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    WD 160 GB notebook SATA HD - $28 Frys B&M

    In case you missed...this is ripped from SD.
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    Ram or Mobo or PSU = crash?!

    My old PC (Pent D805 with i945 Gigabyte) is crashing constantly. BSOD's and general windows and non windows freezes. I have more success while booting with certain RAM placements (I have 4 dimms and 4 ram sticks). However while trying to run some Memtest on the different ram sticks/dimms...
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    Asus Z96JP barebones $207.78 shipped after $10 promo code. Add CPU, HD + Mem

    I have a broken (power surge?!) Dell Inspiron 6000 with all the needed parts to make this asus come alive. But replacing a Dell mobo is about $150 - $100 now... my old dell has a X300 and same resolution as the Asus. Battery is probably close to its end too. Is this a good option to use my...
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    Another Netbook Thread

    Any first hand impressions of the S10-2?
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    Asus Eee Netbook (2nd gen) $149.99 w/code at

    I was thinking the same thing. Storage is important with these devices. So was considering getting large SDHC cards, or swapping out the SSD for a larger one. All options increase the price to where it is a tradeoff with an HDD. And if I'm getting an HDD flavor I would prefer a 2.5" SATA...
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    Asus Eee Netbook (2nd gen) $149.99 w/code at

    So how easy to replace SSD? Also any [H] recommended upgrades? Seriously considering getting a Netbook, don't feel like dropping more then $200 for one, with upgrades.
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    new mobo causing jitters?

    Went into Bios, Rechecked all settings and presto. All good.
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    Rosewill R218-P-BK Black 0.5mm SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Case - $24 + FS!

    ripped from SD linky Looks like a solid case, price seems good enough
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    new mobo causing jitters?

    Got a new motherboard replaced in my Dell M1330. Popped the harddrive back in. Booted up eventually. But the whole OS is now jittering. Sounds jitters (skips and repeats then resumes...) so does video and even the mouse movements are effected. Tried resinstalling drivers. Nothing...
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    Water Damage on laptop - Help me recover

    A little under the weather here. So reflexes not the best. Spilled my Tea over the keyboard of my trusty M1330. Screamed...recovered myself and remembered to immediatly disconnect all power sources. As I was reaching for the power cord I noticed the laptop shutting off. :( Tried all the usual...
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    Problem with Dell sp2309w - Backlight??

    Bump! no one has any advice for me?
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    Problem with Dell sp2309w - Backlight??

    Hi all, I want to share my expirence with the 23" Dell sp2309w monitor I have been using. the monitor's backlight seems to be defective. The screen used to work fine. but now the screen goes on for one second then it is as if the brightness setting suddenly drops to nearly zero. I can...
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    Warm: E2200 OEM $45.99+S&H @ Microcenter (Online)

    What improvement from the Pent D 805 would I see? What is the cheapest 45nm Intel proc there is?
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    Looking for an ultra portable laptop that does not have an atom

    Really? Saw the Office Depot deal on that model for $600 on SD yesterday. I saw some benchmarks showing the ATOM still is faster. Can you link to some reviews/tests? I want to know performance/watt - efficiency - battery life. This is key in portables.
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    What are some options to consider?

    You should state if you play games (maybe list what you play). There are many options at that price point. Dell studio/XPS lines for starters. I have the XPS M1330 - it serves me quite well - it is 13" and has been around for awhile. Dell should be refreshing its 13" line sooner or later. If...
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    Where to find replacement parts for laptops

    Thanks for sites. Found some parts, but ebay is cheaper. I still can't see myself dropping $200 on a replacement motherboard for my old Dell i6000, when netbooks aren't that far away in price... If it was $50 then I would do it... Anyone know where I can pickup motherboards on the...
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    Asus 1000HE + 2GB 667 so dim for 339 arb

    2 GB option not available anymore - as far as I can see. pics anyone?
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    Toughest laptop sleeve-style case?

    I have Timbuk2 cases, very good cushioness with them. $15 on sales, forget where...
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    Where to find replacement parts for laptops

    Besides ebay... I have an old Dell Inspiron 6000 I want to revive - needs a new motherboard. Also looks like I will need to replace the HP TX1000Z Motherboard also. I have some friends with decomissioned laptops also from Toshiba, Sony, etc.. any ideas?
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    HP laptop no lcd video but external display works.

