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    Which 13" laptop?

    Thanks guys! I appreciate the input. Im torn between the xps and mac now. I still have to look at that HP though.
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    Which 13" laptop?

    Hey Guys, Im in the market for a 13" laptop. I came across a few options that im interested in are the 13"macbook pro, asus zenbook 3 and thats pretty much it. Im basically looking for 13" laptop with Hi res displays. Are there any other options out there? ive been out of the tech world for a...
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    New build for a friend

    Hey guys I need helping building a new setup for a friend as a gift. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Mainly surfing the web, but would like something that would be able to handle mid-tier level gaming. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping...
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    give me some advise please!

    I would go with the ssd and ram. Ram always changes in price high to low, low to high. So if you can get the ram low now i will. Gpus will always go down over time. BUT ya what are you using it for.
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    Looking for advice on new gaming build

    Hey actually you have a little more room with that build since you have 2 motherboards listed there lol.
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    First time laptop purchase

    How much would my options open if I set to $1000 price point?
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    First time laptop purchase

    Hey guys im looking into buying my first laptop. Its going to be mostly used for webbrowsing and watching movies and occasional gaming(League of legends, WoW, Minecraft). I have a budget around $700-800 including shipping taxes, Im located in the south jersey area. Here is what im looking for...
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    Friend is build a PC $850-$1000

    Thanks! Im not sure if he still has a copy of his win7 home(It was from a previous build he tried putting together but he fried the mobo and psu......). He has to look for it and knowing him he probably lost it lol.....
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    Friend is build a PC $850-$1000

    Hey guys, My friend is planning on building his first PC and im posting on his behalf. I have a general idea for a computer for him but as for his and my reassurance, we'd like a second opinon. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming, Browsing...
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    New Build, ~$800

    Hey man, I was wondering do you happen to have a microcenter or frys near by? If so it would allow to save some money :) Also do you need an OS?
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    Game on.

    Hey man, Im just going to suggest an overall build for you from what i can get from your post. CPU: i5 4670k - $229.99 Mobo: Asus Z87-A - $149.99 SSD: Samsung 840 pro - $233.77 HDD: Western Digital 1tb (not sure on this one) - $65.00 GPU: GTX770 (i perfer blower fan; Brand is your...
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    What's wrong with Playstation?

    omg you guys are makign me want to play my ps1! so many good games on there.I played them so many times since at first i never had a memory card lol! my favorite have to be some these: Crash warped = amazing Tony hawk= amazing parasite eve = amazing megaman legends= amazing
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    Crossfire or single gpu

    Im sorry, I mean a nice single gpu upgrade. Ive been looking into the gtx 770 but then again i want to see what amd has to bring with their new line of gpus.... if they ever come out........
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    Crossfire or single gpu

    That is somewhat disheartening to hear lol
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    Crossfire or single gpu

    Thanks guys!, Im just gonna go ahead and buy it and resell if im not pleased. lets see what happens! For an upgrade what do you suggest?
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    Crossfire or single gpu

    Hey guys i was wondering. I have an opportunity to get another 6870 for $70 to crossfire. Should I invest that $70 for a crossfire or just spend the extra money on to upgrade to a single stronger gpu. I know that the 6870 draws a lot of power and expend more heat than the current cards. But for...
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    Valve is trollin... (HL2 update)

    I agree, I dont see all the hype. It was a decent game at best. Then again its probably all the nostalgia that people look foward to.
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    Video game capture card

    The blackmagic has a nice line. Its probably the only one ive seen that look good lol. All ive seen so far are the little $40 av cable and like $100 component devices
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    Ordering this weekend! New Haswell gaming build

    My bad i actually lol, I missed the 1.5tb hdd you have listed in reuse. Just wondering how old is your hdd cause it can actually effect performance.
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    Ordering this weekend! New Haswell gaming build

    Im not the best to suggest but i can give you general advice which most will suggest. Your build is solid, since you said your buget is flexiable try fitting a 1tb hdd for extra space. Your ssd wont be enough unless you only plan to have 2-3 games installed. If you cant adjust your budget that...
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    For those who bought Haswell. Was it what you expected?

