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    Your laptop encryption of choice?

    I don't encrypt my laptop. Anything worth keeping prying eyes off of goes onto a thumb drive attached to my keychain that also has my house and car keys. I don't encrypt that either but then again I'm not a secret agent and if my keychain comes up missing I'd be more worried about having to...
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    N Router dd-wrt?

    Sorry it took me a while to respond. I think the draft-N should work with the final spec but I'm no expert. Installing DD-WRT was a breeze, just tftp flashed it right after booting. You have a 2 second window or something like that but as long as you have the tftp command ready just plug the...
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    What consumer router do you use these days?

    I'm happy with my Bufallo WHR-G300N. Works with DD-WRT, Draft-N, it's TINY and it was $40 shipped on sale.
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    N Router dd-wrt?

    I just picked up a Buffalo WHR-G300N on sale from the egg and it's working great. Normally goes for ~$80, got it for $45 shipped. Don't know if that deal or something similar is still going but I doubt you would be disappointed.
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    Question: Long distance wireless networking

    This should be simple, but to better help you, is it a clear shot from the house to the workshop? Are there any obstructions at all such as trees, large bushes, other structures? Your best bet for the house will be to simply get a router that you can install DD-WRT on. This will be very easy...
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    64 bit or 32

    Twinhan DVB-S card drivers don't work very good in x64, and not at all unless I hit F8 to allow unsigned drivers. Also, CoLinux does not run in x64. So while everyone here says that everything works just fine with x64, there are some things that don't. Mind you, neither of these issues are the...
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    FS: raising money for a PSU

    bumped for looking and gl on your sale :)
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    Left 4 Dead is really starting to suck

    Same here. I'm trying to get some friends and family to buy it and holding off on really playing it out until they do and we can all play together. Until then I've played maybe twice a week. My only real complaint is that it's difficult to find players for an expert game unless you join one...
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    gigabyte p35-ds3l help

    My DS3R does this sometimes. Unplugging the power cord for 5-10 seconds usually does the trick. You may have to do it a few times but it will work. Chances are the problem is that you didn't set the voltage correctly on the new ram.
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    Valve games, steam games, Blizzard games cheap (Left4Dead)

    I'll give that a try. I don't remember which email I used when I asked about the order. Thanks for the tip.
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    Valve games, steam games, Blizzard games cheap (Left4Dead)

    Yes, I sent them an email Monday night around 10pm. I ordered the key on Sunday morning around 1am so it was pretty close to 48 hours. And now it's closer to 4 days, still no response or cd-key. I'm not trying to be a dick about it, I just want either my key or my money back. Hoping the...
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    Valve games, steam games, Blizzard games cheap (Left4Dead)

    I sent my payment on sunday as described on the front page. It's now Wed. and I still haven't received anything. I just opened a paypal dispute, hopefully they notice and actually send my damn key.
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    CC deals - YMMV

    40% off the MSRP, which is often far higher than most other shops are selling the items for without being on sale.
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    FS - Mem, S754 Mobos, AGP/PCI-E, GC & DS Games, TV card

    Cleaning out the closet for some extra xmas cash, I have a bunch of miscellaneous goodies for sale. I accept paypal. Not looking for trades. All computer hardware (unless condition is noted) is sold AS-IS. I don't hold on to junk so it all should work, but w/o a way to test it I cannot be...
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    Thief Demanding PC Gets Pummeled Instead

    Inanimate objects are always replaceable and that's what insurance is for. Not to fault the guy but if his work is that important he should have backups, on and off site. Could have just as easily been a fire or a flash flood that wiped out that data. I think what he did was stupid, even...
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    Help Me Pick a Plan / Phone

    The reason I suggested the T-mobile prepaid was mainly for the fact that they don't expire for a year if you buy 1000 at a shot and they don't have all kinds of arbitrary fees like some other providers. I guess it all depends on how you will use the phone. If you're going to be making a...
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    Help Me Pick a Plan / Phone

    I would recommend that you consider Skype, especially if you have decent Wi-fi on campus. Its around $60 a year for unlimited calling and your own number. Buy a wi-fi phone and keep it with you, they make ones as small as your average candybar phone, and you could use it anywhere you have a...
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    WTB: Low end parts

    I have: skt 754 3200+ Scythe Ninja NF3 (reference board, don't remember if it's biostar or ecs but the only difference between them is the color of the pcb. This is an AGP board.) 1gb Crucial value pc3200 Radeon 8500 120 or 180gb IDE HD (don't remember, but I can check) I can sell...
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    PS3 80gig MGS4 Edition NIB

    NIB = New In Box NIB != Opened and played for 32 hours
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    Laptop Extended Warranties - Necessary?

    Laptops are one item where it's actually worth spending the extra money on the warranty, unless it's a cheap laptop (~$750 or less), in that case you're probably better off assuming the risk and springing for a newer, faster computer when something breaks. I spent $1300 on my laptop and did...
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    Google Finds No Privacy On Private Roads

    Your understanding is absolutely correct. There is no expectation of privacy in public areas, and further, if it can be viewed from a public area where it is arguable that you had no reasonable expectation of privacy, then it is legal. So to take pictures of someone on a private beach with a...
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    Google Finds No Privacy On Private Roads

    So much for 'do no evil'. While I agree, you have no expectation of privacy on a public street, trespassing on private land is against the law, period. It's not about the pictures, it's about the trespassing.
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    Problems streaming video to Xbox

    Well, I don't know what could be causing it but if it's related to Utorrent I can relate that I have a similar setup and have no problems w/ streaming while snagging torrents w/ Azureus.
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    Susquehanna Valley, Lebanon to be precise.
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    Could be worse. You have your whole life to acquire nicer stuff. Life isn't a pissing contest :)
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    I didn't have my camera with me, but my friend Matt did get a few videos and pictures on his phone. I'll see if I can get him to send them to me tonight. Unfortunately I got booted from the off-topic forums for a disagreement w/ Kyle but what I can do is finish off the makeover I'm doing to my...
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    vista 32 biti sp1 or vista 64 biti sp1 question

    There are a few programs that won't play nice with Vista x64 still, but they're few and far between. GRiD comes to mind as one, I still can't get it to run on my x64 Ultimate system. The only other downsides I can think of are if you use some visual styles, custom dll files can be hard to come...
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    Vista Multi monitor use

    What he said.
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    Yeah, the projector will probably end up in the basement rec room, since it's cooler and I can get away with cranking the stereo down there w/o bothering neighbors, plus the lack of natural sunlight is better. What kind of projector do you have? I was thinking about the Optoma 720p although...
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    Thanks. If you're ever in the PA area hit me up, we'll drink Franz and LAN :D
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    Haven't found a reason to switch yet beyond the weight and size, but a smaller and lighter monitor that doesn't perform as well doesn't hold much appeal for me. My next display will probably be a projector for gaming/movies.
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    haha. I got the .50 cal casing from my last trip to the range. My friends and I met this older gentleman with a lot of toys. He originally brought out his M1 Garand, but ended up traveling home to load up some 'toys' :). Ended up bringing out his 50 cal rifle, a Desert Eagle 50 cal (with a...
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    Post your workstation 2008 !