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    Building a gaming PC: Wait for black friday sales or just buy parts now?

    Unless you're desperate, I'd wait. It's only maybe 6-7 weeks until Black Friday deals will start appearing. Just start getting your build list together and settled now so you're ready to jump when any sales begin. There's also the Intel 14th-gen parts supposedly coming out in 2-3 weeks, if...
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    Windows 7/8 Product Key to install Windows 10 workaround - possibly no longer

    Yeah, I have a list of old TechNet keys stashed away. I need to spin up a VM to see if they'll activate under Win10/11.
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    Probably buying base MacBook Pro 14"

    That's about the extent of what I've picked up as well. Apple usually held an announcement or event on October for MacOS and new Mac hardware, but Sonoma was just released without any fanfare. There's also typically something in January (when the M2 Pro was released). So... *shrug*... There's...
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    Upgrade Time: New Media Player/Server? Emby/Plex/Jellyfin

    GPU acceleration for transcoding is generally lower power/effort than CPU. I think it may also be better at handling simultaneous transcodes. Jellyfin streams media to clients in essentially the same way as Plex. It just doesn't require any kind of subscription. The Firestick or whatever just...
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    TSMC pushing back 2nm again

    Yeah, Intel, who certainly hasn't had significant issues and delays with just about every node reduction in the last decade. It's possible, but I would never put money on it.
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    Pixel 8 / Pixel 8 Pro

    I wouldn't expect any trade-in pricing to be announced until the 8/8 Pro actually go up for sale.
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    Trying to pick n buy a 4TB M.2 ssd

    Not sure why a new thread was merited when this one was literally already at the top of the sub-forum list:
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    Pixel 8 / Pixel 8 Pro

    ++ If I can go from the 7 to 8 for ~$50 + tax, like I did for the 6 to 7, then it's almost silly not to. Though if the price hike rumors pan out I doubt such a good trade-in deal will be in the cards.
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    Will this be an issue with heat build up?

    SATA SSDs typically don't generate much heat. I wouldn't worry about it. It'd be no different than the same unit sold as a 2.5" drive from the manufacturer.
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    Best 2TB SSD for my needs?

    Bad call, IMO, given the described usage. Gotta agree with basically everything SmokeRngs said above. Both P3 drives use QLC NAND, which is slow and has relatively terrible wear characteristics compared to TLC units. Throughput on QLC units also crashes on large writes. It's also DRAM-less, but...
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    Password manager

    I've been using Bitwarden ever since LastPass went to shit. Open-source, free for most every feature, and the more advanced ones are only $10/year. You can even self-host a server if you're so inclined.
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    best 1tb nvme deal

    Samsung 970 Evo Plus: Still a solid PCIe3 drive. Still a very good choice for a OS/system volume. SK Hynix P31: Something like 95+% of the 970 Evo+, but also very efficient so it's a great laptop choice. Only knock is SK Hynix hasn't dropped prices like others have. Crucial P3: QLC and...
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    New Plex NAS build. Using SSD Caching make any sense?

    OK, yeah, I suppose it's possible to have an all-in-one type setup on a NAS where the volumes/datasets for apps like Plex and its index/DB, and the media itself are housed on the same pool. A cache may help a bit there. A better design, I believe, would be to create a second pool using the SSDs...
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    New Plex NAS build. Using SSD Caching make any sense?

    Yep. 125 MB/s is the max throughput for gigabit ethernet, and in reality it's bit less once you account for overhead. I'm not aware of any supplemental caching scheme that will really benefit a setup intended for large files that don't require high throughput (i.e., the bandwidth required for...
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    Silent Base 802 Fan Controller (3 pin) with PWM Fans?

    Yes. A PWM fan connected to a 3-pin header should behave just like a regular one, and its speed can still be controlled by varying the voltage supplied to it (which the microcontroller in the switch will do). But, assuming your mainboard has the free connectors, why go through that switch?
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    SOLVED: Unbearably Slow PCIe Gen 4 NVME Speeds

    Pseudo-SLC cache has no affect on reads, only writes. Also, no SSD is setting aside over half a TB, even when empty. That's also plenty of space to perform TRIM operations. There's no way the amount of available space is causing OP's issue. DRAM cache (or lack thereof) will affect latency a...
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    What's going on here?

    The 870 obviously benefits from some sort of RAM caching, such as the Samsung Magician software, that's throwing the numbers. Disable, reboot, and test again. The 980 looks about correct for a mid-tier PCIe 3 unit that's not "cheating".
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    WD BLACK SN850X 2TB $90

    Most SSDs can dynamically allocate a portion of the TLC/QLC NAND into pseudo-SLC, which is much faster, to use as a cache. The more free space available, the more that can be allocated to cache. There are probably other things going on as well that benefit from having more free space.
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    Cable Modem/Router and Back up Power Supplies?