    From a Core 2 quad.... It was a huge boost lmao. I was years behind on the times.
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    Video game capture card

    Hey guys so i was looking into a video game capture card that i can use for my pc so i livestream console games. Do you guys have any reccomendations for one? Budget isnt an issue here unless its something ridiculous like $1000. Thanks guys!
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    Hey guys Im gonna try some live stream out

    Hey guys, Im trying to start a live stream of various games. Mainly ill be streaming league of legends at first. Anyways come check it out! its Edit: O yeah please leave suggestions, so i can improve my stream, Thanks!
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    Games you play that you never get "sick" of?

    Ive put so many hours into these game and beat them countless times Mario Kart 64 Megaman Legends Warcraft 3- Custom Maps Kindom Hearts 1 & 2
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    What is it worth?

    So guys my friend wants to buy my old computer from me. Its actually the one in my sig list HTPC(Legacy). I told him its old and outdated. But he likes how I had it setup before the psu died. I told him he can get a nice cheap PC for $700, but he doesnt have that type of money. So i was...
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    PSU Noisey

    That is what i was initally thinking, Since I built the computer, I had to move it a couple times to put some extra fans in and do cable management. Bad thing is I removed a fan from the case thinking it was the culprit. So now i have to move the case again lol.
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    PSU Noisey

    Update. I turned on my PC to play a round of league before trying to clean out my psu and then realized, It was completely silent. I'm at a loss here. I'm still going to try to clean it out later tonight and see what happens. Hopefully it doesn't make it loud again lol.
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    PSU Noisey

    Ok im going to try the air first, then if that doesnt work ill go with the fan replacement. Worse case senerio ill get another psu lol. Thank guys!
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    New Last of us footage released..

    Well i know i didnt get to explore everything pretty much hit everything i could. I know a lot of the time i thought i was exploring but ended up running to the next objective:confused:. I know ill definitley get to explore a lot more in survival since i heard its a lot more difficult...
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    Console "Best Games" thread

    NES: Super Mario Bros 3 Genesis: Street Fighter 2 SNES: Killer Instinct Sega CD: Dragon Lair (not sure if that was the name has a 360 version) 32X: Virtual Fighter ( all i had) Playstation: Megaman Legends & Tony Hawk pro skater N64: Mario Kart 64 or Zelda Playstation 2: Kingdom Hearts 1...
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    PSU Noisey

    Hey guys, About a week ago my PSU has become fairly loud where its distracting me from what im doing on my PC. Sounds like my fan is working overtime and sounds like it is hitting something or its wobbling, I cant really describe it because ive never had a PSU do this before. Is it possible that...
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    New Last of us footage released..

    Well i got to beating the game yesterday when i got home from work and was sort of disapointed that I only had 30 minutes left of the game until I beat it. 12.5 hours is not what i was expecting for the single player campaign. Thankfully there is multiplayer which is just as fun. But I feel sort...
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    Ps3 newly purchased...recomendations

    Definitely recommend: The Last of Us Tales of Graces F Tales of Xillia Uncharted 1-3 Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2
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    New Last of us footage released..

    Am i late to the party on this :) ? I jsut started playing yesterday, 12 hours straight, now im eagerly waiting to leave work to continue playing the game lol. This is hands down one of the best games ive played in a long long long time. Like you guys said its nice to have a quality game with no...
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    The Last of Us. Did you get it? How do you like it?

    From what I played so far its amazing. I've only had it for one day and played over 12 hours straight! At first i thought it was jsut another uncharted game with its own spin on plot. But as I started playing, OMG I couldnt put the controller down! Im a sucker when it comes to a good story line...
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    Approx $100 video card budget

    He has i think a thermal take psu? im not exactly sure. As for his case he has one of the cool master HAF cases. Not exactly sure. I was telling him to just save up his money but like me he wants it asap. So on the note of the higher budget. What would the best bang for your buck be at...
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    Approx $100 video card budget

    Yeah, i figured a budget near $150-$200 would be more ideal. He is running i5 3570k, 8gb ram, some asus motherboard, 600w psu, some case, and some model view sonic led lcd 23inch, and an old hd 4000 series gpu.
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    Approx $100 video card budget

    Hey guys im looking for a video card right now with a give or take $100 budget for a friend. He plays at a 1920x1080 display. He mostly plays league of legends world of warcraft and mincraft. He has a library of over 400 steam games so i really cant tell you exactly what his most intensive game...
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    What's the best storyline in game history?

    Some awesome story lines are Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy Seires, Tales Series and Uncharted. You can find some of the best stories lines from jrpgs.
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    ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 Motherboard Giveaway! Week 1

    I would use the extra time for much needed sleep! jk, i'd use the extra time to push my old system even further!