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    Laptop Recommendations

    I've been using ASUS laptops the last several years, having previously been a Sager fan, and have nothing but good things to say about them. For what you're looking for either of these might be an option for right around the $1600 price range...
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    Sub-14" laptop suggestions?

    The scrapping software she uses is windows only. And she has a ton of projects saved, which as far as I know can't be imported into memory maker or iscrapbook. So unless you can run windows on the macbook, will need to be a win7 system.
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    Sub-14" laptop suggestions?

    Hadn't looked at the i3's, not sure why I overlooked them. The 14.1" are just at the threshhold, so will have to drag Sarah to bestbuy to size them up. Though I do see there's a 13.3 with the i3 and it's only $50 more, so that's a possibility, though the battery life with the 12-cell listed...
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    Sub-14" laptop suggestions?

    Looking to upgrade my wife's laptop. She's currently using a now 5 year old Dell 700m and while it works, it's starting to show it's age. She does mostly email/web/word/power point but lately has been doing some photoediting and using a scrapbook program and the little system is choking. The...
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    I need Pink LED fans.

    White LED fan (do they make them?) and pink nail polish. Back when I was case modding, back when the color options for LEDs were clear, red, and green I would use nail polish on white LEDs to get other colors and it worked pretty well. Looks clean as only the LEDs are painted and is cheap...
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    How Much Money You'd Save By Skipping Christmas

    Had this revelation a few years ago. My family, thankfully, is pretty well off so we would end up giving gifts just to give them, we really didn't need anything. Often it was things you didn't really need or gift cards. What my wife and I decided to do instead was donate the funds to charity...
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    10 Video Games to Cross Off Your Child’s Gift List

    There is some truth to the concerns, though not as much as the pols would like you to believe. The studies that have been done show that when you look at children that played "violent" videogames compared to those that played a "non-violent" video game the first group showed increased...
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    Jimmy Kimmel on DA:O

    Still disappointed you couldn't get something going with Shale...
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    Best i7 cooler tha WONT block a DIMM

    I'm running the exact rig as setter posted in the pic above, but using a Coolermster v8 and can easily get to all 6 dimm slots. Idling at 30-32, haven't really stress tested it much letting the AS5 set in (I know, I know - other stuff works better but it's what I had at home and I'm impatient)...
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    XFX 5870 in stock at newegg

    Get'em while you can.
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    XFX 5870 in stock at newegg

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    You know what game I really miss?

    Personally, though Freespace 2 was a great game, if there's going to be a rerelease of a Space Flight Sim it really needs to be Tie Fighter.
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    new build advice

    So if I was going to go with an SSD as my boot drive, would 40gb be big enough? edit: Nm, thought Win7 install was alot bigger than it actually is.
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    new build advice

    Thanks for the advice on the ram, just had it added as it was highest rated on newegg for 6gb at that speed. I've looked at the lancool, but I like the solid aluminum Lian Li and I'll probably end up using this case for builds for years. I actually have a mid-tower Lian Li now I bought 5...
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    new build advice

    Ok, looking to upgrade my system as I'm currently on my last build from 2/06 - X2 4400+, X1900XT, etc... Showing it's age badly and since it's been almost 4 years is time to upgrade. Since I'm a little out of the loop on current gear, heres my info: 1) What will you be doing with this PC...
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    Nintendo Announces DSi LL.. wait, what?

    Taking the other skeptical side, I wonder if there are some tweaks to the card slot to prevent rom cartridges from working and this is one of the driving reasons behind yet another version (plus the obvious truckload of cash this will make...)
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    Dragon Age: why do we have to pay more to get all the items?

    Original WoW collector's edition - currently about $1200 on ebay. As for Dragon Age, I got the CE mostly because I'm a sucker for Steelbook cases.
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    Recommend Your Favorite Mouse Pad

    Another vote for's C4Ngen pad. Very slick and lays flat on my desk. Been using them for years without any problems.
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    Classics that HAVE to be played/replayed

    Was going to post these but you beat me to it. Wing Commander 3&4 are also worth playing, though the story isn't quite as good.
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    Best RPG ever??

    Another vote for Planescape:Torment. Simply the best story of any game I've played in the last 20 years. A word of warning, though, and one things that has put friends of mine off: There is a lot of reading. Basically PS:T is a novel you can play. So while the story is incredible and the...
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    what do you do w/ games you don't like?

