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    Help me finish my htpc with minor gaming build

    Pretty much looking to build a HTPC system with some minor gaming. What kind of video card should I get? I don't plan on gaming much and I don't mind turning off anti-aliasing . I will be playing in 1080p hooking up to my 40 inch tv. I was thinking about a GTX 570 I found here...
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    Z-5500's for sale (Chicagoland area) Pickup only. $200

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^make offer?
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    4 google music invites

    Can someone who got an invitation use one of there invitations on me =)
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    Z-5500's for sale (Chicagoland area) Pickup only. $200

    I'm located in Southern Suburbs ( Joliet IL) Looking to get $200 for them All speakers work fine. I am missing the remote... Speaker Wire is in rough condition needs to be stripped again. PM me
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    Build new system or upgrade? ($1000)

    Yeah I been leaning to building a newer system just because of the itch for a new comp. If I do end up building a new one how is the build I posted?
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    Build new system or upgrade? ($1000)

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Browsing/Music/Windows Media Center (Watching Netflix/Hulu)) In the future maybe minor gaming but not much..older games too (TF2/MW1, etc) 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? $1000 shipping included...
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    Bit-HDTV invites

    Someone send me one?
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    Weird Computer Problem.

    You mean just unplug the Ipod Cable? If I do that it starts to" flicker" When I plug it back in It stops....Yeah sound silly. Ill post a video soon
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    Weird Computer Problem.

    Using Radeon HD 3200 Onboard Graphics. AMD Phenom II 940 Temps at 40 Deg C
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    Weird Computer Problem.

    My monitor "flickers" like only a small portion of it I have no idea whats causing it either. The only fix which I found out is by plugging in my Ipod. It stops =/ I don't even know how my Ipod has anything to do with it either. Im on Windows 7 running at 1900-1080, Updates my Video...
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    Smartphone on a budget

    Well thats the new Sero which is $60 for 500 minutes Unlimitted Data/Txt I believe.
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    Smartphone on a budget

    You can try Sprints Employee Referral Program.
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    HTC EVO 4G or Iphone 4G

    Does anyone know if Android OS, music player (the default one) when you use it do songs scrobble with Last FM?
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    Preorder the Evo?

    When you pre-order do they make you upgrade your contact right then?
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    iTunes music disappearing

    I had some instances of songs randomly stop being able to be played =/
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    Refurb ASUS VH232H 23" LCD 149.99 Free shipping

    Did it come with DVI VGA Cable?
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    Mobile Laptop with Best Battery Life

    Check out Asus UL series.
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    Zune question

    How's everyone battery life on Zune HD? Feels like it runs out fast on mine, even have it on lowest brightness.
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    Played with the EVO today...

    Any word on pricing yet? I'm still debating getting a Touch Pro 2 and staying on Sero. Or getting Evo. and paying $80 a month?
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    FS: Microsoft Zune HD

    Wish I saw this earlier =[
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    FT: Ipod Touch 32GB (2nd Gen). Will trade for Zune HD

    ^^^^$182 Shipped. Paypal.
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    FT: Ipod Touch 32GB (2nd Gen). Will trade for Zune HD

    I have refs on ebay. and CAG under dr0alex.