    So my GF lappy would turn on but wouldn't display any image on the screen. Hooking up external display didn't show anything (tried s-video and d-sub). I dug up the service manual and got all the way down to the CMOS battery and after resetting it the laptop did reboot and LCD screen did show...
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    Plantronics .Audio 370 @ $12.99 FS

    Got mine here. Mos Def sounds nice on them now. Everyone at the office get a little chuckle when they see me wear it. Guess they are not used to such a 'large' headset. They are only this big to be comfortable for long duration use. I can easily wear these all day and not really 'feel' on my...
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    Plantronics .Audio 370 @ $12.99 FS

    in 4 one also
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    Asus 4830 - $68.99 AR FS

    lesson learned, thanks!
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    Asus 4830 - $68.99 AR FS

    Dead? shows $99AR now...
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    Earthwatts 380w 80+ = $34.99 FS

    How quite are these? I need something 80+ for a living room PC. is there such a thing as a fanless (passive cooled) PSU?
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    Coolermaster Hyper Z600 HSF $29.99

    So does this come with the fan OP describes or what? Doesn't say anywhere on the retailers page.
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    Acer Aspire One, take two... Size Matters... :)

    Thanks Joe, Not convinced though :) Both the Acer and the Asus are 2nd Gen models produced based on mistakes made in their previous iteration. What am I missing then? What does the NC10 give over the new improved models above?
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    The best netbook?

    So I have $100 off J&R. Gonna get a Netbook. NC10 is out because it's $100 more then the ones I'm considering: AAO D150 (the new 10" ones) ASUS 904HA
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    Acer Aspire One, take two... Size Matters... :)

    So what should I get. I have $100 off anything at J&R and need to get a Netbook. Looks like they have the ASUS 904HA and the Acer AOD150 (currently preorder) NC10 is a whole $100 more then either model so not going to consider it for that reason (it's the economy, silly!).
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    Intel Turbo Memory

    I have the XPS M1330 and original install did come with the Driver installed. I don't know if i'm using it now or not... but I did notice people saying here that 4GB is max in laptops. This is not true. Dell released new BIOS for M1330 enabling 8GB.
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    DFI LanParty JR 790GX-M2RS is finally out

    Hey, so whats the verdict on this board. DFI LanParty JR 790GX-M2RS I'm thinking of building a slim HTPC and the HD3300 is what is most appealing to me on this mATX board (seems to be the only one that is 790 and mATX)
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    [Warm] Phenom 9600 + TA790GX $179.98 - $10 MIR = $169.98 free shipping

    Say I wanted to get this for an HTPC setup (without a dedicated GFX card - being as the 3300 is enough to decode HD). What cases would fit a full ATX board AND be as slim as possible (even slimmer then low profile sized ones)?
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    Shell Shocker: Samsung Spinpoint F1 HD753LJ 750GB $69.99/FS

    it's the economy silly.
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    ASUS 24" 1080p Widescreen LCD w/HDMI $249.99

    Yeah...better resolution, no :confused:
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    ASUS 24" 1080p Widescreen LCD w/HDMI $249.99

    Hey, I also asked this in the Acer deal thread: So I have a $100 off Anything from Dell Small Biz because they messed up on some order of mine in the past. The $100 expires EOM. I notice they have this new screen: SP2309W With the $100 it becomes even cheaper then this Acer. There is...
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    Be-2300 $29.99 + free ship @ egg!

    I run XBMC + 1080p mkv h.264's (Highish bit-rates) off my XPS M1330 with a T7500 and 8400GS and 2GB Ram flawlessly :) I was thinking of building a dedicated HTPC with the 2300e but your words discourage me now. Can someone else confirm Blazestorm's claims re: the 4850e ?
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    [Warm] Acer 24" WS LCD $229 after -$50 coupon/FS

    So I have a $100 off Anything from Dell Small Biz because they messed up on some order of mine in the past. The $100 expires EOM. I notice they have this new screen: SP2309W With the $100 it becomes even cheaper then this Acer. There is also option to get in on the 24" Analog Dell for...
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    (warm?) Sapphire 3870 $89 after promo

    Makes me kinda regret getting the 4670 IceQ for $80 after rebate. I don't NEED the horse power of a 3870, and I guess I will save not having to get a new PSU with enough juice to run it. And the 4670 is extremely power efficient. But $9 difference.