    Well yeah, duh. No one said they couldn't. What I've been saying, should you choose to read and comprehend and not launch into knee-jerk reactions, is that there is no problem using a properly maintained power strip where appropriate. Buy decent quality, obviously, preferably UL listed or at...
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    That's an OK secondary drive for storage, but I wouldn't use it for anything more demanding such as for the system/app/games drive. It's QLC and DRAM-less. If you're doing anything with larger sustained reads and especially writes it will tank this drive.
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    Cable Modem/Router and Back up Power Supplies?

    None of what you describe can be attributed to a power strip itself. Pull that out, and people who don't take care of their equipment will find some other way to screw it up. Same thing could happen, for instance, were an electrically noisy device plugged into the same wall outlet or even...
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    Cable Modem/Router and Back up Power Supplies?

    Yeah, this is BS. Electrically, a basic power strip is no different that the wiring in the walls. The filters/etc. in the more expensive suppressors would have no detrimental effect. Something like that is probably fine for the router/modem/etc. Those don't draw much too power on their own...
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    Good hard mouse pad?

    For me, at least, I feel that most of the soft pads drag on the mouse. Also, the thicker ones tend to tweak my wrist. The 3M one I linked above is going on eight years now with no real signs of wear. It doesn't produce any noise that I perceive. And it's very thin, which works best for me. My...
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    New build for my son

    I like that a lot better, but still think there's room for improvement: Go with DDR5 instead. That DDR4 kit is silly-expensive and I doubt it's any faster than a good set of DDR5 modules. Also, Intel CPUs aren't nearly as sensitive to RAM timings as AMD, so it's rarely a good idea to go...
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    New build for my son

    What games? What he's playing could have a drastic effect on what hardware is acceptable @4k. My notes: CPU: Absolutely no reason to consider something as old as a 9700k. Minimal I'd say is a 13600K or 7700X. If you can wait, Intel is expected to have 14th generation CPUs out around October...
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    Good hard mouse pad?

    I just use one of the 3M thin adhesive ones: There are a couple different sizes, and also some foam-backed ones.
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    Feedback Inquiry on build

    Yeah, that'll all work fine (though the PSU upgrade is probably not necessary). Unless you really need the 3900X's additional cores for some other apps, upgrading the CPU to a 5800X3D would give a gaming system additional life.
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    Do you encrypt data on your own local file server?

    NAS: I encrypt the dataset containing the home directories, as it holds some records, etc. that are sensitive (e.g., bank statements). It's off-site backup (Backblaze) is also encrypted of course. Anything else is just media, so no reason to bother. Desktop: no, as anything sensitive I might...
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    What are you using to secure erase sata SSDs?

    Use a Linux live distro:
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    TrueNAS Core or TrueNAS Scale, which should I go with?

    Proxmox is a very good platform. My only problem with it is that they continue to ignore OCI (Docker/Podman) type containers in favor of LXC.
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    TrueNAS Core or TrueNAS Scale, which should I go with?

    AFAICT other than a few feature differences Core and Scale are essentially identical on the surface (GUI, app-specific CLI, etc.) and performance is similar. My gut feeling is that Scale is the future, but Core isn't going anywhere any time soon. I think they want Linux so they can do more with...
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    Silicon Power 4TB nVME - 7200MB/s - $202 or $226

    The amount of free space on the SSD is irrelevant re: DRAM. DRAM is used to store the SSD's map of where every bit of data is stored within. DRAM-less units have to resort to using the NAND itself, which is slower and contributes a bit to wear. Some of the newer/better DRAM-less SSDs implement...
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    Bring back the FO3 tram!
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    Fractal Terra ITX

    It's a neat-looking little case, but it seems unbalanced maybe. It can fit a reasonably-sized GPU, but has no decent means of supporting proper cooling for the CPU side of a system that would typically use such a card. AFAICT about the largest cooler that'll work is something like the NH-L12S...
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    PC games are starting to require SSDs

    I don't know if Starfield actually utilizes the tech, but it was a given this was coming ever since DirectStorage was announced. Honestly, SSDs have realistically been minimum spec for at least the last six-eight years.
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    New computer old drives, easiest OS move?

    Something like that. Note the unrelated spam link they inserted into the quote. I reported it, others should as well.
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    Anybody here running Debian?

    That doesn't sound right. The Gnome-Software app (icon looks like a suitcase with a few logos/shapes on it) has a magnifying-glass icon up top for search. (Though no idea why they make it an extra step instead of just showing the search box.) Flatpak should work on any major distro, even...
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    Anybody here running Debian?

    Mostly newer/updated packages. Probably best to think of Debian as a LTS release. You could move from the stable to unstable or testing tracks, but I don't think it's really worth it.