    Personally, I take them back to the rental store. When games jumped to $60-70 a pop, I stopped buying them outright and have started to rent them first. My local mom and pop video store has new games at $3 for 2 nights, which is usually plenty of time to determine if it's worth buying or not...
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    Blu-ray Xbox 360 Planned By Microsoft&#63

    Ah well, you win some, you lose some. Now to pick up another HD-DVD to keep as a back-up for when my original goes kaput and look forward to picking up more $5 HDDVD off ebay and amazon as people dump their collections. Then, once the Blu-Ray addon comes out, I'll have a relatively cheap (got...
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    NPD January Numbers Wii PS3 360

    I also wonder how much of this is market saturation of the 360 given number sold, vs the PS3. If most gamers have already purchased the 360, sale will accordingly drop, whereas the PS3 probably hasn't been purchased by as many, but the recent price drops have made it more accessible.
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    Two more major vendors kick HD-DVD while it's down

    Oh well...glad I picked up the 360's HDDVD drive when my local Sam's was clearancing them for $68 and didn't spend more. Looks like I'll have to pick up a few more movies now that they'll be firesaled like crazy in the next few months and someday when Blu-Ray's prices come down pick up a...
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    Other ISPs May Be Getting Ready to Filter

    so people will go to encrypted protocols, dc++, irc, usenet, etc... I haven't used a peer to peer in over 18 months. Pandora's box has been opened, sooner or later these companies need to realize that they must start making solutions that will bring people back willingly, as they are never...
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    Trent Reznor Favors An ISP 'Tax On Music'

    Excellent idea...and I think they should pass it right after they pass that Entertainer's Tax on artists, actors, directors, etc...that flat taxes all income over $250,000 at a 50% rate. Sounds fair to me :)
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    Best Single Player RPG (PC or 360)

    Do you mean Phantasy Star online, by chance? I thought they stopped the classic series after 4.
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    Best Single Player RPG (PC or 360)

    Current gen - Mass Effect. Great game and really the only choice out there AFAIC. But since thread has somewhat degenerated into best RPG's per system: CRPG - Planescape:Torment - best story in a game, period. Well worth picking up, even though the graphics are dated. Fallout 1&2 are close...
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    Activision Blocks Harmonix patch for GHIII guitar use in Rock Band?

    Because the Rock Band guitar sucks?
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    What VIdeo Game did you had the most fun playing ever?!

    Single Player - Tie Fighter - I have no idea how many thousands of hours I've played this game. Was a long standing member of the Emperor's Hammer (long live Tornado Squadron) and still play it from time to time. Lucas desperataly needs to rerelease it with updated graphics. Multiplayer -...
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    Where can I buy a full roll of 100% teflon tape for mouse skates? Where I tend to buy my stuff and have for more than 5 years. Can get 139 pre-cut discs or 5-yds of tape for about $6.50. They also have great inexpensive, flat, slick mouse pads.
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    Raining Blood on Expert (GH3)

    QFT I've found double strumming through the mosh works better for me than trying to HO/PO. Just get the rhythm down and strum through it. You'll need to get your double strumming down to pass ONE and TTFAF anyway, might as well start here.
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    What games have you pulled all-nighters playing?

    Everquest - several times playing more than 24 hours, at times sadly doing nothing but sitting on that god forsaken hill in velious waiting for the #^$*@ griffon to spawn.
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    TF2: Orange Box on 360 lag city :(

    One quick question - do you have media connect on? If so, shut it down and disconnect from your PC and see if that helps. I don't have the orange box to test this, and it may not make any difference, but on a few early xbox games - ridge racer 6 in particular - media connect made any online...
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    POST your Xbox360 Red LIghts of Death story

    pre-launch 360 (won it in pepsi's contest), worked perfectly until I commented in another thread that my launch 360 still worked died 2 weeks later, about 8/10/07. Sent in and had a brand new and shiny one within 2 weeks. That worked well for about a month and now I don't have the...
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    What's the best game storyline of ALL time...

    I'm guessing there are alot of young players here. I thought it had a pretty decent storyline, and had I not been playing RPG's for the last 15+ years, it would probably be near the top of the list. Much like thinking Harry Potter is the greastest fantasy series ever, unless you've read...
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    What's the best game storyline of ALL time...

    Another vote for Planescape:Torment, followed by Fallout 2. Glad to see I'm not the only old gamer to remember the glory days of the CRPG and Black Isle and Interplay.
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    Looking for a good RPG Picked this up just so I had them all on DVD. Nice collection and a good price for several months worth of gaming. Pick up the Fallout collection for $30 while you're...
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    Do you have kids that game?

    I'm 35 and a pediatrician and my kids have been gaming since they could run a mouse. During residency when my oldest was only 4 months of age I'd raid in the original EQ in the wee hours of the nights when he couldn't sleep. I became quite adept at running the game with one hand, and...
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    eHarmony Sued For Discrimination

    Well, I was looking for a way to finish paying off my school loans...and won't let me find a heterosexual mate. Anyone know a good but sleazy lawyer? Let see how a lawsuit in the other direction goes :D