experiments to see if i can make use of this machine to replace my X7DCL based machine. I'm using some specific...
  31. MGCJerry

    Headless BlueIris server

    I've been wanting to setup a new security system for the house because of suspicious activity that's been going on for awhile now. I bought 2 HD IP cams, and have full intention of using Blue Iris software to manage the cameras... However, reading the requirements makes me question how well the...
  32. MGCJerry

    [server] Supermicro X7DCL & IPMI riser card?

    I have a supermicro X7DCL 1U based server with the following chassis CSE-813MTQ-350CB. The 1u case only has space for 1 riser card I currently have a flexible PCI riser for some weather monitoring hardware. However, it is a full height card, and it extends above the IPMI slot. The IPMI card is...
  33. MGCJerry

    New fireball malware

    Ooooo... Its free! Nobody cares that they are the product being sold and mined... Unless they get something free.
  34. MGCJerry

    My small network

    An update: I have bought a new router and reconfigured the network a bit. I am no longer double NAT'd. I have updated the picture in the first post. May have to force refresh to see it.. I'll see about getting a camera and snapping a picture when I'm done screwing around with other things. For...
  35. MGCJerry

    XTM520 port forwarding (SNAT) problems

    UPDATE: Never mind... Found out what was going on. I'm using GRC "shields up" port test and the router was blocking GRC from doing its scan. I have added the GRC ip to the exclude addresses and everything seems to be fine now. I have acquired a Watchguard XTM 520 for a new router. Originally...
  36. MGCJerry

    What's been the most relaxing game you've played of late?

    Relaxing? Actually a few depending how wound up I am... 1. Unreal Tournament (the old old old one *waves cane babbling about kids on his lawn*) 2. Space Engine (not quiet a game - yet, but fun to explore) 3. Saints Row 4. My favorite "superhero powers" game.
  37. MGCJerry

    Is early access a good thing?

    Betteridge's law of headlines is one name for an adage that states: "Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no." -wikipedia article Anyway. "No" I don't think it is a good thing. To me it says "were broke, and need money to finish this so pay up suckers. Oh, and...
  38. MGCJerry

    Personal top 10 Games of all time!

    Here's mine. PC & consoles included. Fun is fun regardless of platform and are included based on how much fun I've had playing them. 10. Mass Effect 2 (PC) 9. Tetris (Original Gameboy) 8. Super Mario Bros (NES) 7. Excite Bike (NES) 6. Duke Nukem 3D (PC) 5. Worms World Party (PC) 4. Goldeneye...
  39. MGCJerry

    Time to scratch the itch... Need a video card

    I had to cut my budget due to an expense.... Darn it. However, I have somewhat stuck with your suggestion and picked up an XFX RX460 4GB card for $120. Runs miles ahead of what I had. Happy with it so far. Thanks
  40. MGCJerry

    Time to scratch the itch... Need a video card

    I'm currently using an old HD-67701 GB card. I have the itch to upgrade to something newer. Looking for a good bang for the buck that will last me Notes: • Windows 7 • i7-4790K (light OC socket 1150) • Gigabyte z97 board • 24GB RAM • 750w corsair PSU Limit: $250 [firm] Don't game with the...